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When I Get Home, You Are SO Dead.

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SEXXX! “Yeah, you know would all about whores, wouldn’t you, Patrick? Fucked Cindee lately?” “Fucked my cousin?” He shot back. “He would have been better.”

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WARNING! IF You aren't into VERY DETAILED SEX then I suggest you do not read this further than the taxi cab because yeah... :) Steamy shit right there.

Before she fully understand that she was going to a bar with two people who would most likely be all over each all night, Troian was being pulled to Travie’s chrysler 300. Calista had a hold of her and was “wooing” very loudly. All of this would have been okay with her except that she had only drunk a few times in her life and drinking alone did not say like the funnest of times. Sure, these two would be there, but God knew where they’re attention would be.

“Put some music on,” Cali ordered Travie. She was in the frost seat, messing with every button she could get her hands on. Travie didn’t really have a chance to put music on because Cali beat him to it. Troian was in the middle of the backseat, wondering whether she would make it if she popped open the door and jumped….

“Ooh, I love this song!” Calista turned up the volume and the car was filled with
leona lewis’s voice singing bleeding love. Travie just shook his head and she slapped his arm. “OW!” He pouted, his eyes never leaving the road.

“That’s good music, don’t you mock it.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


It only took them about fifteen minutes to arrive at this ‘great bar’ as Cali had put it. To be more exact, it was a bar on the bottom and a club on the second floor. And well, Troian doesn’t dance, so we all know where she was staying. It had been a while since she had been truly ‘shit faced’ and now seemed like a perfect chance to get drunk and not give a fuck becomes were going down in spiraling tunnel and there was no way Troian was going after them.

They came to have fun and she came to get drunk. That’s what you do at bars.

“Cali’s heading for the Second floor,” Calista announced. “They play good music where I can get my jam on.”

Travie nodded as if this were the most brilliant idea in the world. He was all up for dancing if it involved being close to Cali. “Come on, ma,” He gave Troian a pleading look to get up and follow Calista. He was ready to get down and Troian was the only thing standing in the way of his fun.

“Okay, okay.” Troian stood and followed the two up the stairs. If she was going to get drunk then she was going to do it properly. With her friends.

The first thing she did as soon as they got up there was find out a good seat on a comfortable red plus couch that stretched a good ten feet. Without waiting for her to even get comfortable, a girl decked in an apron and white button of shirt asked to take her drink order. Troian blinked, completely unsure what to answer. She wasn’t much into drinking and she didn’t know much about what tasted good and what didn’t. “Uh…” She looked for help but Cali and Travie were already in a deep conversation. Or at least as deep as flirting and playfully shoving each other could get.

“I’ll have a tequila sunrise,” She told the girl quickly. She was trying to sound like she knew what she was ordering, and technically, she did. She just couldn’t remember if she liked it or not. The girl nodded in a bored sort of way and she turned back to her friends in hopes of some entertainment.

“Awww, yeah!” Travie was bopping his head to the beat and tapping on his leg. “This is muh song!” He sang along to a few words before he pulled Calista off the couch. “Let’s dance, ma.”

She didn’t object, she just took his hands and led him to the dance floor. He pulled her close to his chest, one hand wrapped around hers and the other sat on her waist. Troian’s watched as they merged into the crowd and moved to the beat of the music. The scene made her feel a bit lonely but she wouldn’t let it get to her. One, those were her friends out there so she wasn’t allowed to act like a ten year old and get jealous and two, she just wasn’t.

The waitress waited impatiently for Troian to acknowledge her. “Here’s you are,” she repeated in the same bored tone. She was practically shoved the drink in her face and Troian leaned back. “Thanks…” She said, taking it. Rude much?

She took a small sip of the drink and cringed at the taste. Now she remembered why she didn’t like it. It burned down as it went down her throat and sent a wave of warmth to her stomach. It made her feel sick but she took another gulp anyway. She was here with one goal in her mind and that was to erase Patrick from it. She lifted the cup, downing the rest in one gulp. This one’s for you Patrick, and so’s the next.

She waved the cup in the air to get the waitresses attention and smiled sweetly as the girl came back to her. “I’ll have another one of these…better yet, could you better make it three? My friends will be back soon.”

The girl jotted down the order and returned with this drinks just as Cali came back with Travie closely behind. Very closely. “Sweet, you got us drinks!”

They both took their shots and downed them instantly as they took their seats to the left of Troian.

“Loosen up, babe.” Cali eyed her friend and it was evident that Troian was still slightly wound up from earlier and the fact that she wasn’t good in social situations didn’t help either. “Get another drink,” she ordered. “You’ll never get him off your mind in this state.”

