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As Lynn followed the others, led by the guards to the meeting room, she started thinking back of the moments she had spent with him after her memory loss. Then the thought of Frank came to her mind. It came as a surprise to her, that the thought of him and Shannon being together didn’t bother her. She felt as if she belonged to someone else now, someone who wouldn’t do such a thing to her. She sensed comfort and security... now that she knows it’s Gerard she’s supposed to be with.

“Wait here,” the guard said, gesturing them to sit on the chairs surrounding a table. Lynn looked around to find herself in a large room, full of prisoners, each on a table, with his visitors and someone to keep an eye on them.

“Aren’t you going to sit down?” Frank’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Yeah...”Lynn replied softly, almost whispering as she took a seat next to Frank, and Shannon right in front of them.

“Are you okay?”Frank added.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered drawing a light smile on her face.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah...”she nodded.

She wasn’t really ok. The thought of her meeting Gerard had become scary now that the idea of him once being her fiancé was finally settling in her mind. It was all real. Gerard Way, her once known fiancé, was now going to see her. He knew everything about her and she remembered nothing about him. That started to bother her. She then started thinking of how things might have been when they were together. She couldn’t seize it yet. Her breath started to get heavier and she couldn’t concentrate anymore. She was getting really nervous, realizing that she wasn’t really ready to meet him, after she found out who he really was to her.

“No...”She then mumbled by accident.

“What?” Frank heard her.

“No... I can’t... do this...”She added standing up.

“I knew it! The pill!” Shannon concluded.

“Do what? What are you talking about?” Frank questioned frowning.

“I... I have to go,” she declared looking at him.

She then turned to find her way out, only to be stopped by Frank, grabbing her hand.

“Wait,” he said.

“I need to go,” she added. She couldn’t explain. She just wanted out before Gerard came.

“Wait, you can’t just go like that!” Frank exclaimed, holding on to her hand, preventing her from leaving.

“Frank, give me the car keys, I’ll go look for the pill,” Shannon added standing up.

“Let go!” Lynn tried to free herself.

“God knows they might just shoot us if they saw you leaving like that,” Frank said, trying to keep her in.

“Frank, really, it will solve everything! Give me the keys!”Shannon added opening her hand for him, waiting for him to put the keys in.

“Just....Let....Go of my hand!!” Lynn started getting annoyed, pushing harder to free it.

“Oh come on!” Shannon added kneeling next to him, trying to get the keys out of his side pocket herself.

“Both of you!! Just...”Frank was getting angry.

“You don’t get it!” Lynn interrupted, still trying to pull it away, to then add: “I really need to go!”

“I don’t bite, you know,” a voice coming from behind her was heard. Gerard’s.

“oh, thank god!”Frank exclaimed, finally letting go of her hand, as Shannon hastily straightened up.

Lynn turned to look his way, with a terrified look on her face. She didn’t know what to say, or how to react. But the light one sided curve forming on his lips somewhat calmed the butterflies she had.

“Dude, you have a lot of explanation to say...” Frank said frowning at Gerard.

“Are you okay?” Gerard asked Lynn, gazing at her, the comforting smile always shown.

She nodded. She could have said something, but her own name wouldn’t come up to her mind at that moment. She was all about Gerard. He seemed so confident to her; as if he was taking this whole thing really well. As if he’s still himself, being in jail didn’t depress him, nor get him scared.

“Man, seriously, what the hell happened?” Frank then said, still seeking the answers.

Gerard turned to look at him and added: “You know what...”

“Gerard...”Shannon whispered.

“I’ll explain everything to you later...” Gerard went on.

“Hey... Gerard...”Shannon whispered again, this time, poking him from where she was standing.

“Later? What about now?”Frank asked, disagreeing with what Gerard said.

“You will have to leave me alone with Lynn, now,” Gerard added glancing at her, and just at that second, he smiled a bit for her, to then look back at Frank, and go on: “I need to talk to her.”

“You and Lynn?” Frank didn’t get it. He stood up turning to look at Lynn.
“I really need to tell you something...”Shannon kept whispering, hoping he’d hear her.

“Yeah, you’ll get it later,” Gerard added. “I just need a couple of minutes alone with her...”

“You might get yourself killed in jail and all you’re looking for is to talk to Lynn?” Frank said. “We’ll be... wherever that guard keeps us,” Frank ended his sentence with a confused tone in his voice. It was only natural for him to be lost, he didn’t know about any of what was happening.

As Frank and Shannon left, Gerard sat down, and Lynn did the same across the table, facing him. They had to talk. She had to face it.

“Did you receive my letter?” Gerard asked her first.

