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were the hell have you been!?

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Its time for massie's sleep over and that means its time for Massie to answer questions. I will try to update as much as I can tomorrow because I am going to be gone on the weekned at state fo...

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It was Friday night and that ment that it was time for my sleep over with my friends! Ever sence wensday I had been hanging out with Mikey for lunch and then at 5 til 8 when he had to go home and I had to eat dinner.
"why have you been advoiding us", I heard Aleaca's voice damned of me. We all walked into eachothers houses unless we were told not to. " I've had a lot on my mind so I have been shopping at lunch" It was true I did buy things when I went out with mikey. " Well we miss you, oh and Clair told me who you got stuck with as a partner, I'm so sorry" " why", I asked forgetting that I wasn't supose to like the fact that I was working with mikey.
Aleaca: "are you feeling ok?"
Me: "I'm fine"
Aleaca: "you have that crush look, who is he?"
Kristen: "Massie likes someone els? I thought she liked Chuck" the twins had just joined us.
Me: "It's no one"
Every one all at once: "ok" why did every one say this?
We all were taking and eatting and dancing to music when my phone rang, I looked at the caller I'd to see that it was chuck.
Phone convo
Chuck: hi massie, I'm just calling to see if you wanted to I don't know maybe go out sometime?
Me:you mean like a date?
Chuck: no I mean like you as my girlfriend. So what do you say?
Me: sure, that sounds grate.
Chuck: how bout I pick you up tomorrow and we go and see a movie?
Me: I can't. I'm busy.
Chuck: ok, well how about Sunday?
Me: yea, so what time will you pick me up?
Chuck: around noon
Me: àleight I will see you then. Bye", I said hanging up the phone.
I couldn't belive it, I was now dating chuck! Then why did I feel a twinge of gult when I thought about Mikey?
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