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Like a Razor to My Forearms

by sweetbittermiss 4 reviews

Just based on a dream, was origanally posted under My Chemical Romance

Category: Poetry - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy,Horror - Characters: Gerard Way - Warnings: [R] - Published: 2008-04-29 - Updated: 2008-06-22 - 446 words - Complete

I toss and turn at night,
unable to shake these monsters from my dreams.
You say everythings alright,
But I know better than to trust you.

Inside my dreams I can see you lying
on the floor,
head in your hands,

Half of me is crushed by your vaulnerability,
Half of me is screaming to get out of here,
wherever here is.

I can't see anything but you,
It's dark and the only light is shining
on you.

I walk to face you,
steadily measuring each footstep.
You stop crying,
but do not look at me.
Your silence haunts my every movement.

I stand before you now,
and I reach out a hand to touch your face.
You finally look at me,
and I finally see.

Your eyes are jet black,
no light,
no soul.
Your godlike ivory face streaming tears
of blood.

I snatch my hand away,
and you smile at me,
revealing blood stained teeth.

I try to run but you catch me.
You pull me down and I can no longer fight.

Your teeth scrape against the skin of my neck,
like a razor to my forearms.
I can feel the blood stream from my neck,
and I can hear you mock me.

My eyes do not wish to meet the darkness of your own
as I quietly scream in pain.
You laugh in your throat, and cut mine again.

You lick the blood with your wicked tounge.
Pouring down my body,
you follow it,
not letting a drop escape your foul mouth.

I try to pretend it isn't you as the tears fall
from my eyes.
I try to pretend that you are still my friend,
my companion,
my lover.

But my imagination can give my no comfort,
and I'll find none in you.
My heart is racing and the adreniline is kicking in.
I grab you by your belt
and pull you into a kiss.
I run my figners down your open shirt,
your open blood stained shirt,
all the way down.

You practiclly rip off my shirt and franticlly tear at my pants.
I push you against a wall that I had not seen before.
My figners knot in your jet black hair,
and your fingers grasp at my hips,
slowly moving them into a rhythm.
You turn me, so that you dominate the situation,
and whisper in my ear,
"Say you love me and this won't happen again."
I whisper back, and we dance to the rhythm
of my hips and my heartbeat, the only heartbeat.

I wake up and wish that my nightmare were a reality.

The End

Editors note: this was a dream

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