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(Maybe I'm sick of) Waiting for You

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Ok so this little thing was written after my boyfriend all but stood me up.
The poem didn't actually end up being about that but that's where the emotion came from.
It doesn't have equal length stanzas and there isn't a rythm which fits the whole thing.
Let me know what you think about it anyway, it's quite different to what I normally write in tone and format so your feedback will be valued.

There’s a man
He holds her in his hands.
He looks into her eyes
And he promises her
That everything will be
Just fine.

Then this man goes away
Not just for a day
And she doesn’t know
If he will ever come home
No she doesn’t know
She just doesn’t know.

Maybe he loved her,
He could love her still,
Maybe he just got scared.
Maybe he lied to her
And the guilt racked his insides
Till he had nothing left
But to leave her beautiful eyes

The skies are still grey for her
Promising rain.
She dreams of him sunning himself
Although he never was vain
And she thinks that this is it,
This the end.
She gave him her everything
Gave him her all,
And he left her waiting there
With nothing at all.

He just left her waiting there
With nothing at all.
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