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Number 69, Annoyance. Vexen is getting on Xigbar's nerves.

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Characters: Vexen,Xigbar - Published: 2008-04-30 - Updated: 2008-04-30 - 527 words

"I'm sorry, dude - you want me to do what?"

"Nine needs to be removed from active duty for the next three days, and this is not to be made public. I do have a valid medical reason for this request, but I cannot share it at this time."

Xigbar looked at Vexen like he'd just told him to let a small child play with his guns. "...Excuse me? You want me to take an apparently healthy member off duty and you don't think there's any good reason to tell me why?"

Vexen, as usual, remained cool as ice. "Note the usage of the words 'apparently healthy'. He is, to all outside observers, the picture of health, but he has recently developed a puzzling condition which I am still in the process of diagnosing and determining an appropriate treatment for."

Xigbar was something less than impressed. "Puzzling condition. Mind telling me what sort of puzzling condition? Just so I know exactly why I'm supposed to be leaving us one man short for the near future?"

Vexen hesitated. "...Due to patient confidentiality concerns, I'm not at liberty to share that information unless and until Nine gives his informed consent."

Xigbar sighed heavily. "So you want me to take him off duty just on your say-so, and you don't think you need to tell me why you say so. Dude, you've got balls, but it's not gonna happen any time soon. As far as I can tell, he's fit for duty, so as far as I can see, he should stay on duty. Now, unless you're gonna be a little more forthcoming from here on out, I think we're done here."

"This condition may adversely affect his ability to carry out his missions successfully."

Xigbar, who'd been halfway to the door, paused and backed up a few steps without turning around. "You got my full attention, dude. How's it gonna affect his ability to carry out his missions successfully?"

"It may cause him substantial difficulty in interacting with others."

"Difficulty in interacting with others - oh, that's just fantastic," Xigbar groaned. "That's the one thing he's better at than the rest of us. So what's going on, dude? Is he going deaf? Going blind? Losing his voice? Losing his sanity? Is he developing PTSD after his stint in New Orleans?"

"As I stated previously, I'm not at liberty to share that information until Nine gives his informed consent."

Urge to kill Vexen...rising. "Dude! If you want me to cooperate, you might wanna try cooperating a little yourself!"

"Two, this is only for three days. That's all I'm asking for. Surely you can spare one man for three days."

"Going by just what you gave me? Doesn't look like much reason for me -"

"He would be operating at reduced efficiency if he were on duty during that time."

Xigbar sighed. Clearly Vexen was in one of those "Don't question me, I know I'm right" moods. "Fine. I'll let him go for three days. But after three days, either he's going back on regular duty or you better have a little more to tell me than you do now."
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