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What happen when Syaoran's group moved to Tomoeda and met people who as same as them?

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Translator:Hopeful colour

Pairing:Sakura,Syaoran,Tomoyo,Kurogane,Mokona,Kero and the another characters

Disclaime:All of Clamp-sensei (TRC & CCS)


Summary:you’ll know if you read it.

Warning:This fic have all Syaoran and Sakura in CCS and Tsu,so character Sakura in CCS writes Sakura and Sakura in Tsu writes Sak and Syaoran are,too.

Chapter 1

In the street,a boy and a man walked and brought some belongings.They joyfully talked with the other.

“Kurogane-san, this country is beautiful and peaceful,isn’t it?”

The boy who asked was the amber eyes and brown hair boy. Could you guess who was he? Yes, he was Sya so the man wearing black clothes went with him was Kurogane. And Kurogane replied:

“Yes, but now how will we find The Feather?”

“Not to worry, this World seems not large, we’ll find it soon,” A white lump jumped into and interrupted the conversation.

Some hours ago, Mokona moved all of them to this World, this World was similar to Hanshin Republic (the first world, where Syaoran’s group had gone after left Yuuko’s house) but this World did not so dense as Hanshin and more peaceful than it. Sak was fast asleep because one new Feather was absorbed into her body and Fye had been hurted because of a battle at The Previous World. Exchanging clothes of The Previous World for money and new clothes, they asked a person and he guided them to a buiding, which being read “HOTEL”. They’d rented one big room, which have fours small room to board.

“Hey, when I asked people, they said this is Tomoeda Town in Japan. Therefore, we knew another Japan,” Fye said.

“Yes, of course. Now I and Kurogane-san are going shopping, you should stay at home with hime because of your wound,” Sya spoke in a gentle voice.

“Mokona follow Sya,” “white lump” jumped into Sya’s shoulder.

“White Dumpling, who allows you to follow us?” Kurogane grumbled.

“Stop, The Little Father don’t quarrel with Mokona. All of your go downtown, I will look after Sak.”

Sya and Kurogane came back the hotel. At the same time, in a store, two girls, who wore Tomoeda High School uniforms, was eating ice-cream. The one looks like a lovely girl with a short auburn hair and emerald eyes and the other has a long straight violet hair and amethyst eyes.The girls were so pretty and lovely.One girl asked her friend:

“Sakura-chan, you meditate on something, don’t you?”

“Syaoran-kun’s birthday is on next week, but I don’t know which persent I should buy and send to Hong Kong for him.”

“Don’t worry,I will help you to choose a good gift.”

“Thank you very much,Tomoyo.”

Who were they? Yes, of course. They are Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji. Tomoyo shouted suddenly:

“Sakura-chan, you see. That is Syaoran-kun, he goes with a tall man.”

“Exactly! He is Syaoran-kun.”

“Come on!”

The two girls paid for their ice-cream and ran across street.Sakura shouted:

“Syaoran-kun, why are you here?”

Sya heard someone had called his name and turned round. He startled in surprise such as to drop all thing in his hand. The girl ran toward him like Sak hime and the girl standed near her like director-general of Flipfe corporation. Next to him, Kurogane was very surprised too because of the girl who is like his princess.

The two girls ran toward them but Sakura startled in surprise:

“Hoe, Tomoyo-chan! He isn’t Syaoran-kun but why is he similar Syaoran-kun?”

“I don’t know but he is truly like Syaoran-kun,” Tomoyo replied.

“I’m sorry,I’m got the wrong person,” Sakura bowed and apologized.

“No problem but my name is Syaoran,too.” Sya smiled.

“Hoe? Your name is Syaoran, isn’t you?” Sakura asked in amazement.

“Yes, I am. And this is Kurogane-san.”

“Sakura-chan, It seem like using Mirror. They are as like as two peas in a pod,” Tomoyo said.

“No, Tomoyo-chan. They are very similar in appearance but their nature are not the same,” Sakura explained.

“Excuse me. But Are I and your Syaoran alike ?” Sya asked.

“Yes, you are as same as my boy friend. Now, he is in Hongkong. When I saw you, I was thinking that he came back,” Sakura flushed.

“Ah, my name’s Tomoyo Daidouji, nice to meet you and I am apologize for our erroneousness. Her name is Sakura Kinomoto. We live in this town,” Tomoyo smiled.

“The fact is you are similar two acquaintance of ours and their name are Sakura and Tomoyo, too.”

“Is that right?” Tomoyo astonished.

“Hoe, Tomoyo-chan, my memory is coming back. Eriol-kun said that actually many Worlds exist together and in those World have some people is similar with us,” Sakura said unexpectedly.

“You said that they came from one of the another Worlds. Is that right, Sakura-chan?” Tomoyo asked.

“Yes. We come from another World,” A voice said and a white lump jumped up in front of two girls.

“Sakura-chan, this white lump is so lovable, just like Kero-chan.”

“This is Mokona. He is my friend,” Sya explained.

“Oh, what a lovely!” Sakura hugged Mokona.

“Hey, Have all of us been talking in the street?” Kurogane grumbled, this is the first time Kurogane have told when they met two girls. “Furthermore, we have gone out for a long time. Fye will be worry. If Sak gets out of sleep and doesn’t see you, she will be more and more worrier than him.”

“Yes, Kurogane-san.”

“I am sorry two you. We are coming back now,” Sya smiled.

“No problem. But can you tell me what is you address? I have something want to ask you,” Sakura said.

“OK, we stay in Tomoeda Hotel.” Sya responded.

“Sakura–chan, I know that hotel.” Tomoyo said.

“I will visit two you after school tomorrow.Who are you stay with?” Sakura asked.

“Two others. The man is Fye and the girl is Sakura,” Kurogane said.

“Hoe, is that so? I want to meet her. Is she as same as me?” Sakura felt pleased.

“You and she are as like as two peas in a pod.”

“Good bye!” Tomoyo said.

And they walked away.Sya said with Kurogane:

“This is quite weird. Before that, we had met many similar people in different World. But this is the first time we have met people who is similar us.”

“I don’t think so. We could meet another people so we could meet us, couldn’t we?”

“If so, why do you worry?” Sya asked.

“Because I feel that the girl whose name is Sakura is unusual.” Kurogane replied.

“What is this means?” Sya amazed.

“She seems to have supernatural powers like our Sak and those are large powers” Kurogane said.

“Really? But I think she isn’t a bad person.” Sya spoke.

“I hope it” Kurogane said.

At the same time, Sakura and Tomoyo talked about two people whom they had met.

“Is that the unexpected encounter, Sakura-chan?”

“Yes, of course. I will telephone Eriol-kun and ask him some more about this situation tonight . I am too eager to meet a girl who shares the same name and same appearance with me.”

“I will bring my camcorder tomorrow. I am determined to make a film whose title is “The Meeting of two Sakura”. Oh, I will type two Sakura. I can’t wait to tape you two, I am so happy as to swoon.”

“Hoe, Tomoyo-chan!!” Sakura shouted.

“I will type it carefully. Ah, the tape will be sent to Hongkong for Syaoran-kun. He will be centainly astonished at it.”

“Oh, my God! My house is near here. See you tomorrow. - Sakura said suddenly.

“All right, good bye. See you tomorrow. Don’t get up late - Tomoyo reminded.”

“OK. I remember,” Sakura groaned.
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