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A day without you

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What happens when Rae's only protection leaves for a day?

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The next few days passed in a blur. It was the same old, same old. Wake up, go eat, head back to the room, eat lunch, go back; draw, read, write, maybe take a nap, then eat dinner, shower and sleep. Although Rae now had the freedom to take a walk accompanied by her beloved Mikey, and she could for the most part roam around the house, possibly venture into the other’s rooms if she pleased. But Gerard seemed to ignore her, only on occasion would he dare steal a glance, so would she, and he would once in a while make some strange comment about the weather or possibly about his music. There would be times at night when she would lie awake in the comforting darkness and hear his melodious voice through the walls, resonating down the hallway, finding its way into her ears and coaxing its way to her dreams. She no longer had nightmares; no Mikey had long since kept them away. She had concluded she’d been there, in that house, for around a week. The guys were talking about Halloween coming up in two days, and she remembered kids in her school talking about the same thing, the day she was taken, about a week away.

She had never really cared much for Halloween; it was always the same to her. The kids in her school never asked her what she was going to be since she dressed “weird” every day. It was all a stupid hoax to begin with so she never celebrated the day for that…no…she celebrated for Frank’s birthday since it fell on the same date.

Rae felt down that she couldn’t do anything for Frankie, since her freedom was limited, so all she could do was wait in silence as the rest of the men went out partying. She would frequently gaze at the clock, watching the time creep by slowly. She began to tire of the constant ritual, steal a glance then stare at the wall, and soon her heavy eyes drifted closed and her breathing became relaxed as she settled in for a nightly nap. A short while later she was rudely awakened by a loud crashing noise coming from the dining room, in reality she had slept for over three hours but she hadn’t realized that. Naturally, she was curious as to the cause of the commotion, and it got the better of her as she headed to her door. She vaguely remembered a short conversation with Mikey several nights before; here, Mikey said to her. This door is very tricky to unlock from the inside, but it can be done. All you need to do is jiggle this knob and lift at the same time. It should pop open… she hadn’t really tested his idea, but now was about the best time to do so. Jiggle the knob and lift…Bingo! The door slowly crept open as she snuck out into the hallway heading to the stairs.

The crashes became evidently louder as she neared the edge of the stairs, the marble freezing against her uncovered toes, but she began to hear muffled yells through the door to the dining room. She gently pushed it open to reveal Gerard thrown across the table, with Bob hovering over him grabbing hold of his coat. The room was in complete disarray, chairs overturned, the table cocked at an angle. Even the men had their clothing rumpled in an unorganized fashion; their hair looked as if they had just woken up.

“You can’t keep doing this Gerard! You just can’t!” Bob yelled at him, dragging him up off the table and pinning him against a wall. Gerard groaned in pain and fought back with little effort, as if he simply didn’t care.

“Yeah? Who’s going to stop me? Are you, Bob?” Bob simply gazed at him in fury before replying.

“Yes, I will do everything in my power to stop you, even if it means killing you, Gerard….I will kill you if you continue.” Continue with what? Rae thought completely confused. Gerard lowered his gaze, while Bob stepped back a bit giving him some room to move. When he looked back up, his expression was pained, he looked completely torn, and it hurt Rae to see him like this…even if it was Gerard who looked this way.

“Well what if I can’t stop? What if I can’t, even if I want to? Then what Bob……then what?” Gerard began to cry while he said those final words. “I don’t want to keep going like this, but the monster inside me keeps pushing me, and I can’t find the strength…to break away from it!” He began to cry harder, letting the tears stream from his eyes. He suddenly fell forward, leaning against Bob for support while sob after sob ripped from his chest. Tears began to form in Rae’s own eyes, and she was forced to run back to her own room. She had to run before the sound of her own sobs gave away the secret that she learned how to escape. She ran and flopped down on her bed, curling up on her side pulling her knees to her chest. She had never thought that someone like Gerard could cry like that, all she knew was that that man was in serious pain and it wouldn’t let him alone. What can’t he stop? What monster? Over what would Bob kill him? Could Bob kill him? These questions spiraled around inside her head until finally, after many moments, she drifted off to a deep sleep.