Before long, Cali was ordering drinks, Travie was piping up with his own order and Troian was just letting them. The fuck if she knew anything about what they were ordering, she was just going to drink it. “Here,” Cali handed her a drink. “Drink up, my pretty.”

Troian raised an eyebrow. “Dude, you know I hate when you do that….”

“Just drink it! It will obliterate Patrick Stump from your mind.”

“Ooh, give that to me!” Troian took the drink and downed the apple martini Cali had ordered. That shit right there fucks you up good.

“Dance, why don’t you!”

“Oh yes,” Troian muttered. “Because you know how I love dancing. Especially alone.”

Four drinks later, Troian was all smiles and had taken to just waving her hand when she wanted another drink. She was all up on the dance floor with Cali and Travie and they were just as shit faced as she was.

Right now, Cali was dancing with Travie. He kept trying to pull her closer but she was sober enough to know where the limit was. This made him pout and every so often he would try and snake his hands around her waist and ease her closer but he so far he had gotten nowhere.

Troian seemed to have completely lost all of her shyness with those drinks. It was if every she chugged down a bit of her nervousness slipped away and she became more of someone else. The girl grinding up on the guy covered in tattoos right now was the girl she had been a few hours ago. Somewhere on the inside a girl was freaking out, wondering how many drinks she had had and who the stranger was that was all up on her, but whatever cries she had had then, it didn’t matter because the loud music drowned them out. And that was just the way Troian liked it. Loud. So loud her conscience couldn’t get a word in. Loud enough that her process no longer worked and the only thing she could focus on for more than half a minute was alcohol and they way the room kept spinning. This was nice for a change. For once she wasn’t really worried about looks or who she was talking to, or anything else. She was just content that her martinis kept coming along.

“Yo, Cali-love!”

“Yes, Troian-love!” Calista called back over the music.

“This stuff is this shit, I want some more!”

“I’m sayin!”

“I’ll be back,” Troian silkily told the guy she was dancing with. She left him in the middle of the dance floor and soon met up with Cali and Travie.

“Maaaaan, did I ever you two ladies that you are both just FINE!” Travie grinned from his spot on the couch and both Cali and Troian laughed. “We’re not making out for your pleasure, Travis.”

“Damn.” He pouted. “A man can dream.”

“Dream on, buddy.” Troian picked up the nearest shot glass of alcohol and turned it upside down in her mouth. She was way past her limit now and that was just fine because she didn’t give a fuck.

“Ey,Cali-love,” Troian sat up then, like she had the most brilliant Idea ever.

“Yeah?” Cali sat up too.

“I think I hate Patrick. I should call him and tell him, and be all, “Yo, Patrick, I hate you, you asshole.”

“Ooh, do it!”

“I so am!” Troian dug in her pocket and fumbled for her phone for a second. She called the all too familiar number she ad memorized for such a long time and waited until a familiar voice picked up. By the Patrick had rolled over in his sleep and answered, she had forgotten why she called him.


"Paaaatriiiiiick! What are you doin?" she called happily. She hadn’t felt this good in ages. The moment he answered her anger faded away; it was hard to stay mad when you were this drunk and he was that adorable.

Patrick head shot up to look at the phone. "Troian?"

"Naw, yo. I'm the easter bunny. What's up?"

Patrick squinted in the darkness and felt around for his glasses then he squinted at the clock on the bedside table. "Why are you calling me this late? And why are you slurring?

"Psssh. Its not late, it's only 1:22. Hahahahaha." For some reason, Troian found this funny and she laughed into the phone for a good ten seconds before straightening up.

"Are you DRUNK? Troian where are you?" He couldn’t quite tell but that’s what it sounded like over the phone. He had never seen Troian drunk but it didn’t sound too good. The thought made him want to stop and double take. That just wasn’t her. The Troian he knew didn’t go out, party, and get drunk, she stayed home and blasted music and read books.

"OW, you are LOUD. Nooo. Of course I'm not DRUNK." Her words came out thick and slurred and it put Patrick on edge. "I dunno, I'm with Travie and Calista and we're having a damn good time, you should come up here, Tricky." She giggled at the nickname like it was the funniest thing in the world.

"Travis is there? Put him on the phone."

She sighed loudly “HOLD ON.” and suddenly Travis’s voice replaced Troian. "Yo, Lunchy!"

"YOU GOT HER DRUNK? THAT'S NOT WHAT I SENT YOU TO DO THERE, WHAT THE FUCK!" The fury blasted through the speaker making Travie cringe. He rarely saw or heard Patrick this angry. He could almost imagine the short red head on the other side; face red, fuming, fist clenched anger.

