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Keeping a Secret

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Number 53, Keeping a Secret. Zexion's puzzled out what Demyx has been struggling to keep secret.

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Demyx,Zexion - Published: 2008-04-30 - Updated: 2008-04-30 - 582 words

"Come on, Zexion!"

"Nine, I am /not interested."

"I'm begging you -"

"Return to (a ruined world for the) chance to expose my(self to huge crowds and rau)cous noise? I think not!"

"You're the best photographer in the Organization, and we need someone to take pictures - besides -"

"And isn't there (a risk of this jaunt exa)cerbating your hearing loss?"

Demyx stopped dead. Zexion might as well have hit him over the head with his lexicon. "...How do you know?" he finally choked. Vexen talked, Vexen told him, he's the only one who knows, it had to be him, I told him to keep it secret...

"It's fair(ly obvious to someone who) knows what to look for."

Demyx's train of thought stopped in its tracks. "What do you mean?"

"Several weeks ago, Four ac(quired a number of blood samp)les from you, no? I was the one (responsible for conducting va)rious tests (on all those samples. No) sane physician or(ders so much testing on a) patient he be(lieves is perfect)ly healthy, but when I asked (him about it dire)ctly, the most (he would volunteer is that you) had suddenly developed a puzz(ling neurological con)dition that he suspect(ed did not originate) in the brain. That left (a wide range of) possibilities - sensory loss, unexplained nerve pain, loss of (gross or fine mo)tor skills. So - I ob(served your beha)vior from then on, and I have seen several clues." Zexion started ticking signs off on his fingers. "You ap(pear to pay twice as much)attention at meetings as (usual, but you emerge with) even less knowledge of what went (on at these meetings. In) conversation, your eyes (never leave the oth)er person's face - I suspect (you read their lips at) least as much (as you actually hear what) they say." Demyx had to nod - that was exactly what he was doing right now."Also, when you (attempt to converse with some)one whose face you cannot (see, you have substan)tial difficulties - most often, you ask (them to repeat them)selves until they turn (around and you can see) their face, or you (move until you) can see them. When someone at(tempts to gain your atten)tion, they usually re(sort to visual cues or tac)tile cues - waving (at you or touching) your shoulder. When they call (your name or number, you) don't seem to notice."

Demyx sighed heavily. It seemed so obvious when he explained it..."Does everyone know?" he whispered.

Zexion shook his head. "I assumed (you wanted this infor)mation kept as sec(ret as reasonably) possible." He looked a little disdainful. "Most of the (others have no more con)cern than they would for the (price of a dozen oy)sters in Moscow. Eight and Thir(teen are concerned,) but they have (no idea of) the truth. Their theories (are ridiculous)ly off base, though not en(tirely without logic), to an untrained mind."

"I though you said it was obvious..."

"Obvious to (someone who knows what) to look for. The others, for (the most part)...don't. And those (that might, aren't look)ing."

Demyx could hardly believe his ears - or his eyes. "So you're not...going to tell anyone?"

"As I said, (I presumed you wanted) this informa(tion kept sec)ret."

Demyx almost half-smiled. ", um...about New Orleans..."
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