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A Beautiful Occurrence

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A story about I-need-a-wife! Sasuke, I-am-not-a-girl! Naruto and courting. If you can call that courting. Sasunaru

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Naruto,Sasuke - Warnings: [!!] [X] - Published: 2008-04-29 - Updated: 2008-05-05 - 3118 words

Disclaimer: Naruto is © to Kishimoto, a Japanese mangaka.

A SasuNaru story. A slow kind.

Chapter 1: I don’t want to owe you anything

Naruto couldn't breathe properly. The sudden attack he received from Itachi had almost paralyzed him only if he was 2 seconds too late dodging it. This encounter with the Akatsuki member was the last thing that he needed. Let alone two Akatsuki members.

Itachi and Kisame.

He, and his other comrades – Sakura, Kakashi-sensei and Sai – were yet in another mission-retrieved-Sasuke when they were suddenly alerted by two familiar chakras tailing them in a very discreet manner and if not for Kakashi-sensei nin dog, they wouldn't have realized the two missing nins were following them.

And they were so close too, in finding Sasuke and his team.

One of Naruto clones had detected the blood smell of one of Sasuke’s subordinates - the girl, definitely – because it was the smell of menstrual blood. Sasuke wouldn’t make a stupid mistake as leaving a blood scent trail behind him for other people to find. But, obviously, in this case, it was inevitable.

Now, the chance to actually catching up to Sasuke whereabout was ruined.

Damn, Itachi.

The battle between these two opposite teams had been easy on Konoha ninjas initially –it was a 4-against-2 battle after all. However, determination to find Sasuke overclouding their judgement and all of them were getting hasty to get rid of their enemies as quick as possible.

This proved to be a very fatal mistake on their part.

Itachi, being the genius that he was, had seen all of this coming and planned ahead of time. He knew that all of these Konoha ninjas were searching for his little brother and were becoming more anxious by days to find their teammate. After all, he had been researching about the Kyuubi holder for God knew how long now. So, by default he knew every little progress of this seemingly important mission of theirs. And in his observation, they were getting very impatient, for the chasing has been getting too long.

That was how he could easily trap them in his genjutsu even for Kakashi-sensei who was also a sharingan wielder. He was no match to pure-blooded Sharingan power.

Entranced in illusion of the sharingan, the three of them lost into semi-conscious dream and dropped to the ground like heavy logs.

“What have you done to them, you sicko?” Except for Naruto.

“Nothing that you know of. They will only get in the way of my mission.”

Itachi conveniently left Naruto out from the illusion spell. He had other plan for the Kyuubi holder.

“You bastard!”.

Naruto snarled. Mad that his comrades were under the mercy of the sick Uchiha, he unconsciously tapped into Kyuubi chakra reserved, subsequently elongated his fangs and claws. The whisker marks on his cheeks also became more prominent. At this moment, Naruto looked like a humanized version of the fox demon, with angry red chakra seeping out of him and a pair of slitted red eyes.

“I’m gonna kill ya!”

With that he lunged toward Itachi who stood calmly watching the Kyuubi holder transformation a mere moment ago. Not even missing a beat, Itachi dodged it easily. In his blind fury, Naruto would have never hit his target. Sure, he had a lot of power - one blow connected to the enemy and that would be the end of the battle.

If only he was able to connect the blow.

Itachi smirked. This was really easy. Everything was going smoothly for his plan. That idiot boy was really easy to manipulate. In this situation, he would get what he wanted. That boy was too overwhelmed by his emotion to be able to control his power properly. Strangely, he pitied Konoha. If this was how new generations of shinobi Konoha would produce – shinobis who couldn’t control their emotion during battle – he was so glad he left the village long ago.

If it was up to him, he would never revisit that village again. But, since he was stuck in the mission to capture the nine-tailed demon holder, he couldn’t avoid it anymore. Honestly, he didn’t sure why Leader-sama assigned him to capture that brat – the most powerful bijuu of them all. He would like to think because he was the strongest amongst all the Akatsuki members but that was only his wishful thinking. The reasons were quite obvious actually – he was the only one who remotely knowledgeable about the Kyuubi secret. The Third had done a good job in covering the secret there was hardly anyone who knew about it – except the older generations of Konoha. And they (the older generations) never wanted to talk about it and him being the younger generation was blissfully unaware of that secret.

