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Music Of The Night

by Mistressxwinter 1 review

Loosely based off a play I have never seen but have heard of, our young mistress falls for a phantom she seeks to learn from.

Category: Phantom of the Opera - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Published: 2008-05-05 - Updated: 2008-05-05 - 386 words - Complete

Let your darker side give in.

I crept through the gateway to an incredible mansion, one I'd never seen before, though I had heard it. How could I have heard it, you may ask! In the middle of the night you may hear dazzling music, and as I walk the pathway to my own keep, the music itself calls to me. An organ bellows with an accompanying violin; I grasp it, I sense it! In this cold unfeeling night, I heard a phantom who loves no one lives there.

Oh how I float into his manor, sweet intoxication into my eyes and mouth; this place is where teardrops have tears of their own. No one dares ask me “Who goes there?” or “How did you find yourself in my place?”, just silence. Darkness, darkness, everywhere. Silently my abandonment leads me to a staircase that can only go down. Softly, gently, the tapestry of music unfurls into my ears and I turn my face away from the garish light of the moon.

It is definitely true, a phantom lurks here. I see him bend over his works, sheets of music are scattered about though he knows not how to read them. Next to him a bottle of gin glowed softly blue under the tempting black light. My body holds a sensation that draws me to him though he lets no one see his face. Before I can react, he appears in front of me, his tender touch draws me into his liquor covered breath.

“Now you belong to me!” his fingers dangle over me like a puppet master controls his mannequins. I feel the power of the music of the night! Only he can make my soul take flight, under thorny satanical dreams where one rose means the doomed days of a beast and a kiss can wake a beauty. “Help me make the music that I write,” his words like mercury, so daunting I cannot touch! “Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world, leave all thoughts of the world you knew before, let your soul take you where you long to be, only then can you belong to me.”

I fall into his grasp, I trust him. I savor this sweet feeling, and I give my body to those notes he writes.
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