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Chapter 3 - Hunt Master

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Hermione writes a letter. Katie notices a few things. Hedwig is an odd owl. Was that a Prophecy?

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Oaths of Fantasy
Chapter 3 - Huntmaster

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It has been almost a week since the Troll incident and Hermione just realized she had not written or sent her parents anything for almost two weeks. She found the old tear stained letter she had written that day and tossed it into the fireplace. Grabbing the stationary set her mother got her for her last birthday she set out of dorm to join Harry. The two of them walked to the pitch together were Harry had Quidditch practice. After seeing Harry to the changing room, Hermione sat down in the stands to write.

[Hermione’s Letter]

Dear Mama,

I am writing this to you alone because of some of the subject matter involved.
I was going to send a letter asking to be withdrawn from Hogwarts last week.
The opportunity is great but, the bulk of the people here are so bigoted that it is much worse then the bully’s in my last school. Here even the adults are bigots and some don’t even hide it. I was ready to give up. I did give up. Then it happened, I was crying in the girl’s bathroom, when a Troll came in, Yes they are real and I seriously believe that a Kodak Bear is more intelligent.

Don’t tell daddy but my life was really in danger. I hope the school sent you something about the Troll getting into the school, if not, please tell me, and I will see what My Lord Harry can do about such a lapse of protocol. You are probably wondering why a 11 year old boy could do anything about protocol, and I promise to explain as it has to do with the reason this letter is to just you and not to both Daddy and you like my earlier letters. Let me continue with the story first.

This troll came in and was about to hit me when I heard someone yell. That is when I felt it mummy. The magic around me was alive, I thought it was the Headmaster himself that came to rescue me, Daddy and you have always told me that it was my job to listen to teachers and their job to teach and protect me. I believed you once. I don’t anymore. It wasn’t the Headmaster, it wasn’t a teacher at all, not even the mean one who teaches potions.

It was a small 11 year old boy, and not just any boy. It was Harry Potter, the one from all the books. Remember I wrote about him before, how he seemed so scared and small and not like a hero should. I take it all back now, I know what a real hero is now. It is a little boy, younger and smaller then me, facing a ten foot tall troll and knowing enough to grab me and to run when I was frozen in fear. It is a little boy who is so much more. A boy that magic herself loves like you love me.

Mummy... Remember that talk we had before I left when Daddy was sleeping. About how sometimes even the strongest women want to follow someone else’s commands. I know it was the final talk about sex you wanted me to understand before I left. And I remember telling you, it would never happen to me. I know why you just smiled at me now. I found him Mummy. That boy, the one you knew I would one day. In your world that desire to obey and belong doesn’t have much outward meaning except between Daddy and you.

Mummy, I don’t live in your world. And I have proof that I can show you when I see you for Christmas. I am coming home just like I planned. Don’t worry I am not hurt, and I am not ready for sex, we are both too young for years yet. But mummy... I need those books on Protocols you brought back from the States with you. You see mum, when I chose a Lord, I chose one who is a Lord is fact not just to me. I have done the research mum. I, well the best way to explain is, as long as I am loyal I have full protections as if I was born a member of his House, not just social but legal protection to the extent his House status allows. And Harry, well he is Harry James Potter, The Potter, The Lord of the Noblest and Oldest House in all of Magical Europe, reaching back to the Tuatha De Danann. I am not sure he even knows. I need those books mummy because some of the books here are so out of date they talk about petticoats. Help me please, if my Heart and Soul have decided on this path, I have to be the best devotee I can.

