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Chapter 22.

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“I told you I could handle myself” She replied and Frank laughed, slinging his arm around her.

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Escher slammed down the Canary phone in disgust. Frank raised his eyebrow from his perch on a bar stool.

“Another call?” He asked.

Escher nodded angrily. For the past few days she had been receiving obscene or threatening phone calls.

“I’m telling you Esch, it’s JB”

Escher rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be fucking stupid Frank, JB would never do this. I haven’t heard a word from him since we broke up”

“Whatever, I’m just worried about you” Frank muttered, downing his beer.

“Hey, I’m a big girl, I can look after myself” Escher replied

The atmosphere at Canary was heating up, it was busy as hell and Escher had a brand new DJ on who was mixing old world songs with new beats. It was amazing what this kid could do. Escher grinned at Sarah down the bar.

“Amazing!” Sarah mouthed.

Escher nodded. The bar was packed, somewhere in the throng where the FOB boys and Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Alicia.

Escher moved out onto the floor to greet some of her regulars and felt someone grab her ass. She turned around to tell them off and saw Gee standing behind her.

“Did you just pinch my ass?” She asked him.

He made a strange face.

“Um…no…should I have?”

Escher rolled her eyes.

“Are you having a good night?”

“Oh yeah, this DJs awesome” He yelled back.

“Well you’re the one that suggested him” She cried back.

Gee grinned and Escher started to make her way back to the bar when she felt someone pinch her ass again, she whirled around and caught a guy smirking at her. A suit, probably mid-30s.

“Yes?” She asked, “Wre you addressing me? Is that why you grabbed my ass?”

He grinned and grabbed her forearm, pulling her towards him.

“Wanna dance?” He asked, his speech only slightly slurred.

“I’m working” Escher replied with a polite smile as she removed his hand from her arm.

“What’s a pretty little thing like you doing working in a bar? You should be a model”

Escher rolled her eyes and laughed out loud.

“Jeez, do you use that one on all girls under 5’5”?” She asked, “and for your information this ‘pretty little thing’ owns the bar and will break your fucking hand if you touch her again” She grinned at him triumphantly and walked back to the bar.

She stood behind the bar a few minutes later surveying her troops and twirling an old-fashioned bottle opener, one of the style that had a whole circle you would fit over the lid of the beer to prise it off. She twirled it around on her finger as Frank and Mikey approached the bar.

“It’s busy” Frank said,

“You don’t miss a thing do you?” MIkey asked sarcastically and Escher laughed, wincing as she felt the almost familiar ache in her stomach.

The doctor’s had told her she was fine to return to work, just no heavy lifting. She had been worried that she would be afraid closing the bar. But so far that hadn’t been a problem, noone ever left her alone in the bar anymore. She was almost getting sick of them hovering, almost.

She groaned inwardly as she saw the guy from before approaching her with a group of friends in tow. Frank followed her line of sight and rolled his eyes at the suit who stood at the end of the bar.

“What can I get for you sir?” She asked politely, pretending she didn’t recognize him.

He feigned thinking heavily about his choice before replying with:

“I’ll have a melon flavored vodka please”

His friends behind him sniggered, but Escher didn’t get the joke.

“We only have lychee, raspberry or cinnamon vodka” Escher replied.

He cupped his hand around his ear, obviously not having heard her. She leaned further towards him and repeated herself.

“Oh, but I’d much rather have melon” He said back with a wolfish grin as he grabbed her right breast.

The next few seconds happened so fast that it felt like a dream in fast forward. Escher saw red and also felt the pain of his hand hitting just below her breast where the recovering bullet wound still was.

In her peripheral vision poor Mikey was struggling to hold back a furious Frank and an equally furious, newly arrived Gerard.

The guy grinned at her as he squeezed her breast and his mates all howled with laughter. But his grin quickly turned to a look of horror as she grabbed his hand off her. She flicked the bottle opener onto his index finger and jerked it forward.

He screamed as his finger broke.

“You fucking bitch!”

Escher grinned at him.

“I warned you not to touch me” She replied calmly, signaling the bouncers to get rid of the group.

“Are you okay?” Frank asked her.

Escher grinned and pushed a strand of hair out of her face as she twirled the bottle opened around her finger again.

“I told you I could handle myself” She replied and Frank laughed, slinging his arm around her.

How did she feel about him? She wondered as she went through the motions of getting ready for bed that night. She had loved him all those years ago, she realized. She no longer felt the same way, and yet, she didn’t feel differently, if that made sense.

He was on her mind constantly, but she told herself that was because he was supposed to be, he and the band were her most important clients at the moment. Of course deep down she wasn’t fooling herself. There was a reason that she had wandered the halls in reprise where she was most likely to meet him while they were recording. And there was a reason why, now that they weren’t and she didn’t see him as often, that invites to special nights at Canary found their way to he and the guys. Just like there had to be a reason why, as she was just about to drop off to sleep, she imagined his arms wrapped around her.
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