She woke up the next morning with the sun’s rays beating down upon her face. It was too early, she decided, for the sun to be up, it felt like she hadn’t gotten any sleep. She knew she had of course, due to the fact that she hadn’t changed her position during the night. But she felt she had to rise and eat something before her stomach turned inside out. After taking a shower she went and knocked on the door waiting for Mikey to come. It didn’t take too long of course, that boy must have super sonic hearing, she thought, and when he opened the door she assumed it was Mikey.

“Hey Mike, what’s-” she paused mid-sentence, now only aware that it was not Mikey who came, but Gerard.

She froze instantly, all senses told her to scream but she couldn’t find her voice to do so. Gerard only smiled meekly at her, and backed away a bit.

“Uh-I’m sorry-I mean…hi.” He said blushing slightly, all traces of unfriendliness washed from his features. Rae didn’t trust him of course as she held her fists in front of her prepared to defend herself if the time came.

“Please! You don’t need to do that,” he said looking sort of hurt at her defensive gesture, “I only came to see if you wanted something to eat, that’s all.”

“Where’s Mikey? Or the others?” she asked cautiously, gazing up and down the hall. “Why aren’t they here?”

“They went out for a moment, but they’ll be back soon. So in the mean time I thought you’d want to eat, what would you like?” he asked smiling sweetly, but Rae still wasn’t totally convinced.

“I’m not hungry,” she snapped, but her stomach growled in protest, and she knew Gerard heard it. “Much” she added in defeat. He laughed lightly at her and spoke.

“Well then you don’t have to be shy, c’mon!” he said half dragging her down the hall. She tried in vain to break free from his iron grip, but he wouldn’t have it, he kept going like she wasn’t doing a thing.

“Would you let me go!?” she yelled at him, when they entered the kitchen. He did in fact let her go, and she stood there in the center of the room while he dished out some food. He made her a bowl of cereal, Honey Comb, her favorite, and he grabbed her arm and pulled her to the dining room yet again.

When they got to the dining room he let her go again, and she sat down at the table and began to slowly eat. She didn’t trust the fact that there was just milk and cereal in the bowl, she assumed there was something else, but when she felt no different she began to eat much faster.

“So you were hungry, weren’t you?” he asked, smiling at her half empty bowl. She looked up at him, milk dripping down her chin, and he stifled a laugh.

“So what if I was hungry?” she asked with a mouth full of food. He shrugged his shoulders and continued to look aimlessly about the room, and she continued to eat until the bowl was empty. When Gerard realized she was finished he took her bowl and momentarily left the room, only to return again.

“So,” he began clasping his hands together, looking to the main doors, “shall we go for a short walk?” Rae scrutinized his words carefully, finding no hint of violence in them, and decided she would tell him the truth.

“I don’t care much for going some place with you, I’d rather take a walk with Mikey if you didn’t mind, whenever he gets back.” She saw the pain etched in his eyes while she spoke, but didn’t think much of it at the time. She only wanted to be alone in the safe confines of her room. “would you just take me back to my room, there’s a book your brother gave me that id’ like to finish reading, please?” Gerard nodded silently, and walked her from the room.

She stayed there the entire day, waiting patiently for Mikey and the others to return, and when they finally did…it was around 10:30 at night.

A small tap came to her door, and Mikey stepped in smiling like an eager child.

“Hey beautiful,” he greeted her with a kiss on the mouth, making her heart flutter wildly, “did Gee behave himself today? He didn’t cause you too many problems did he?” he looked at her concerned, but she punched him lightly in the shoulder. “Ow! What was that for?” he asked in surprise.

“Where were you all day? He could have killed me!” she paused waiting for an answer, and when none came she continued her rant. “Well, he didn’t do anything harmful if that’s what you mean. He did ask me to go for a walk earlier today,” fear showed in Mikey’s eyes before she explained herself, “but…I told him I’d rather go for a walk with you. I didn’t want him doing anything bad or insane with me. Just think had I said yes, my body might be in the bottom of a chasm.” She said, and she and Mikey laughed heartily together, holding one another’s hand, until they finally began kissing one another. But little did they know that Gerard was standing outside her room, tears running down his face in shame and pain. Until long after, when the voices of the two of them quieted down, he ran from the house and down to the pool.
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