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Poor, Innocent, Pedestrians.

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One-shot. .:Implied Frerard:. Actually quite funny. Rated for language and.. Well.. just read it :D

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Mikey's POV

Oh God. They're doing it again. Why? Why now?! Mikey shivered as he heard an all too familiar groan coming from Gerard's bunk.

"UUHH! Oh Yes! Frankie! Take it! Take that shit!" Gerard screamed.
"I got that!! Uhhh!! Give it to me! Give it to me like a bitch!"

"Hey, Mikey? Are they doing it again?" Bob asked.
"Ugh, yeah. It's so disturbing. He's my fucking brother." I replied as I tried to drown out the repetitive moaning coming from the bunk.

"Oh! Fuck! Fuck yes! Do it! Do it now!" We heard Frank yell.
"I'm doing it. Ugh fuck yes! Oh Frankie!"

"Bob? Mikey? Do you hear that?!" Ray asked.
"Fucking China could hear that!" Bob replied.
"Tell me about it. I'm getting fucking sick of this. They never used to do it when we were here! I wanna fucking puke." I said, even more disgusted now.

"Oh Gerard! Yes! YES! YES!!!!!"
"Agghh! Frank! Oh! Oh my God! Ohhh!"

"Oh my fucking God! They had better shut the fuck up." Bob said quit firmly.
"Yeah, but they won't. This'll go on for another hour." I pouted.
"Let's go listen by the curtain!" Ray said, rather too excitedly.
"Dude.. Are you gonna like get off on the sounds or something?" Bob asked.
"Ew! What the fuck! No!"
"Then why the HELL would you want to hear even more!?" I asked, even though I didn't really want to know Ray's reasoning.
"I dunno. Cause it would be funny." Ray giggled.
I sighed.
"Okay, c'mon. Let's make the most of it."

We all walked over to the bunk, extremely quiet. That's when we heard more loud pants.

"Oh! Yes Frankie! Yes, yes YES!!!!" Gerard was screaming so loud, I was sure that innocent pedestrians walking around the bus would hear. Poor things. Having to endure this, just like us.

"Oh God Gerard! Your so good! How many times have you done this!?!" Frank asked, sounding like he was losing all control.

"Oh! Several times my Frankie! Ugh! YES! Right there!" Gerard replied.

His answer made me shudder. That was fucking disgusting! My brother, my older fucking brother, had fucked with several guys, several times. That made me want to fucking pass out. I couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm opening that fucking curtain! I can't stand this! It HAS to stop! RIGHT THIS FUCKING SECOND!
"No! You'll be scarred for life!" Bob said, scared for me.
"I don't care! I can't stand this! It's disgusting! I mean, I knew that Frank and Gerard were 'together' but seriously! This is where I draw the fucking line!"
"Go right ahead, if you wanna see your brother fucking your friend, be my guest." Ray replied.

Another round of obnoxious groans and moans came from the bunk.

"Damn, Gerard! This is the best I've ever done! Oh God! Oh GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! YES! GERARD! YES!!!!!!!!!!!" Frank screamed.
"I know! Me too! Your the best fucking player ever, Frankie! Fucking hell! Oh God! Faster!" Gerard was now screaming like he was being brutally murdered.

Since when did Frank become a player?! What the fuck!?

"Fuck that! I'm opening that fucking curtain. In 3.. 2.. 1!" And with that I opened it.

"Ahhh!!!!" Frank Yelled, sweating profusely.
"What the fuck, Mikey!? Have you NOT heard of privacy!?" Gerard screamed at me.

I couldn't respond. I was stunned.

They were playing fucking video games!

God, I'm one sick fuck.

I began laughing hysterically, with no intention of ever stopping.

"......Mikey? Are you okay? Are you now scarred for life, like I said?" Bob asked, slightly afraid of what my answer would be.

"Oh.. My.. God!!!" I laughed. "They.. Were.. Playing.. Fucking video games!"
"Oh my God! How the hell could you two make video games sound so much like SEX?!?" Ray asked, beginning to laugh with me.
"We didn't think it sounded like that. When we do that it sounds more like-" Frank was cut off before he had the chance to start making grunting noises and moans.
"I really don't wanna know what that sounds like. Seriously." Bob started laughing too.
"Um okay. It's pretty hot though." Gerard said, now giggling.
"PLEASE! STOP!!!! STOP NOW! I DON'T WANNA HEAR THAT!" I yelled still laughing.
"Okay," Frank laughed. "You guys wanna play with us, then?"
"Sure." we all replied.
And we all began playing Halo, laughing the whole time, and what I realized was that when we were playing, we all sounded exactly like Frank and Gerard had when it was just them.

Those poor, innocent pedestrians.
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