Until that fateful day.

It was the same day that he discovered about the secret of his clan – the Mangekyou Sharingan – which was stored deep in the Uchiha clan shrine. Someone obviously disregarded the Hokage rules and kept a log report about the Kyuubi incident, quite thoroughly too. From there, he knew how powerful the Kyuubi was. His body was tingling with rushed excitement just reading about it.
And now, he got to see for himself the Kyuubi power before his own eyes. It might not be as impressive as the Kyuubi itself but that was enough for now. The time when he could the see the Kyuubi real power would come eventually; when they (the Akatsuki members) would manage to catch all the bijous and extracted their power. All he got to do was did his part - caught this Naruto boy.

It was still startling him to find out that this was the boy who carried the Kyuubi power within him. And he was his little brother’s teammate too. What a disturbing coincidence that was. For Itachi, his brother was just a nuisance, a hindrance in his mission. That stupid brother of his would never be a good enough fighter to spend his time for. He rather tried fighting this incredible creature standing before him and died trying than faced his little brother.

Itachi was no idiot. He knew he might die fighting this boy. Even though he was a powerful shinobi himself, he knew he would never win against the boy if Naruto used Kyuubi power. That was why he had come up with a plan to defeat him. However, the plan was not totally easy to carry out either. But, with emotion whacking the boy rationality, this was easy. He, of all people knew better, emotion made people weak.

All he had to do was immobilized the boy somehow, long enough for his partner Kisame to do his part. He didn’t have much time too. Trapping the three shinobis in the genjutsu and fighting Naruto – who was using Kyuubi chakra - simultaneously had drained a lot of his chakra.

So this time instead of Naruto, Itachi was the one who lunged forward, successfully bringing the boy down with his body. Pain - like a thousand kunais pierced through him –from the collision with the fox angry chakra was so intense it almost made him blacked out, forced him to burst out his own chakra to overcome the pain

Shit. This hurt like hell. I can’t keep him down any longer.

“Kisame, now!”

Temporary surprised by the sudden cry, Naruto froze, still trapped under Itachi. A split second later, he saw Kisame looming over him, pointing a very big ancient sword towards his chest.
The sword pierced him. Naruto spluttered some blood.

What the hell?

The pain was unbearable.

And also, he could feel his chakra drowning out rapidly from his body. Like somebody was sucking out all the air in his lung with a vacuum machine. To his horror, the Kyuubi chakra was also affected by this. Little by little, the red chakra engulfing him before became thinner and he became weaker.

From the corner of his eyes he saw Itachi staggered off of him, obviously in a bad condition too.

What has they done to me?

Sasuke and his subordinates – The Team Hebi – were aware that their pursuers were getting nearer to them. He could recognize those three familiar chakras – Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto – anywhere.

But that’s not what caught his attention the most.It was his brother, Itachi. Then again, when was Itachi not in his utmost attention? He always had, ever since the clan massacre.

He could sense his bastard of a brother, pursuing his pursuers.

Until now, seeking his brother trail was a difficult task to team Hebi. Which mean, if Itachi decided not to show himself, they wouldn’t get any clues where he was. The only clues they got were information from random people that had seen those two criminals, which were very rare too. Being in Akatsuki must had taught Itachi a lot in the art of hiding himself well, seeing that all the members of Akatsuki were criminals hunted by almost every ninja villages.

So to actually find him, this event was like a lottery win to Sasuke.

He must be in some kind of tight condition to let his guard down like this.

“Sasuke...” Karin started.

“I know,” Sasuke cut off.

“Let’s go.”

With one final look at his team, they took off to where the chakra burst source was.

Upon arriving at the battle scene, they were shocked to see a shark-like guy was struggling to hold a big sword over a blonde boy lying on the forest ground with a red-glow chakra dispersing around them.

“What happened here?” Suigetsu asked out loud what everybody had in mind.
Nobody answered him. He didn’t expect any either.

