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Make it Count

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A first performance for you all

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I let out a cough and then cleared my throat. Ugh. It was allergy season, and I had to sing tonight. Well, I had to sing a lot of nights, and singing in this hellhole of a club didn’t help my sinuses at all.
“Are you okay, Aaliyah?” called Dean. He poked his head around the corner, eyebrows raised.
“Yeah,” I replied, then my mouth dropped. “Oh my god. What the hell happened to your eyeliner?” I gasped. It was smeared across his face.
Dean’s eyes narrowed. “What are you talking about?”
“It’s all-“ I made motions with my hands and then stalked over to Dean. I grabbed his shirt and drug him toward me, picking up a t shirt and then rubbed it on his face to get the black off.
Finally I let him go and threw my shirt across the small dressing room. “Now go get dressed. We go on in,” I checked my watch, “thirty minutes.”
Dean smiled and thanked me. Then he left back to the guys dressing room and I heard a few laughs.
Rolling my eyes, I stripped and then changed into my stage clothes. Tonight I was wearing a red tank top, black tie, and tight black jeans. They were almost too tight to wear anything under them. Almost.
After checking my makeup one last time in the mirror, then I walked out and grabbed Dean, Keenan, and Seth. My bandmates followed me out onto the club stage.
“Everybody say ‘ooooo’
Everybody Say’ Ahhhh’
Ev-ry-bo-dy SAY MY NAME!”
This I screamed out as soon as Keenan handed me the microphone.
“AALIYAH!” screamed the crowd. My band and I took turns doing this every show. We each differed a bit in our intro, but the point was it was all the same.
Seth had picked up his guitar. He started strumming, and soon I heard Dean on the drums, followed by Keenan on the bass.
“No. Don’t tell me so.
I don’t want your pity
I don’t want you’re a-po-lo-gy.
No. I don’t.
So just shut up
Leave it at that.
If you care so much, go shoot yourself.

Find Me Cold.
Leave My Body Be.
Don’t you even Touch me.
Was I worth so little?
Don’t pretend to care.
I know I didn’t matter.

Don’t Pretend you knew me.
Don’t Pretend you cared.
And don’t You ever touch me again.”
The crowd cheered, and I sighed away from the mike. What would it take to make it big?
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