The image was funny. Travie snorted. "DUDE. The FUCK, man? We're just havin’ a good time."

Patrick did his best to stay calm and took a long breath."Where are you?"

"At the most quaint little place over by the loft on division and Clark. You know, that one little club, 'Astros?' Travie laughed at something making it evident that his mind was elsewhere and not where Patrick wanted it. “Travis?”

Patrick took another breath and closed his eyes for a second. “Travis? TRAVIS!”


“Stay right there. Don't fucking move and don't let her out of your sight. Travis, I swear to God…” Patrick was shoveling clothes on now, throwing on his jeans and a polo that was slung across the chair in the corner and then the first hat he could reach, which wasn’t hard.

Travie nodded, forgetting that Patrick couldn’t see him. “Yeah,” He said, his voice dripping in sarcasm which agitated Patrick to no end. "I'll go tie her down now. Damn, Patrick. Calm the fuck down, will you?" He really wasn’t in the mood to hear Patrick bitch. He was on Troian’s side on this; Patrick had fucked himself into this hole. Plus, he was definitely not going to get close to Calista siding with Patrick…

"Just watch her! Make sure she doesn't do anything stupid, although going on a drinking binge wasn't all that smar--" Sis rambling voice was cut off when hung up on Travie in a rush to find his keys. He started shoving the covers aside in his bed frantically and cursing. There was really no rush, he just had the feeling that should get down there fast and stop whatever was going on soon.

On the other line, Travie shrugged it off and tossed Troian her phone. He was more interested in getting back to whatever conversation he and Calista had been in. "I think Stump is joining our lil par-tay.” He told them.

Calista rolled her eyes,"yea maybe we can get him drunk enough to bring some Joe into his life. What says you, Troian?"

Troian laughed, "I say bring the Trohman on. I'll bet he's more of a man than Pattycakes!"

"Jews know how to party!" Both girls laughed loudly and Troian gasped.

"Thats whats up! Call the JEW! Call him!" As both of them fell into another fit of giggle, Travie just raised an eyebrow before shrugging and taking another shot. They were weird, but oh well, so was Wentz even when he was sober.

Fifteen minutes later Patrick stormed into the Club furious. Or he tried to anyway. It took him a good ten minutes to convince the bouncer at the front that he really was Patrick Stump and that he was only coming to pick someone up and even then the guy wouldn’t let him in until finally Patrick called showed him some ID and showed him his cell phone pictures with Pete. When the man finally let Patrick into the club, he was steaming and it was not pretty. He stormed up the stairs so hard; it was surprising that the building didn’t shake. The entire time he was going back and forth between the fact that he cared and he didn’t. His hands kept pulling at his hair and balling into fists. He was already slightly red from anger and once he spotted Travie on the couch; face close to Cali and that wasted smile they shared, his fury kicked up a notch.

“THE FUCK!” He hissed, making them both jump in their skins. “I ask you to pick up a few things and you bring her to a fucking club?! And you let her drink! Where is she?”

Travie shrugged, it seemed to be his new gesture, and grinned at Patrick in a dazed manner. "Fuck if I know. Somewhere on the dancefloor. He looked around Patrick and pointed to where Troian was dancing with a stranger, teetering on the edge of fun to sexual. It didn’t look very innocent to Patrick the way she was all up on the guy and the way his hands were on her hips made him want to go up there and knock this stranger the fuck out. Travie smirked at the scene. * Yo, homegirl can get down, man. She has fine ass legs--"

Patrick shot him the evil glare that made him shut up. "One, stop looking at her like that and two, didn’t I tell you not to let her out you sight?"

Travie put his hands up in defense and took a small step back. The look on Patrick’s face was more than enough to not go any further on that subject. "Okay, damn.” He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm...You might have mentioned that...not much I can do for you. He asked her to dance, she said yes. Have a beer." He picked up a bottle and stuck in Patrick’s face.

Patrick scoffed defensively. "I did talk to her. I just didn’t exactly stick to what I said I’d tell her." It was Travie’s turn to get pissed now and he glared at Patrick over the rim of his shot glass.

"And why the fuck not? Ay, I side with Homegirl on this one. That shit’s fucked up."

Patrick snapped. "I don’t want to hear this, Travis, I did it for her own good, alright? Lay off."

"Fuck it, I don't care. She doesn't seem to either." Travie turned back to Cali, "Excuse me, Miss, I couldn't help but to notice how alone you are."