She cleared her throat, “yeah,” she then said nodding uncomfortably.

“How are you feeling?” he then added.

“I’m... I’m fine...” she said, still nodding.

He looked deep in her eyes, so deep she could feel him searching for something. She took a deep breath trying to get rid of all the tension she was feeling.

“Are you looking for something?” she finally asked him.

“Yeah... I’m looking for you...” his reply came out so straight it gave her the chills.

“Me?”She asked.

“Yeah, the old you, the strong Lynn I’ve always known,” he said smiling a bit.

“You... you know this hasn’t been...” she was trying to explain.

“This hasn’t been easy on you, I know,” he ended her sentence watching her nod in agreement.

She cleared her throat again. And in spite of the blocked thoughts she was having, the same question kept running through her head over and over again.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this whole thing earlier?” She finally managed to ask, longing for an answer.

He just looked at her, his eyes still gazing, as if he was trying to memorize each and every detail of her face.

“Why?”She repeated. She could feel the nervousness in her turning into curiosity.

“Because I love you...” his response was so blatant it made her frown.

“I don’t get it,” she said. “Are... are you trying to mislead me here? Because I want to know why you kept this away from me for so long...” she added realizing that she was the victim there, she had the right to know.

“I can’t...” he whispered. “Just let me look at you... for the last time,” he added, running his hand across the table to meet hers.

“For the last time?” She repeated after him, confused.

“This is our last time together. My sentence is... Death penalty,” he explained careless of what was waiting for him.

“No... this can’t be...” she mumbled shaking her head in refusal.

“I’ve done some really awful things, things you don't know about, I’ve screwed up a lot, Lynn,” he kept explaining.

“No... how could you do this to me!” She was now mad. “That’s an act of selfishness! How could you!” She exclaimed pulling her hand away from his.

“I...” she was trying to go on talking but had to pause to take a breath. She needed it after the load of information she’s been receiving. She turned all red, her eyes looking at him with despise, while he just sat there, taking the blame, as if he was expecting such a reaction from her.
“I hate you!!” She eventually said it. “I, fucking hate you, Gerard!” She added raising her voice, yet on the verge of crying.
He just nodded understandingly.
“I.... I need out... I need to get out of here...”she then said looking around her, nervously.

“One last thing," Gerard added. “I just want you to know that, all I wanted for you is to have a good life.”

“A good life you say?”She repeated sarcastically as she stood up. “What’s a life called when you have to go through it all alone?”She then asked frowning.

“This was bound to be...” he declared.

“I have to go, I can’t even look at you now...” she added turning to leave, leaving him behind. She just went on her way out, and didn’t even look back at him.

She was led by the guards to the exit door. As she got out, Frank and Shannon were there, waiting for her by the car.
“What did he tell you? Are they letting him go soon?” Frank asked, as soon as she got near them. She didn’t reply, only found her way in to the car.
Shannon went in and so did Frank. “Are you going to talk to me?” Frank then asked to get no answer from her again. She didn’t want to talk, she only wanted to think. The rest of the ride back was silent; Lynn looking out the window, Frank concentrating on the road, and Shannon moving nonstop in the backseat, still trying to find the pill.

As they arrived to the hotel, Lynn walked her way in without talking to anybody. Frank gave in to the fact that she wouldn’t speak, so he left her alone. Shannon, on the other hand, followed her all the way up to Gerard’s suite.

The door was already slightly open. Lynn pushed it in and got inside, followed by Shannon.

“Hey... Mikey,” Shannon said, looking at him. He was sitting on the sofa, with some of Gerard’s stuff in his hand.

“Mikey...” Lynn mumbled as she saw the sad look on his face. “I’m sorry,” she added trying to be sympathetic, in spite of all the resentment at Gerard she had in her.

“You should be,” Mikey’s response hit her by surprise.

“He’s the one who got himself into this mess in the first place!” She exclaimed, unable to hide that anger anymore. “He fucking said it himself! He’s done some really bad mistakes!” she added.

“The only mistake he did was loving you!” Mikey spat standing up. The look he had on his face was the same as hers. The bitter one. Only his, was directed towards her. He then threw the photo that was in his hands on the table next to them and walked himself out, slamming the door behind him.

“I don't get it! I still don’t get it!” Lynn shouted throwing herself on the sofa where Frank was, burying her head in between her hands.

“How about, you and me, we go to the nearest drug store around here, and get you one of those pills, yeah? That would make you feel really better!” Shannon tried making the offer sound tempting.

The same old photo of her and Gerard then caught her attention. She held it and stared at it, thinking deeply.

“Lynn?” Shannon then asked, finding it weird with how calm finally was.

