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read and find out.

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The day went by pretty fast and it turns out
that Frank and I have the same classes together, wich is awesome.
I think that he is a really cool guy even though I only met him today, but yeah,
he's really cool. Anyways, what happened at school today went like this. In second block (off block) we just hung out at the side of the school and got to know eachother a bit,
in 3rd block (Gym), we played soccer and Frank and I were on the same team and our team won, in 4th block (Socials), Frank got the teacher mad and got sent to the principle office, and then in 5th block (English) he got sent to the office again for throwing his pencils at the teacher for fun, which was pretty funny. Anyways right now I am just at my locker and I am waiting for Frank to get his stuff (his locker is three down from mine). We get the big lockers, which sucks because I can fit in mine.

"So who was that Mat guy from this morning, that I bumped into?"
"Mat is an ass and I am sorry about him"
"Its cool"
"I dont know what his problem is, I mean, he's so mean and rude. I dont get him at all. he likes to pick on people"
"I can tell"
"He used to play drums for my band, but we kicked him out because of his behaviour and shit. but you dont have to worry about seeing him around because today was his last day here since he is moving to Vancouver"
"well that takes a load off my shoulders" I said as we walked outta the school
"what d'ya mean?"
"well, people at my old school in Edmonton were always treating me like I was a piece of shit laying on the sidewalk that you step in and then scream ewwww, and then wipe it off on the grass like it is gunna give you some kinda disease"
"people treated you like that?"
"yeah, all the time"
"Khez, thats fricken horrible"
"everybody would always call me names and hit me and shit"
"like what names?"
"like, emo screamo, slitter, sharpie, loser, emo kid, a whole bunch of crap"
"why were they so mean to you?"
"because to them, all they saw was a girl who dressed like this"
"and whats wrong with the way you dress?"
"I dunno, apparently to them I was the emo kid who dressed emo"
"you do not dress emo"
"yeah I do"
"fine, you think you do but I dont think you do"
"I'm really sorry about what they would do to you"
"Thanks" I said and gave him a smile
"no prob, so are you busy when you get home?"
"nope not at all"
"you wanna come and hang out with me and my friends and watch us do
band practice?"
"yeah sure"
"alright, where do you live?"
"four blocks straight down, turn left, walk 2 blocks, turn right and my house is right their, you?"
"same directions as you"
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