Aside from the scene, there was Itachi standing with shaky legs. Face bloody from the fight just now. The instance Sasuke eyes locked on his brother, an uncontrolled anger bubbled inside of him which automatically activated his Sharigan – now spotted with three commas. Just like his brother.

From Sasuke observations, Itachi looked like he just got hit by a thunder: bloody face, torn uniform, singed hair and did he see a broken arm, there? Judging from his brother condition, he knew Itachi had been fighting with Naruto. By the way, there was no thunder today.

Naruto. I should have guest.

And this just made Sasuke angrier.

Once again, Itachi ignored him in favor to fight Naruto - his stupid of an ex-teammate – no less.

Itachi ignored him because he deemed that Sasuke was not worthy enough to even spare him a glance.

Sasuke needed to change that. He had improved now. He had become strong and there was no better time than right now to show Itachi just that. If he was lucky, he got to kill Itachi in the process. Wait, that didn’t sound right. He didn’t need luck to kill Itachi. He was strong enough now to kill Itachi just at his whim.

“Itachi. Fight me.” Sasuke growled. Hands clenched in silent fury.

“Go away, stupid little brother. I don’t have time for your petty play.” Totally ignoring Sasuke, the older Uchiha instructed Kisame to haul the nearly dead boy and prepared to leave. He really didn’t want that nuisance to interrupt his almost successful plan now.

Sasuke saw red.
Suigetsu watched his captain flew to the long haired ninja with a lightening speed. Instinctively, his focus shifted to the shark-like person holding up a blond boy on his shoulder. He definitely not missed the sword the guy was holding.

An ancient sword with magical power to deflect chakra.

At once, he knew who his opponent would be. Sparing a glance to his fellow teammates, they reached a conclusion. Moreover, they knew better than to interrupt the captain’s battle. Or suffer the consequences that definitely would not be pretty. With cautious, they approached the blue head man.
It felt like eons before the destined battles ended.

Now, both Itachi and Kisame were dead.

An euphoria feeling like no other engulfed Sasuke. He felt like laughing hysterically, if only he was a laughing type. So instead he just settled with standing very still over his brother dead body. He poked the side of the dead man with his foot, fully knowing that this damn-it-to-hell person would never ever move again.

Like .Ever. Again.

Sasuke felt like glowing.

He felt accomplished. He wanted nothing but to shout to the world that he has fulfilled his duty as the Uchiha clan avenger.

He finally, finally got his revenge.

This was definitely the most defining moment in his life and he could immerse in this beautiful feeling until he died. And died a happy man too.

Until someone spoke.

“What are we gonna do with this trash?”

That was Suigetsu, the only one insensitive enough to break the eerie silence. Only at this kind of moment that Karin and Juugo were thankful for his insensitive behavior.

Sasuke as their captain was creepy enough.

The Sasuke now was just plain horror. Somebody got to stop him.

For the first time in a long time now, Sasuke became aware of his surrounding. Kakashi, Sakura and his replacement –what his name again? - bodies were lying on the ground and Naruto seemingly dead body.

“Are they all dead?” Sasuke deadpanned.

“Those three there are still breathing. They seem to be trapped in a powerful genjutsu.” Karin blurted out, caught by surprised by Sasuke’s sudden enquiry.

Sasuke gaze shifted to Naruto. Following Sasuke’s gaze, Karin continued,
“This one looks like he’s gonna die any minute now. His chakra is to low for him to survive.”

Low chakra? That usurontakachi? That’s almost impossible. What’s happened here?

Sasuke furrowed his brow. Walking ever so slowly, he reached Naruto’s side only to see the boy ragged breathing; struggling hard just to inhale air into his lungs.

Looking at Naruto like this, Sasuke realized, deep down he owed something to this boy.
After all, this boy, albeit unintentionally, had bring Itachi to him. Or him to Itachi.
This boy –even if he never admitted it out loud- had a role in helping him killing Itachi. He must admitted too –only to himself- he might have not successfully killed Itachi if not for the fight Itachi had with Naruto beforehand.

