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Chapter 1 - It Began with Words

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Hermione bonds herself to Harry in First year. These are the changes that happen because of this simple act.

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Oaths of Fantasy
Chapter 1 - It Began with Words

General Disclaimer : This is a work of Fanfiction. No disrespect is made to the owners of the original works. Please do not sue me. I am not making any money from your property and am giving you free exposure.

A small bushy haired girl sat under the canopy of an ancient oak in the backyard of her family’s brownstone. Under her tree she read the stories of Elves and Wizards never suspecting that there was something special about herself. You see this bushy haired girl was Hermione Granger, and one can not tell the story of Harry James Potter without speaking of Hermione the smartest witch of her age. For years Hermione had read of her fantasy stories, these tales of honor and magic resounded with something deep within her, the foreshadow of her future and strength. Years passed slowly and Hermione learned more and more of the world and science around her.

The summer of her eleventh year a strange letter came to her house carried by a great horned owl. Written on thick parchment and sealed with wax like the missives in the books she grew up on. On that day Hermione Granger learned that Magic was real and she was one of the Gifted, a changeling. As she accepted the letter without knowing it she wove her destiny tightly into her new world, a world she will help upheave.

Into the Wizardry world she came, and there she found a world were time had stood still. a world where Bloodlines and Nobility were Right and fairness was a pipe dream of the few. She learned of those like the Malfoy who did not even hide their contempt for all things and people less ‘Pure’ then themselves. She learned of the Dumbledores who found the less noble as a necessary evil to be controlled and molded. She meet the Weasley with their feelings of quaint condensing humor for all things muggle.

By the time Hollow’s Eve came she was ready to go home, to throw her gift away and return to where she felt at least semi accepted. Ron Weasley’s comments that afternoon were the last straw, while she cried she wrote her parents asking to be withdrawn from Hogwarts and maybe the sum total of Wizardry Culture world-wide. Suddenly a smell reached her. She looked up into the face of a mountain troll. The only thing in her mind as her body froze was, “How the hell did that get into Hogwarts?, she had read about trolls of course and knew no troll should be able to enter Hogwarts, the so called safest place in the Wizarding World.

In other visions of this world she was saved by Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, in some she is saved by others, in a few she is never saved because there is no Harry Potter to care for whatever reason. As the Troll roared and lifted his club to swing a young voice yelled out. Power flowed around the room, tugging at Hermione’s thoughts, whispers not quite heard. The troll looked around as if trying to understand the whispers around it. A hand grabbed Hermione’s wrist and yanked her forward under the troll and then through the room to the door before she even had time to try to understand.

Hermione turned her head to stare at the boy that was dragging her out of the room. All she saw was black messy hair and a glowing emerald eyes. For some this would not be a shock, for others the shock would be the amount of power a first year commanded without wand or incantation. Hermione was not born and raised a pureblood though. For her it seemed she was looking at a young high elf that for some reason chose to save her worthless mortal life.

Harry dodged through the door and pulled Hermione against him holding her tight and repeating to himself, “Not here, can’t get hurt, not here.” In a place not as warded as Hogwarts herself, his desire would of sent Hermione and himself teleporting in the manner of wizards. But they were in Hogwarts and the wards would not allow motion through such a technique.

Still magic is everywhere and has always been, with time magic had evolved into an intelligence of sorts, an intelligence that used the beings she favored to learn of different aspects of life. It is through this intelligence that Magical Oaths are enforced and Life Debts recorded. Now one of her own called for help, while he might not know it or understand what he did, Magic knew this voice for she has been answering him since his first year. Magic heard and bent around him. A wizard can not teleport in Hogwarts using the modern paths, a vampire could not due to the wards agiainst their pathway. Goblins could not due to the wars they had with the Wizards. Another would be frozen unable to work with Harry’s desire. But Magic was ancient when Merlin was a newborn and she saw other paths, Harry’s need opened the Fairway. As the house elves pop from place to place another type of elf walked the Fairway, unstoppable, unseen by any mortal magic.

The Fairway had never opened for a mortal and its magic searched to find the elf that had summoned it. It found Hermione first and knew her to be a mortal wizard. Rejecting her as the source it looked again. As it touched Harry, his inner magic merged a bit with the Fairway. There the Fairway found its answer, no matter what shape he was in the Fairway knew Magic’s chosen. It looked again at Hermione and paid more attention to her now. As it pulled the pair along its paths to safety answering the desire in Magic’s child. It heard her whispers to herself and found its findings confirmed by the mortal answered her whispers finding it honorable and just in the old ways.

Hermione snuck in a look over Harry’s shoulder, She saw the Pathway around them and it reminded her of the fantasy stories she read. She whispered to herself mixing what she had read about Wizard customs and in her fantasy and mythology books, “To One of Honor is Debt owned... To One of the Fair Folk is this lowly mortal’s life owed. Never shall I follow another. I have found my Lord and shall forevermore be His alone”

While Harry was too busy walking the Fairway even if he didn’t notice himself doing so the Fairway and Magic herself heard. For a moment Hermione’s eyes glowed bronze as platinum tattoo bracelets appeared on her wrists and ankles. In the runes of the Sidhe on her skin and soul, Hermione Granger gained the motto : “His Alone, His Own, Tiarna Potaire”.

A glowing being appeared before Harry stopping his motion along the Fairway, a soft female voices spoke, “You walk the Fairway child, Son of Eire, Son of Stag Lord. You walk where no mortal can. By desire so strong it woke me from my slumber. You walk where no mortal can. By right of Blood By right of Magic.. I who am the Eternal restore to you the bloodlines that where lost. You who where Harry James Potter, Son of a Noble daughter of Eire and the Welsh Hunt Master Stag. Are restored to the Elven lines from which you came. Know I am well pleased in my chosen mage. The glowing being looked at Hermione and taking her wrist shows it to her and Harry. “You have bound yourself little witch, both in innocence and in honesty. You too walk the Fairway at the side of your Lord, once mortal you can not leave here such. Therefore deep into your history I reach and restore the Sidhe from which your bloodline bore the Gift. Remember your oath and as long as he lives you shall have the ageless gift. Even if he lives for ten cycles of eons. The being then leans down to kiss Harry’s forehead on the scar, “Whoever bares the Gift is my child be they Human or otherwise, remember this and I will be always proud of you my Anrai” The glowing lady faded away leaving the two children to stare at eachother.

Suddenly both children reached out to touch each other’s ears. “Your an elf!” they exclaimed together. Before falling into a giggling fit. Harry looked around and took Hermione’s hand, “Come on the Common Room is this way” He led her along the Fairway and suddenly stepped off the glowing path.
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