She caught on immediately, “I dig the attitude and how you’re acting like you own the bar.” A flirtatious smile played over lips, “Did I get it right?" She looked at Travie for his approval and he nodded in admiration. "Aw, yeah, ma's got skills!"

She bowed in a fit off giggled that died off when she spotted Patrick "Who the hell invited you?"

"Open invitation." He shot back with a sarcastic smile. "Gee, and I was hoping you would be here.”

She held the most evil of glares now. If Patrick got to be childish so did she, and there was no way she was going to let him win. Not after the shit he pulled. She didn’t really know him but she definitely disliked him. A lot. "Now see here you, if you ruin her good time I will castrate you myself... with that said.... Newbie must take a shot!" She handed Patrick a shot of Patron then he failed to protest fast enough and suddenly Travie was chanting "Drink, drink, drink!"

He was unsure, but he took the shot anyways and gave Cali a look crossed between kill and curiosity before he threw his head back and downed the liquor. This wasn’t why he had came here and somehow he ended up doing so anyway.

"Fuck yes! Now we're talkin!" Travis clapped Patrick on the back so hard that the boy almost choked out his liquor. By the time he could go to glare at his friend, Travie had already moved on. "You wanna dance, Cali?"

"what about your buddy here?"

"He's a big boy, he can take care of himself....I think. Travie shrugged. "I dunno, I didn't bring him.”

Patrick got to glare at Travie this time before he pulled Cali away who was actually giving him a sympathetic look. He was really tired and more than pissed off. He was supposed to be sleeping right now, not chasing girls around the city. Not that he cared. He looked around uneasily, he felt so left out. All he could really do was take a seat hope something came to him. As soon as he spotted Troian, he leaned back in his seat. She was close enough now to keep and eye on her so he tried to relax and took another drink. She was dancing with some guy that Patrick knew if were to meet him, he wouldn’t like him. Well, actually, she was more like grinding on him and she seemed to enjoy it. Just seeing him there, his hands on Troian’s hips—the same hips, he had touched and kissed made his anger flare. It made him want to throw something and push the guy away from her. That guy didn’t know her, he didn’t deserve her. He didn’t want him putting his hands on his girl. One, two, three, four, five…they’re just dancing…six, seven—
His hands gripped the edge of the table and his eyes went wide in fury as he watched this guy lean in and kissed her on neck, his lips lingering on her skin in a way that Patrick could hardly take it. “That’s it,” He stood up from his table and stormed up to her.

Troian was way too into this to even notice Patrick thundering over to her. She giggled loudly as the guy kissed her neck and it wasn’t until Patrick was literally in her face that she jumped in her skin. Both hate and joy crossed her face and she was much to drunk to choose an emotion at that moment.

Patrick glared at the dude still holding onto Troian’s waist. He kept his voice straight and calm but his cold eyes dared the guy to defy him. “Hey, man, you need to go.”

The guy glared back. "Uh, how about...NO.” He shook his head as if Patrick was asking him to do something stupid and pulled Troian closer. He chose to ignore the redhead and keep dancing, his hands resting way to close to Troian’s ass for Patrick. Troian didn’t protest to the guy’s desire to draw her closer but the alcohol in her system was enough to make her giddy for the moment. "PATRICK!"

Patrick didn’t give her a chance to do much. His hand wrapped around her waist and he grabbed her away from the guy, pulling her close to giggle at the small space between them. “Hey, baby, what do you say we go over there?”

The stranger dude was obviously pissed because he started to step toward them. “What the hell, man?” Troian gladly followed Patrick as he lead her away and in a matter of seconds a group of people separated them from him and it was evident who she was choosing. "Patrick! Dude! Homie!” She threw up the duce. “Hahahaha. What are you doing here?"

Patrick looked at Troian. “Uh, you invited me.”

She frowned, her eyebrows pulling together, he lips making an almost pout. "I did? Oh. I must have forgotten....You know, I was really pissed off at you earlier...You broke my heart or something."
She smiled blissfully and shrugged her shoulder happily. Patrick was starting to like the fact that she couldn’t remember. He took a seat at an empty table. “At least I think you did—“

Patrick’s lips collided with hers making her shut up and she didn’t protest as his hands roughly pulled her to sit on his lap. Instead she leaned in, her eyes drifted shut lazily. When he pulled away from her, she sat there, dazed by the sudden intimacy and smiled. “Wow, you’re good.”

She giggled like a school girl and played with his collar as his hands locked around her. “I missed you, Tricky. Where did you go earlier?”

