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Fading Hope...

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Chapter four.

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He was the same.

Still perfect.

Still brilliant.

But there was something different.


“So, guys, this is him, the guy I’ve been talking about.” Brent’s voice cut into Ryan’s reverie.

“Hey, nice to meet you!” Brendon sounded happy, unbelievably happy. “Oh and this is my girlfriend, Rose.”

She was almost as perfect as Brendon was, with perfect milky white skin and lush, red lips, an oval face which was surrounded by shimmering black hair.


The most perfect person Ryan had seen, except for Brendon.

He had only met her for about 3 seconds.

And he hated her.

Ryan glared inwardly at her, careful not to show his feelings on his face.

Ryan shifted slightly on the sofa and picked up his guitar again.

He began quietly strumming minor chords; the soft, lilting music personified his inner sadness.

“So, Brendon, I’ll introduce you to the guys.” Brent carried on, not paying any attention to Ryan’s sad, piercing music. “This here is Spencer Smith, our drummer.”

Spencer stood up awkwardly and hurried over to Brendon, who smiled cheerily and shook Spencer’s hand.

“Hi, glad you could come.” Spencer said and smiled back at Brendon.

“Yeah, it’s my pleasure.” Brendon replied.

“And this...” Brent paused to look over at Ryan. “ Ryan Ross, our current singer and guitarist, but you’re gonna take over his spot as lead guitarist.”

Ryan didn’t stop playing.

He didn’t even look up.

Well, he couldn’t look up.

He just couldn’t.

If he did, he’d probably burst into tears if he looked at that perfect face.

“Hey, pleased to meet you.” Brendon’s voice chimed in.

The hairs rose on the back of Ryan’s neck and shivers were sent shooting up and down his spine.

He didn’t remember who he was.

He couldn’t...he...he didn’t...

“Ryan...? You alright?” Spencer asked suddenly, his voice full of concern.

Ryan stood up slowly, careful not to allow the tears to spill over.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” His voice was almost silent and sounded as if he was recovering from some awful cold or illness.

He quickly started to walk away, over to the door.

He had to leave the room.

If he didn’t, things could get...complicated.

He was gonna make it.

The handle was in range.

He held out his hand to open the door but some force stopped him from taking the final step to the door.

Someone had his hand.

Someone was holding him back.

“Hey, Ryan, before you leave, could I ask you one thing?” Brendon’s voice was loud in his ears. “Where’d you get that scar on your hand from?”
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