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Two-Timing Joe

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Joe is a two timer, whose about to get what he deserves.

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“You are awesome,” Micke said to his friend Joe, grinning at him over his bottle of beer. “I mean dude, you’re dating three women at the same time. Without their knowledge, and you’re getting away with it. You are my hero.”
Joe thought about his three girlfriends, and grinned. Each of them were different, but each of them turned him on.
“Which of the lovely ladies is it tonight?” Micke asked, finishing his beer.
“Cristina,” Joe said, “we’re going to a club and then later maybe doing a little horizontal dancing of our own.”
Micke grinned again, “dude,” he said, “I’ve got to go. But I want details tomorrow about your date, full details.”
Joe just grinned and watched his friend leave, before turning and looking into the mirror over the bar.
He was a handsome man, with his longish black hair and silvery blue eyes, women took one look at him and fell over themselves to get a date with him. He knew it and he took advantage of it.
“This is for you,” the bartender suddenly said and Joe turned, to look at him.
The bartender set a beer on the counter.
“It’s from that lady right over there,” he said pointing.
Joe turned to look, but all he saw was a flash of red hair as she disappeared into the crowd.
“Thanks,” he said, then looked at the beer. He noticed it was sitting on a napkin, so he lifted the glass up.
“I think you’re hot,” was scrawled in red lipstick.
Joe grinned, and took a drink of the beer, thinking about the woman who had sent it to him.
“What did she look like?” He asked the bartender.
“Real babe,” the bartender said, “long red hair, long legs and tits that would make a grown man cry. You’re a lucky guy.”
Joe took another drink and grinned, that he knew.
Later Joe was walking to his car, when he saw an envelope lying on it. Curious he picked it up and opened it. Inside was a picture of a gorgeous red head. She was wearing a lacy black negligee, and was smiling invitingly at the camera.
Joe whistled low and turned the picture around.
“Call me,” was written on the back, this time in blood red pen.
“Oh I’ll call you babe,” he said, pulling out his cell phone.
He dialed the number and after two rings a husky voice answered.
“Hello Joe,” the woman said, and Joe stared at the phone in confusion.
“How did you know it was me?” He asked and the woman laughed.
“That doesn’t matter,” she said, “what matters is that you called me. I want to see you, tonight.”
Joe thought about Cristina, and grew silent for a moment.
“Is that a problem?” The woman asked, “if it is, I can always find another man.”
“No,” Joe said quickly, “it’s great. Where do you want to meet?”
“At Club Noor,” came the answer, “ten o’clock tonight.”
“I’ll be there,” Joe said, “wait, what’s your name?”
“Jezebel,” she said, then clicked off the phone.
Joe stared at the phone, unable to believe his luck, then he dialed Cristina’s number.
“Hey Cristina,” he said, “this is Joe. Yeah, I have to cancel our date tonight. My mother is sick and I need to take her to the hospital. I promise you, I’ll take you out tomorrow. Okay babe, yeah I know you love me. Bye.”
Joe looked at Jezebel’s picture and grinned again, before putting his cell phone in his pocket and getting into his car.
Club Noor was the hottest club in town, Joe of course had been in there numerous times. But tonight he felt an excitement he had never felt before.
Jezebel was hotter then any of the other women he was dating, in fact she was hotter then any of the women he had ever dated.
He smiled to himself and pushed past the bouncer into the interior of the dimly lit club.
For a moment, he stood there, looking around, wondering where Jezebel was.
Suddenly a young woman came up to him.
“Are you Joe Nash?” She asked and he nodded.
“A red-haired woman left this for you.” She said, handing him an folded piece of paper.
Joe thanked the woman, a took the paper, unfolding it quickly.
“Joe,” it said, “I want to meet you where we won’t be disturbed. Meet me in the third balcony, it’s private and we can get to know each other better.”
Joe smiled, and stuck the note in his pocket. Quickly he pushed through the crowd, toward the stairs. He practically ran up the steps, so eager to meet Jezebel.
When he reached the doorway to the balcony, he pushed it open and went inside.
The small room was dark, and more quiet then the downstairs. The music only being a slight thud.
“Hello?” He called, then he heard movement at the side.
“I’ve been waiting for you Joe,” a voice said, out of the darkness.
Joe grinned and walked toward the voice.
“Well,” he said, “here I am.”
“And so are we,” came a voice behind him.
Joe turned startled and saw Cristina standing behind him, with Alexia his second girlfriend.
“What’s going on here?” He asked, then Paula, his third girlfriend came out of the shadows.
“Payback,” she said, throwing a red-haired wig at him. “For cheating on us, and breaking our hearts.”
“How did you...?” He said and Cristina smirked.
“How did we know?” She said, “simple, Alexia’s sister saw you with me at a restaurant. She confronted me in the bathroom, then when she found out I had no idea you were dating her. She gave me her phone number, we had you followed and soon found out about Paula.”
Joe backed up a step.
“I love you all,” he said, “can’t we work this out?”
“Sorry Joe,” Alexia said, “but we want to break up with you.”
Joe backed up again, as the women advanced on him, until his back hit the low railing. Far below him he could hear the thumping of the music.
“Fine,” he said, “we’re broken up. I’m sorry I hurt you.”
Paula laughed.
“Oh no,” she said, “it’s not that easy.”
Suddenly she gave Joe a shove and he felt himself start to fall.
He grabbed the railing with his hands and looked up pleadingly at the three women.
“Please,” he said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
“Joe,” Cristina said, “we’re through. She brought her hand down on Joe’s causing him to lose his grip.
Joe screamed, as he plummeted toward the floor below. Hitting it with a sickening crunch as people around him screamed and ran.
“Goodbye Joe,” Alexia said, then linking arms with Cristina and Paula they calmly left the balcony and the club.
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