The question made him uneasy, whether she was sober or not and he shifted, uncomfortable. “I went to Travie’s..." He left it at that and messed with the napkin in front of him, hoping that if he stayed quiet long enough she would forget. He was trying to loosen up but without thinking he looked up at her and blurted, “Is that guy better than me?"

She gave him a dismissive shrug and continued to play with his collar. "I dunno; he's cute. And he told me I'm pretty." At this pointed her gears started to churn and slowly but surely she was getting flashes of why she had been so angry. "And he's sweet, too. You went to Travie's?" She glared, the full scenario coming back to her. "At least Travie knows how to not be asshole,” she muttered.

Patrick bowed his head. "Troian don’t be mad."

"Don't be mad?" Her anger boiled. "You had sex with me Patrick," She glowered at the boy, pissed that he would actually ask her not to be mad. "You were my FIRST, then you decided it didn’t mean anything and you broke my heart and ran away to Travie's and you don't want me to be mad?" Tears brimmed in her eyes. She started to stand up and Patrick pulled her back down.

"Troi... please"

"Please, what?" She grinded out, pushing herself off of him. She was angry now and there was no hope of trying to get her to calm down. Patrick didn’t’ seem to understand that even though she was shooting him the death glare. "I remember why I came here now!"

Patrick took another shot and stood up too, "for what?

"So I wouldn't have to see you, but once again you've managed to fuck that up too." She turned to walk away. She had had enough of roller coaster emotions for one day. He however, wasn’t having that, though. He reached out before she storm away and pulled her back into him, his lips crashing onto hers.

His lips were like velvet on hers and it took her a second to remember that she was pissed. Troian pushed him away, her face twisting into anger. "Stop. Let me go, Patrick. I don't even wanna look at you right now."

Patrick ran a hand through his hair and replaced his hate back on his head, thinking at least she wasn’t leaving now. He sat back down in relief and took another shot. She could be as pissed as she liked as long as she didn’t leave.

It was ironic how he though that all he had to do was kiss her and she would swoon and just fall in love with him. He actually smiled as she picked up the shot glass and it wasn’t until he registered her livid look and the shot glass turning upside down that he knew he was wrong. The cold liquor made him gasp as she threw it in his face and slammed the glass back down.

“Goodnight,” She growled before storming off through the crowd of people right past Cali and Travie. She didn’t stop until she was outside in the parking lot, out of breath and steaming.

He sat there in shock, repeatedly blinking his eyes and rubbing the liquor away. “The FUCK,” He roared, pushing himself up and running past everyone on Troian’s trail. She was half through the parking lot when he caught her by the arm and jerked her back. “Where do you think your going?"

*Home." She snapped, wrenching out of his grasp and striding away. She had only taken a few steps when she realized she had no keys and no car but she kept walking anyway, pretending she knew exactly where she was going.

"You do realize home is this way?" Patrick called after her. He pointed behind him with his thumb as she spun around to glare at him because he was probably right.

Troian narrowed her eyes. "Whatever. Thanks. Now go the fuck away." She stalked off in the opposite direction. She had only stumbled once when Patrick caught her and held her in that spot. "I’m not letting you walk alone, Troian" She tried to pull away, raising her eyebrows. "You don't have a choice,” she told him in her best authoritative voice. “And yes, I am walking home alone, goodbye."

He held her close and she knew she wasn’t going anywhere because he was already hailing a cab and his grip was like iron around her.”You are coming with me."

"I don't want to!" She fought against him weakly. "Ugh, let me go."

"Nope." He opened the cab door and pushed her before she could run away and suddenly to her objection she was in the backseat of a cab with Patrick.

She groaned and crossed her arms, annoyed that he somehow always won. "I should sue you for harassment. She sat up in her seat to talk to the driver "You hear me? I should sue his ass for harassment and heartbreak and assholishness and everything else I can't remember--"

Patrick shot the driver an apologetic look and pulled Troian close so that he was in her ear. “Can you wait till we get home to yell, please?"

"No, I won't. I feel like yelling now and since I don't want to go with you, I'm going to yell even louder until you LET ME OUT OF THIS GODDAMNED CAB!"

Up front, the driver shook his head and kept driving like this happened all the time. He nodded at the direction Patrick gave him over her screams. “Troian, calm down, you’re drunk."

"The fuck I am! I don't care, let me out!" Troian tugged at the door handle and literally started crying when she realized she was locked in.

Patrick almost laughed at the sight but something made him hold her close to his chest in an attempt to comfort her. She actually let him for a second and at that moment it was pure bliss until her senses shot through her and she pushed him away. "Ugh, don't touch me, Patrick. I think I hate you."

His mouthed parted for a second and he looked at her, hurt. “Really? Hate?"

