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Breaking the rules can sometimes be rewarding-Implied Reader x Toshiro Histugaya

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Life was very troublesome in the Seireitei. Especially when one is a taichou. Toshiro Hitsugaya, the prodigious taichou of the tenth-division was an excellent example of having such a string of misfortune. Having a lazy-ass fukitaichou that loved drinking sake was indeed a problem. Leaving all of her paperwork for him to do was an entirely different matter but with the equality of annoyance.

The chibi-sized taichou was spending his evening doing paperwork, signing and organizing them into piles until Matsumoto returned from yet than another night of drinking sake with her little ring of drinking buddies. And such was life.

That’s when you came in, a third-seat officer with a stack of paperwork to deliver to the taichou. “ ‘Vening taichou.” You greeted. Your taichou looked up from his work. “Oh. Evening _______. “ his teal-green eyes drifted to the stack in tucked underneath your arm. “Done already?”


“Have you gotten any sleep?”

“Not a damn wink. “

Toshiro sighed. “Look, I know you have a case of insomnia that enables you to get paperwork done faster than others. But you shouldn’t waste your energy.” You rolled your eyes. “You’re one to talk taichou. on account that you’re doing Matsumoto-san’s paperwork yet again. “

It was the taichou’s turn to roll his eyes. “It’s what I do every night.”

You blinked at your taichou owlishly. “If I was you, I would’ve confiscate the sake and put it in a closet, seal it up with kido and reiatsu chains. Threaten her with that if she doesn’t do her work.”

“That would be blackmail _______. You know that’s against the rules.”

“Wouldn’t hurt to try, taichou.” For being a half-cranky and half-sane officer you always had a good comeback during these conversations. Your eyes drifted to the fukitaichou’s desk. “When’s she suppose to get back this time? One o’clock in the morning?”


“….” You placed your paperwork on the taichou’s desk before moving to Matsumoto’s desk. You opened one of the desk drawers and found scattered pens and ink cartages. “Taichou, what pen does Matsumoto-san use to do her paperwork?” Toshiro looked up from his work with a quirked eyebrow. “Why are you asking _______?”

“I’m gonna do Matumoto’s work. Forge her calligraphy actually.“ You picked up a pen. “If it’s going to work though I need to make sure I have the right tools. (should I use this one?)”

Teal-green eyes widened a fracture before they narrowed. “______, you know that’s against the rules.”

You turned to your taichou. “I know. But today…..” You grabbed a random blue-tinted pen and a sheet from the pile on Matsumoto’s desk. “Screw ‘em. Hell, it’ll be easier to get all this work done if the two of us work together. “

A sigh escaped from the white-haired taichou. There was no point in arguing with you when you get this determined to do something; that’s just how you were.

“Fine. But I better not get demoted for this.”


-------Two Hours Later--------------

“All’s well ends well as I always say,” Tiny pops erupted from your neck as it swayed left and right. “Least tomorrow we get a day off.” Toshiro nodded. He was, at the very least, impressed with your work on Matsumoto’s paperwork; you used the same pen, the sloppy strokes and smugs. Everything was exact.

“_______ ……”

“Hai, taichou?”

“Why did you stay and help me? If you were tired you could’ve gone to bed.”

You were a bit surprised at this. For once in his oh-so perfect life, Toshiro Hitsugaya, asked a stupid question. With that in mind you walked towards the shoji door to your sleeping quarters.


You turned your head and gave your taichou a sleepy smile. “No one likes to be alone taichou.”

The shoji door closed with a ‘cl-lick’ leaving a surprised taichou in your wake. Toshiro then grabbed a scrap of paper and scribbled a last-minute reminder to do in the morning.


Your internal clock went off the moment warmth sprayed across your eyes. You yawned and crawled out of your futon, stripping out of your yukata and into your shinigami uniform. You went into your office after grabbing a cup of tea from the kitchen. When you got there, you found an envelope on your desk. Eyebrow quirked, you placed your cup on the coaster and ripped the envelope open with the tip of your index finger. A small smile splayed across your face as you stared at the note in front of you.

Thank you.
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