“This should have some kind of explanation,” Lynn started thinking aloud.

“Frank said that Eliza sent him this picture...” she added.

“This doesn’t mean anything...” Shannon interrupted.

“And he also said that Eliza gave him the ring,” Lynn went on.

“Still, meaningless,” Shannon tried to distract her.

“But...” Lynn added, rolling that ring around her fingers and staring at it. “Frank mentioned that she wanted him to give it to Gerard,” Lynn finally concluded.

“Ok, enough of trying to figure out something that doesn’t even exist,” Shannon tried to make her stop. But that didn’t work.

“The reason why she would give a picture of me making out with Gerard to Frank, is to make him break up with me...” Lynn concluded.

“Uh oh...” Shannon mumbled.

“She wanted him to break up with me so that I’d be with Gerard...” Lynn realized. “Which would be why she sent Gerard the ring, this was a sign, she wanted Gerard to tell me the truth,” she finally said.

“For your own sake, stop it!! We need to go to the drug store now, please, or I’m the one to blame!” Shannon was still attempting to stop her, but it was all in vain.

“but why wouldn’t Gerard tell me everything? Why did he wait until this moment to let me know?’’ Lynn always had this question stuck in her head. She couldn’t figure that out. She then turned to Shannon, stared at her and said: “you know something, don’t you?”

“Oh....Loo....Look a... a monkey!” Shannon’s failed attempt to change the subject didn’t give Lynn anything but more evidence that she actually did know something.

“Tell me!!” Lynn’s voice rose. “I don’t deserve this! I want to know what the hell is going on! So tell me!!” she started yelling.

“This is going to be bad...” Shannon mumbled under her breath.

“Shiiit!!” Lynn then exclaimed covering her head!

“Stupid Shannon!” Shannon started lecturing herself.

“My head!!! Ahh! Shit!” Lynn yelled getting back to the sofa to sit down.

“They tell you take the pill and give it to her! As simple as that! You had to ruin everything!” Shannon kept talking to herself.

“God why does this have to happen to me!!!!” Lynn started pressing harder on her head, trying to make the pain go away, but it wouldn’t. It was all happening all over again. The headache she had when she was in the backstage with Mikey that got her to remember that she actually knew him and Gerard. Now that same headache is back, back with some more memories.

“Maybe I can still make it, if I get the pill on time...” Shannon was trying to find a solution.

“That pill makes my headache go away?” Lynn asked, struggling with the intensity of sorrow that she was now facing.

“I don’t know!!!” Shannon was getting tensed watching Lynn be that way. “All I know is that you’re not supposed to remember anything!” She accidentally said out of fear.

Lynn stayed in pain for about 5 more minutes. Pictures of drugs, guns, blood and people hurt were coming to her head. Flashbacks of the past were coming back. The last flashback she had, was one of her and Gerard; she was in his arms, she was laughing and him smiling, she could see him kiss her cheeks afterwards, she could see herself holding on to his hand, she almost felt the happiness she was feeling when she was with him. This got her to come out of the pain she was having. She finally came back to the real world, to find herself on the floor, sweat on her neck and tears in her eyes.

Shannon was standing right in front of her, looking at her worryingly.

“What?” Shannon then asked. “What did you see?” she added.

Lynn started crying even more. She pulled her knees up where she rested her hands and hid her face in between.

“What?” Shannon then asked. Lynn couldn’t reply. She was crying so hard, that the lump formed in her throat almost took all her ability of speech.

“Well, now you know...” Mikey’s voice was heard from the front door. He was back. He had seen everything.

“What? Know what?” Shannon asked frowning.

Mikey walked in, and stood in front of Lynn, looking down at her, still on the floor, buried in her own tears.

“You remember now, don’t you? You know the truth now?” Mikey questioned as she just nodded, barely being able to breathe.

“What?” Shannon then said.

“She just remembered she was the whole problem,” Mikey explained. “It’s not my brother who did all these things, it was her!” Mikey added glaring down at her. “My brother is just covering for her, now she knows she’s the real criminal,” Mikey’s words were filled with blame and her cry was getting heavier as the guilt was eating her with his words. Lynn finally had her answer. She knew now why Gerard didn’t want to tell her anything in the first place. He was still trying to protect her, even if that meant him giving his life away. The pill Shannon was talking about was just to prevent her from having this attack that she had and remembering who she’s really been that past year. Gerard had trusted her with it. After all, he did tell her that everything he did was so that she could run a good life now. She thought he was talking about the drug dealing and money making part, while he was actually talking about handing himself in so she could stay free, and be able to keep on living her life.

-Nope, story is NOT over yet-
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