"Yes. HATE....Jerk." She leaned against door and glared at the back of the seat, wanting to kick it like a little girl.

"I don’t believe you."

"Well believe it. I do. I don’t think you realize how much. Fucking ass.”

"No I don’t. I’ll believe you when I can touch you and you don’t get Goosebumps"

"Ugh, SHUT UP." She instantly tried to scoot away farther from him because she knew that like the immature brat he was, he was going to touch her. But alas, there was no more space. "Just don't touch me and we won't have to worry about that." She spat.

Patrick smiled an evil smile and touched her; all the shots now taking effect on him. “Then that would be no fun." He ran his finger down her jaw and to her neck, knowing it would get to her and as planned, it did. “I like having fun."

Troian gulped and bit her lips because his touch was doing just what he had intended. “Don't do that." Her voice came out in a whisper as he touched her.

"What, this?" He ran a finger down the same path again this time ending just above her collar.

Her breathing went shallow and she licked her lips, trying to stay mad. The goal was proving to be harder than she expected.

Patrick leaned in close now, his lips brushing her cheek until he kissed her neck and jaw line. It was hard for Troian to literally breathe then and he wasn’t making it easy.

So she just tried to stay very still and closed eyes. "Fuck..." she whispered.

Patrick pulled away only when the cab driver announced they were there, and even that was hard for him. He threw the money to the front seat, making sure to throw in ten extra bucks and called back a quick ‘thank you’ to the driver. Once they were on the sidewalk, Patrick didn’t hesitate to let his lips crash on hers before he took her hand and pulled her up the metal stairs to Travie’s place. He grabbed the spare key from under the tiny cactus plant that really didn’t belong at Travie’s scene and fumbled with the lock for a second before throwing open the door and leading, who was back to protesting, inside.

“Shh!” He shushed her, even though the apartment next to theirs was vacant so it didn’t really matter.

“Don’t shush me! Take me home!”


“Yes! Seriously! I want to go home!”

“Sure.” He snatched away her cellphone she’s been holding on to and chuckled when she fought to keep herself from screaming. It didn’t work.

“UGH! Gimme back my phone!” She tried to take it from him and despite how short he was, he was stronger. He turned to face the wall and she groaned and punched at his back and half a minute later he turned around and handed her her phone. “What did you do to my phone?” she demanded and he shrugged. He’d been smart enough to erase the message he had sent to Calista saying that they were fine and she would see here tomorrow. Then he told her to not reply.

Troian glowered at the boy before her and finally stormed past him and went to slump on the couch. She reached for the remote and Patrick was already behind her, snatching it up before she could try and grab it away.

“What are you gonna watch?”

“Golf,” She lied, knowing he wasn’t really into golf. Not that that would actually deter him from her and make him go away.

"Troian, baby, you hate sports."

"Hate is a strong word."

"Yeah, okay. Whatever. Liar.”

“Shut up.”


"ARGH! SHUT UP. GO THE FUCK AWAY, Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you did to me!" Patrick finally turned and looked at her.

"Oh, what I did to YOU? Don’t put this all on me, we’ve been over this. You could have said no.”

"Oh yes. It all makes sense. You’re the victim." Troian replied sitting up and brushing her hands off on her jeans.

"Would you shut up?"

"NO, Take me home or I’m walking—” Troian was interrupted by Patrick's lips colliding with hers. Pressing Troian into the couch Patrick wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him as their mouths fought for dominance. Troian’s to get away and his to keep her there. Troian's arms came up around Patrick's shoulders and tangled into his messy red hair. She couldn’t help it, he got to her. One of Patrick's free hands came down and grazed the inside of her thigh causing Troian to gasp and lose the fight that had been raging between them as Patrick's tongue slipped into her open mouth.

Dear, God. Troian thought, as his flaming lips kissed hers roughly then began its way down her throat. She had known he was good, she had already been with him once, but somehow it had slipped her mind just how good he was. Fuck, he’s good.

They were kissing each other like they were the only one’s who could give them the oxygen they truly needed. Patrick's hand slid up her leg and Troian gasped again because Damnit, his fingers just felt so good when they touched her. A jumbled of emotions and feelings careened in Troian’s head as Patrick pulled her shirt off and then her bra. She knew this was bad but it felt so good.

Patrick sucked on her breast and held her down with one hand, knowing she wasn’t going anywhere. She was still protesting but bit by bit her words were falling weaker and soon she was moaning in between trying to push him away. “PATR—” His mouth attacked hers and drowned out her words. His hands were like snakes, slipping down her unbuttoned jeans and past her underwear. “Take it off,” he ordered her and she hesitated. He let out a growl at this and waited no more before he pulled her jeans and panties off himself and flung them away.

