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Without You Is How I Disappear

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Gerard's POV

Ophelia sat across from me at the dinner table.
"So, Ophelia... are you going to college this summer?" My mom asked her.
"Uh... no. I'm two years younger than Gerard, Mrs. Way." Ophelia said as politely as she could. I had to stifle a laugh.
"Sorry. I never can keep track of his friends." My mom said, her cheeks turning a dark crimson. Ophelia had a way of embarassing anybody. I found it amusing. I guess that's why we'd been best friends since I was seven and she was five. My mom always invited her over on my birthday for dinner, but as a rule, that was the only time she was allowed to stay for dinner. My mom hated her brutal honesty, and made sure we both new it.
"Mom, Ophelia and I are going to be late to the party that Ray and Bob are having for me." I said as I stood up.
"Well, have fun." My mom unenthusistically said.
"Can we go?" Mikey and his best friend, Frankie asked.
"I don't see why not." My mom answered for me.
"Thanks for the dinner Mrs. Way." Ophelia said as she stood up and headed for the front door.
"Did you enjoy it dear?"
"It was okay, but I've had better." Ophelia said wlaking out the front door. Mikey and Frankie began to laugh hysterically.
"So, what can we expect to find at Ray and Bob's apartment this evening?" Ophelia asked.
"The ill gotten gains of a fake ID, and the ill gotten gains that require no ID at all." I explained.
"YES!" Frankie and Mikey exclaimed in unison.
"So, I can keep my stash hidden?" Ophelia asked.
"Until we run out." I bluntly said. Ophelia laughed.
"If today wasn't your birthday, I wouldn't be doing this for you."
"You know you would." I challengingly said.
"Fuck you."

Ophelia's POV

I don't remember any of Gerard's birthday party. Not a moment.
I remember what happened afterwards.
I remember how his hands ran through my hair. (They kept getting tangled)
I remember how his lips crashed into mine. (Slowly, sweetly)
I remember how he tasted. (Like cigarettes and vodka)
I remember how he pulled my shirt over my head. (Slowly, unsurely)
I remember how he fumbled with the buttons of my jeans. (I had to undo them for him)
I remember how when he was finished he rolled off of me and pulled me close to him. ("I love You")
I remember how I hugged him so tight. ("I love you too")
I remember falling asleep in his arms. (And waking up to a worried call from his mother.)
I remember realizing that he wasn't wearing a condom. (I didn't really care)
I remember walking through the front door. (The butler was still at his post)
I remember my dad screaming at me for not calling. (I don't remember what he said)
I remember falling asleep in my bed. (Wishing he was with me)


Gerard's POV

"Yeah Ophelia?"
"Can you come over to my house?" She sounded desperate.
"Yeah, is something wrong?"
"Can you make a stop on your way over?" She quickly asked.
"Yeah, sure. Whaddya need?"
"Can you get me a pregnancy test?"
"A what?"
"A pregnancy test."
"Uh... I'm on my way."
"Gerard... thanks."
"No problem Ophelia." I said before hanging up.
A pregnancy test. FUCK. This was not good.
I felt like throwing up until I pulled into her driveway and I saw her worried face in her window. I knew then that I had to suck it up and be strong for both of us.
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