Quidditch practice is ending I will explain better soon. Got to go

Love from your daughter who understands you better now

[Letter Ends]

Hermione folded the multi-paged letter the way Professor McGonagall taught her and then looked down at her wrist where the platinum tattoos rest. On a quim she presses her wrist to the folded letter and is shocked when a seal appears of a shield with a griffin, a dragon, a unicorn and a phoenix, each with a lightning bolt neck marking and the motto “His Alone His Own” in Latin appears sealing the letter magically. “Oh boy... This will be trouble.”, Hermione muttered as she walked over to join Harry. She fell into step behind Harry and leaned forward to whisper into the shorter boy’s ear. “Master, can I borrow Hedwig for a bit. I need to send a letter to my mum.” She giggled as Harry tensed up, she loved to tease him about the fact that he was now her Lord and Master. Being who he was, the poor guy needed to get used to his Lordship.

Harry forced himself to relax, their research had showed that there was much about his family that he did not know and should have been told as soon as he reentered the Magical World. He knew that Hermione was both teasing and not. It had taken them a whole Saturday of searching to find out what those tattoos meant. Hermione had somehow bound herself to him not as a vassal which was what he originally believed. Somehow the one person his age that he thought would research something to death before doing it, had bound herself to him in a submissive fashion. He wasn’t comfortable with the facts yet. Though, Hermione was right, as a Lord of Potter, he did need to learn how to deal with titles and being in command. With a teasing smile, Harry whispered back, “Has my kitty been a good girl today?”

Hermione shivered, whenever Harry called her something possessive she had a thrill run down her spine. She leaned forward into Harry’s shoulder as the reached the half way mark between the pitch and the castle, “Yes Master, may your kitty borrow Hedwig, Please Master.” What neither of the two noticed is that Katie Bell heard Hermione and quirked a shapely brow. Katie was pureblood and personally a very tolerant traditionalist. Her mother was a traditionalist from Ravenclaw, while her father was an extremist bordering on being a Death Eater. Katie vowed to see what caused this behavior in Hermione, If the girl had bound herself to House Potter as a retainer of some sort, word must spread in the castle before Harry started demanding damages to honour. All Gryffindors know that if it existed in a form that could be researched Hermione Granger will find it.

Harry lifted his arm to the air, and that was the first warning either Hermione or Katie got before Hedwig seemed to fall from the sky, only to flare her wings and land softly on the offered arm. Hermione blinked and moved to Harry’s side so she could put the letter in Hedwig’s enchanted mail pouch. “Give this to my mum Hedwig. I have questions only she can help with.” Hedwig seemed to nod and gave a soft hoot. Katie was so shocked at how well trained and intelligent the owl was that she almost missed the tattoo on Hermione’s right wrist as her sleeve moved against owl feathers. Katie stared, her mother studied obscure magics as a hobby, partly to balance her job in Sports and Games and partly to practice her love of runes. If that Mark was what Katie suspected it to be, Hermione Granger bound herself as property to Harry Potter, this truly bore watching. Hedwig nibbled on Hermione’s fingers before head butting Harry and taking wing,

The team and Hermione entered the Great Hall for dinner. As Harry sat down, slid into place at his right side, while Katie grabbed the wrists of her fellow chasers and sat down across from Harry. Angelica and Alicia looked at their pureblooded friend arching brows in full syndication. Katie nods her head toward Hermione but before she could speak Professor Trelawney came into the great hall for dinner. Suddenly the nutty teacher stiffened and spoke with a harsh voice that drew attention and kept it.

“Fear Oh Darkness

The Hunter returns

Death’s eyes burning emeralds of the Tuatha De Danann
Dilis, his most loyal at his side

Cwn Annwn hunt again

Arawn comes ahunting

Arawn comes for his Cloak

Arawn comes for his Ring

Arawn comes for his Wand

The Son of Cernunnos has come home

Out of Eire by Cernunnos

The great hunter of Darkness

The Protector of Innocence

Lord of Annwn

Arawn has come home

Dilis ran before now runs maistir-side

Fear Oh Darkness

Fear the Eyes of Death

Fear the Devoted Eyes that at you Stare

Fear Oh Darkness

The Hunter returns
Death’s eyes burning emeralds of the Tuatha De Danann

Dilis, his most loyal at his side”
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