This burst of dominance from Patrick was turning her on and there was nothing she could do it about it. Patrick’s fingers danced around her skin and teased the spot between her legs and by then she couldn’t take it anymore and she was lifting her hips off the couch to meet his hands. He kissed her deeply as his fingers sunk into the folds of her flesh. She sucked in a breath at his touch and threw her head back. A moan escaped her lips and he smiled wickedly then kissed her stomach, trailing wet kisses from her belly button to the spot right above her crotch. “Jesusfuck,” She moaned out, “You’re killing me.”

His kissed her softly where his fingers had just been, sending a million sensations through her. THAT WAS NEW. A shiver ran up her spine as his tongue darted out and licked down her folds. ‘OHFUCKPATRICK,” Her breaths came in hot gasps of air and the sound tightened the need in Patrick’s chest and he moaned back in reply as he licked her softly. This time he was gentle and deliberate with her. His fingers worked almost lovingly inside her and he placed wet kisses on her, lapping up the juices. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she repeated the words like a chant and he took this as a good sign and sped everything up; His fingers, his touch, his kiss. She was in a state of weakness now, right where he wanted her. She was whimpering in need. Everywhere his mouth touched her skinned burned hot.

“Like that, baby?” He already knew the answer to the question, it was written all of her face. The depths of her eyes screamed lust and desire.

“God, yes. Please don’t stop,” She gasped.

His movements slowed at the response and she whimpered again as he toyed with her. “Paaaatrick.”

”Tell me what you want,” He taunted her.

“I want you.”

“Tell me what you want,” he repeated more forcefully and she closed her eyes. “I want you to touch me. Please Patrick.”

“Do you want me to eat you?”

She bit her lip and nodded, “Yes. I need you, eat me! Please eat me.”

He smiled at the sound of her voice, the level of hunger for his touch evident. He lowered his mouth back to her pussy and ran his tongue from the bottom of it to the top and back to her clit where she half moaned half screamed in pleasure. He didn’t need to do anything else, he just kept his mouth on her one spot and sucked and in a matter of seconds a wave or orgasm crashed through her body. She screamed his name in ecstasy and when it was over she was left panting for air, her body shaking.

He looked so incredible hovering over her like that, the dim light of the moon outside barely lit his face but it was enough to see the pleased smirk across his lips. She reached up, her fingers barely wisping over his cheek. She gazed up at him and smiled an innocent smile before reaching out and slapping him as hard as she possibly could at such a close proximity. The loud smack of skin again skin seemed to be magnified at that precise moment. She half expected him to get up and yell at her but to her surprise he lunged at her. His blazing eyes caught hold of hers and with his hand he squeezed her jaw so tight she sucked in a breath out of fear. He was so pissed and she knew it. That was twice in one day that she had slapped him and frankly he felt it was getting old. She couldn’t have moved even if she had wanted to. The grip he had on her jaw made it ache and with his other hand he had her wrist so tightly she knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Try that again and I’ll make you wish you hadn’t met me.” The threat itself was passable but it was his low, menacing tone that made her skin prickle. His eyes met hers and her fear was obvious but she wasn’t going to just sit back take this.

Troian pushed roughly against his body with her one free hand and glared at him. “Get the fuck off me.”

“Feeling confident?” he sneered. “Think that all of a sudden you want to take me on because your angry that you let yourself act like a whore?” She felt her temper rise at his deviant tone.

“Yeah, you know would all about whores, wouldn’t you, Patrick? Fucked Cindee lately?”

“Fucked my cousin?” He shot back.

“He would have been better.”

Patrick’s eyed widened and he tightened his loose grip on her, pushing her down hard. “But you would have still been the same.”

“Fuck you,” She spat angrily. She wanted nothing more than to punch him over and over again.

“Anytime.” He smiled. He knew it got to her, this façade of indifference towards her.

“I fucking hate you,” she said. She wanted him to hear it in her voice and realize that she did mean it.

“I’m sure. Call me tomorrow if you want another fuck.”

“UGH!” She pushed him back as hard as she could. She took him by surprise at that moment and he fell back, landing on the ground. This was her opportunity to leave and she rolled off the couch and took off towards the bedrooms.

He was at her heels before she could make it and he jerked her back; they’re faces were centimeters apart.

“I wasn’t finished.” He felt himself smile. She was cute when she was angry.

“Well I was!” All of this quick movement was making her head spin. The alcohol was taking another round on her and in addition to her drunken state, the room was moving in flashes.