Naturally, as an Uchiha he didn’t like no--no….scratched that. He HATED owing anything to anybody. Especially to this usuratonkachi who he definitely, definitely didn't want to have anything to do with.

Ever again.

I don’t want to owe you anything.

Making up his mind with that, he said to his subordinate.

“Stay here. I’ll be back.”

Sasuke bent down and scooped Naruto up then using a jutsu dematerialized somewhere else – well out of hearing range of the other shinobis. Deeming the place safe for the thing he was about to do, he put Naruto down on the ground.

Felt like someone shaking his body, Naruto began to stir. He tried to open his eyes with great effort, hoping to find out what had happened to him. But that as much as he could do. He just didn’t has enough energy to move.

All he could see was black.

Black hair? Fur? Oh no! Is it gorilla? A bear? Noooooooooo….. don’t eat me. I don’t want to die like this, being eaten by a freaking bear!

Naruto started to panic. He actually was not very sure whether a bear really eat people or not but he sure as hell didn't want to be the one who conforming it.

A bear with a pale skin no less! Just like that Sasuke-teme.

Ehhh!? Wait, it is Sasuke!


“Shut up, usuratonkachi.”

It is Sasuke! Eh, watcha doing? Hey that’s my shirt, you taking off, you jerk! Hey, hey stop it! Give it back!

Get off me!

Naruto tried to shove Sasuke off of him but alas his body wouldn’t even budge.

Wha…what? Move hand, move. We are in dire situation here. We are in danger of violation here.

Naruto tried reasoning to his hands, which were still not responding to him.

“wha… yuu…doinnn?”

“If you are not such a dobe, you’ll know what I’m doing.”


“Shut up. You are wasting your chakra. Or do you want to die by talking too much, eh stupid?”

Chakra? Shit! Now I remember. Those bastards suck out my chakra, Kyuubi’s. Even the stupid fox drained. No wonder I can’t mo...

Hey, hey! Where are you touching bastard? My pant! That’s my pant! Give it back!

Hey stop it, teme. This is not funny. Hey, I said stop!

Holyshit! Is he going crazy now? He has lost it, hasn’t he? Ohshitoshitoshit!!!

…I’m naked, am I? Shit Sasuke. Don’t go crazy on me. Pick somebody else!

………………Holy, crap! Why are you taking your clothes off too?

Stop it. You’re creeping me out. Seriously!

Come on body! Come on, come on. Move! We need to shove him off.

A finger twitched.

Like that’s gonna help!

Hands off, Sasuke! Don’t touch me there. Bad Sasuke. Bad. Shuuh, shuuh.

Ouchhhhhh…hey take out your finger!!!!!

Shit,shit,shit. That’s hurt, bastard. Ow, ow, ow.

Wha…two? Huh..ha..huh…urghhhh.

That’s freaking hurt!

“Hold on, Naruto. It will be over soon. Urghhh….don’t clench me too hard stupid.”

Stupid? Stupid!?? Try shove something this big in your ass, you asshole! Argh…ow…owww.

“Na..Naruto. Don’t, you idiot. Try to relax. I’m going to move now.”

What, move? No,no,nononononono…don’t move. Move. Bad. Don’t move.

Argh…I said don’t move you bastard. God stop!! Sto…..ahhh!!!!

Huh? What was that? Sasuke? Ah!!!! There! That’s again!

“Are you okay? It won’t take long now.”

Naruto body twitched. He never felt like this before. The incredible feeling when Sasuke did whatever he did just now, made something inside of him threatening to explode. Also, he could feel warm chakra – Sasuke’s chakra – flowing into his system. It was incredibly arousing in addition to what Sasuke was doing to him.

Thus, he climaxed.

And Sasuke too because he could feel the warm liquid inside his body.

Naruto stared with hazy eyes at Sasuke, trying to form a what-the-hell-do-you-think-you-are-doing-and-prepare-to-die speech but promptly felt asleep when Sasuke tapped his finger at his forehead.

Apparently it was a sleeping jutsu.

“Go to sleep, usuratonkachi. Don’t try to find me again.”
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