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My Little Sex Pixie.

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Frerard one-shot. WARNING: Oral sex! If this bothers you, don't read this. Not sure if this should be rated R or NC-17.

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Frank's POV

I was sitting right next to him. I was staring at him out of the corner of my eyes. I couldn't do anything but stare. I stared until my eyes felt like they were going to dry up and fall out of my skull. He was the picture of perfection. Bold green eyes, ebony hair sweeping across his milky-white face. His smile, toothy and just plain gorgeous. I caught him look at me and immediately looked away. I felt a warm hand grasp mine and I looked over to see that it was, in fact, Gerard.

"Um.. What are you doing, Gerard?"
"What you want me to."

He pulled me up off the chair and into his bunk. He pushed me into the small space and got on all fours, hovering over me. I felt his cool lips crash into mine. His tongue licking my bottom lip for entrance. Of course I opened my mouth, who wouldn't? His tongue searched every crevice. I shoved my tongue inside his parted lips and mimicked his movements. We fought for domination, but he ended up winning, of course. He grabbed the back of my head and deepened the kiss. His free hand under my shirt, running his fingers across my torso. Every place he would touch left a trail of tingles across my clammy skin. I grabbed him by his waist and pulled him so he was on top of me. I could feel the prominent rise in his tight, black jeans. That made me smile. I had had these feelings for him, and now, I guessed, Gerard had those same ones for me. He pulled out of the kiss, gasping for air. I shoved my hands under his shirt and easily slid it off. He did the same for me. He placed small, gentle pecks from my jaw-line, to my neck, to my chest, and to my abdomen. Stopping once he reached the top of my jeans, that were even tighter now because of my arousal. He looked up at me, as if to ask permission, and I nodded. Even though I was a little nervous. He slid off my pants and began rubbing me through my boxers.

"Oh Gerard.."
When he stopped I was a little disappointed, until he pulled down my boxers and began swirling his tongue around me. Taking me in, all the way. I could feel me touch the back of his throat. I was at my peak.

"Gerard.. I'm.. Gonna... Uhhhh" And I came hard into his mouth. He swallowed and let some dribble from the corner of his mouth, before he licked it away.
"Your turn." I gave him the sexiest look I could make at that point and flipped him over, so he was now under me. I had never done anything like this before, but I felt very comfortable with him. I pulled off his jeans and boxers and began stroking him. He moaned from deep in his throat. I slowed my pace. He groaned in frustration, but I kept it painstakingly slow.
"Frankie.. Please." Gerard panted.
I started up again, increasing my pace. I could feel him tightening and knew what was going to happen. I stopped stroking him and placed a kiss on his lips and working my way down to his length. I kissed from the shaft to the tip and swirled my tongue over him. I licked down then up, and took him in as slow as possible, trying to drag out his orgasm. Within minutes, he came just as hard as I had.

We both rolled over. His glistening chest inches from mine. I kissed him once more before I woke up, with my boxers filled with a sticky fluid.

Not again. Why does this always happen?!

I got up and out of my bunk and trailed over towards the bathroom. The door was locked.

Shit! I can't let any of the guys see me! My boxers are soaking. I-

I couldn't even finish my thought. Gerard, the main reason for my boxers looking the way the did, walked out of the bathroom. His cheeks flushed.

"Uh.. Hey F-Frankie." He stammered.
"H-hey Gerard." I wasn't looking at his face. I was looking at the wet spot in his boxers. I couldn't help myself, I laughed.

"You too?" He asked me.
"Yeah." I was sort of embarrassed, but then he asked, "What was yours about?"
"No, you tell me first."
He sighed, "You."
I looked directly into his eyes and smiled. "Yeah," I laughed "You seem to be the whole reason I'm in this 'sticky situation.'"
We both laughed and he quickly kissed my cheek.
"Goodnight my little sex pixie."
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