“Fuck,” She muttered, trying to get around him. She was no longer in the mood to be around him, she just wanted to go home. “Get the fuck outta my way, Stump. Move.” She pushed him away and he smiled a drunken smile.

“God,” He pissed her off so much. “You’re so fucking immature. No wonder Cindee cheats on your ass. I would hate to have to be around you 24/7, too!”

Patrick let his fury run wild and grabbed Troian by the arms, slamming her up against the wall roughly. Her bad hit it with a hard thud. Troian wanted to hit him back. She wanted to him to hurt so much…so she kissed him.

Oh yes, She kissed him hard but he didn't let this motion shock him in the smallest amount, and if it did, well he didn’t show it. Instead he instead responded to her vehemence with a violent kiss. Patrick let go of her arms, grabbed her hands in his, and pulled them up over her head, slamming them back down onto the wall. He stepped very closely to her. Troian moaned loudly at the feeling of Patrick being so rough with her again. She didn’t know why, but it turned her on so much. Patrick moved his kiss from her lips, down to her neck, where he left teeth marks on her tan skin. The feeling made her gasped for air. She wrenched her hands from his grasps but she only half tried to push him away now.

In fact, she didn’t even protest when he took her by the hand and pulled her into his room. Once they got the door shut, Patrick slammed her body up against the door. His hands squeezed her sides and his lips parted hers, his tongue licking her lips before kissing her. The kiss left her in a daze and she stood there, dumbfounded as he left her to rummage in a drawer she assumed belong to Travie. Finally after a minute of cursing aloud and shoving things aside, Patrick returned, a condom in one hand. He ripped the packet apart with his teeth and rolled it on as quickly as possible then kissed her; his lips traveling from hers to her neck.

She hung her hands around his neck and pulled him closer and he ran his hands down her thighs and around her ass and lifted her legs off the carpet. He slid himself inside of her hard, causing Troian to yell out in a mixture pleasure and plain. It wasn't as bad, but it was painful all the same and this time she didn’t care. She gripped him tighter around his neck, hearing him grunt into her shoulder. He kissed her roughly as he slammed himself up inside her and her hands fell to his back when she dug her nails into his skin. He moaned at her violent response and slammed into her again, his teeth on her shoulder. The sensation of him actually biting her made her cry out. With every thrust into her, she groaned in elation and soon her hands were in his hair; pulling at it. His grunts were filled with guttural sounds of pleasure as she scratched at him and bit his lips. “Fuckinghelldon’tstop,” he choked out as her fingers tangled back up his hair and jerked viciously. He moaned into her mouth and thrust harder. “Patrick,” She cried out, between breaths. “FUCKPatrickpatrickpatrick!”

The sound of her calling out his name did things to him.

“Harder,” she growled, holding him close. One of his hands came down to clutch her ass and the other one pressed her against him as he plunged up into her a few more times before letting his orgasm take over. Even then though, he didn’t stop pushing into her until moments later she let out a cry too, another orgasm ripping through her; her hands still entangled in his red hair. He pressed his lips to hers, kissing her, only this time he kissed her softly. It was an abrupt change, but nevertheless, it was good. His lips were suddenly soft and it was like she couldn’t get enough of him. When they finally broke apart they were both gasping for air and she leaned back against the wall, her eyes drifting closed. She was drained from the mix of yelling, crying, fighting, fucking, and loving. “Sleep with me baby,” His words were soft and melodious.

She nodded dreamily already wanting to drift into sleep and all of a sudden the ground was no longer under her. She squealed in surprise and threw her arms around Patrick’s neck for fear of falling. He laughed at this and carried her over to the bed where she slid out of his hold and rolled onto the bed. “I’ll be back,” he whispered and her eyes went wide in panic. He got her expression and shook his head, placing a kiss on her cheek. “No, no, no, I promise I’ll be back. I’m just getting our clothes, I swear.” She didn’t say a word but her eyes betrayed her fear of being left once again and he kissed her quickly on the lips before leaving the room. He must have ran, because only a minute and a half later he was back and he was dropping the same clothes he had just picked up onto the floor and sliding under the covers with her. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her close and the memory was so familiar to Troian that it made it hard for her to want to sleep. Her eyes kept drifting shut but every time they did she kept picture herself waking up alone.

As if he had read her thoughts, he squeezed her and said, “Go to sleep, baby. I’ll still be here when the morning comes.”

She didn’t want to trust him but it was hard to not trust that voice. Please let him be here tomorrow, please let him be here tomm…she drifted off, the chant rotating in her head and his lips on cheek.

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