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Commander Potter

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How would Harry Potter deal with Voldemort if he recieved all the memories and hightened intelligence and creativity of a Clone officer from the Clone wars. AU. Military Harry!. Crossover with Star...

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Disclaimer: No I do not own Star Wars or Harry Potter.

AN: I don’t know, this one suddenly popped up in my head, and I decided to try it out. It features Harry gaining the memories, intelligence and perceptiveness of a Clone Trooper Officer who served in the Clone Wars. He gets the idea to make his own army, by copying the equipment used by the Clones to equip his own forces with it. In addition he will give everyone who joins him extensive training so that he can bring them up to the same standard that the Clones were at. Obviously something like that don’t happen overnight, but he will turn them into an elite fighting force quickly enough to be ready for the battle of Hogwarts. Other than that the events will happen similarly to the events in half blood prince. The largest difference will be the pairing and also the things Harry is taught by Dumbledore.


Harry Potter the Commander.

Chapter 1.

Harry Potter was not happy. As a matter of fact he was miserable. A week ago he had led five of his friends into a disastrous battle against Death Eaters in the Ministry of Magic to save his godfather Sirius Black.

Ironically it had been a trap, and Sirius was killed when he and other members of the Order of the Phoenix, a group that was supposed to fight the Dark Lord Voldemort. Of all the Order members and his friends, only Harry professor Dumbledore and Remus Lupin had made it out without injuries, however it did not matter, both Harry and Remus were both suffering from depression after the loss of Sirius, and Dumbledore was left for himself to work his way through his guilt after Harry had given him an impressive shouting match and smashed his office.

And then he had been sent back to the Dursley’s, yep his life definitely sucked right now, and to top it off he had started to get some really strange dreams instead of his usual nightmare’s.

Dream: He was crouching behind a large rock, looking around at his fellow soldiers, all of them in the distinctive white Phase II Clone Armour. Grasping his DC-15 blaster rifle tighter he looked over to the Jedi whom was effectively in command.

The Jedi looked over at him, before looking over the rocky barricade they were all hiding behind, looking towards where the CIS forces had made their entrenchment. “It appears that our artillery is not coming Lieutenant, you know our orders” he said.

“Yes sir” he replied immediately. “Everybody push forward, make sure to spread out as well make less of a target. Sergeant Mick and Jon take your squads to the far left provide covering fire”, a chorus of “Yes Sir” followed his order as several Clones threw smoke grenades onto the field.

As one all the Clones jumped over the barricades, running towards the droids as they fired their weapons with brutal efficiency. He sidestepped a red blaster bolt, that struck the helmet of one of the Clones behind him. Taking aim he fired six bright blue bolts of energy destroyed two droids that were aiming at him.

The droids suddenly got even more confused when devastating fire started to cut into their ranks from the left, and turned to fire at this new threat. ‘Bad move’ he thought as he threw an ion grenade amongst the droids, short circuiting several of them. And then they were amongst them.

The Jedi was slashing his lightsaber left and right, cutting them down by the droves as the Clones blasted the droids down at point blank range, and then it was over. He looked over the battlefield, all the droids were now laying around nothing more than scrap metal, and he could see that no more than a dozen of his Clones were dead.

“Secure the area Sergeant and treat the wounded, we have another two outposts to take before we are finished today, the rest of us shall move on to the next objective”, he called out, once again getting answers delivered in an unemotional “Yes Sir”.

Nodding towards the Jedi that was accompanying them the Clones reformed into their respective squads as they ran towards the next outpost.

Harry groaned as he woke up. He had another of those weird dreams. So far he had five of these dreams, and for some reason Harry sure that they were memories, not dreams. That was not to say he had not learnt anything from them. Instead of wallowing in his grief he had used the knowledge he gained from the first two sets of memories/dreams to his advantage.

The memories had held an impressive amount of knowledge about a very effective and hard training regime, both martial arts and weapons training, ranged and melee. So for the last week he had been running for hours at end, before having a healthy doze of breakfast and then continuing his training, performing the many moves and katas he could remember, as well as pure strength building exercises.


So two weeks into July Harry had changed an impressive amount. He had by now received most of the memories he suspected was from, perhaps an earlier life, anyways the last memory had ended with him being blow into some strange vortex and then blackness. So Harry assumed that he had either merged with someone else, or he had been given memories of a former self, however he doubted that the person all these memories came from was still alive, but there was no point of not using them to his advantage.

So after the hard training regime he had enforced upon himself Harry was no longer a scrawny little kid barely 5.4 high. Instead he now stood a respectable 6.1, with a broad muscled chest, and big muscled arms and legs, all in all he looked like someone best left alone, as provoking a fight would only end with a painful defeat.

Another thing Harry was grateful for was the memories that showed in very good detail exactly how to build both the weapons that had been used, and the armour as well, and so Harry was now standing outside the living room in number 4 Privet Drive, with a big shopping list in his hands.

Entering the room he watched with slight amusement as Dudley yelped before wagging out the room. “Uncle Vernon, I was wondering if you could do me a favour”, Harry said as he leaned casually against the doorframe, flexing his muscles as a sign to his uncle that he would not be messed with.

Vernon Dursley turned a disgusting puce at the thought of helping Harry, however the boy’s new physique made him hold back his derogatory comments. Giving a fake smile he looked at Harry. “Sure bo…eh Harry, what can I help you with”? he asked with forced cheeriness.

Harry meanwhile just looked amused at his uncle before handing him the long list. “I am in need of these items, if you get them for me I shall pay you for all the charges, as well as give you ten percent of the total cost in pounds”, he said, watching with satisfaction as his uncles eyes almost popped out of their sockets. After rummaging through his pockets, Harry gave his uncle an empty bag.

I got this from the goblins, if you state the number of money needed it will appear in the bag, just so you know I will demand the receipts, so no trying to rob me here”, Harry said with a darker tone, enjoying the sight as his uncle winced slightly.

Vernon Dursley however was a clever business man, and knew a good offer when he saw one, so he grabbed the bag without complaint, and gave Petunia a chaste kiss before he walked out to the car and drove away to get Harry what he needed.

Harry nodded at his aunt, before he headed up to his room, preparing for the construction of his equipment. He had visited a workshop a few days prior, and had managed to make the owner make out the forms he would need to shape the armour with. He had ordered several pieces of light metals, that when mixed with each other and a few other things, would form a very light, composite and durable plastoid armour, and he was almost dead certain that it would protect him against a number of curses as well. Okay so it wouldn’t do against unforgivables or the most powerful dark curses, however it would protect well against other dark curses, unless they were overpowered enough to tear through the very durable material Harry would create

Nine hours later Vernon came back and handed Harry the receipts before demanding his money. Harry looked over the receipts, before checking them against his last bank accounts numbers, and found that Vernon had in fact been honest when he had bought the items. Harry sighed as he demanded fifty thousand pounds out of his bag, and gave them to a gleeful Vernon. If Harry hadn’t know the quality and importance of his purchases he would have been dismayed at having to use almost half a million pounds.

Seeing as Vernon was inside the house, and it would be another day till Dumbledore came to collect him (he had sent a letter a few days prior asking Harry if he wanted to come with Dumbledore to the burrow), he grabbed Vernon’s car keys before driving to the workshop, ignoring his uncle who came running out into the street after him.

Ben the manager of the workshop was pleased to allow Harry into it. He had grown fond of the lad who had spent a few hours every day the last weeks, and he was interested to help him make what he wanted, believing that Harry was making some strange costume or something like that. With a warm greeting both he and Harry set to work.

The biggest problems came with the ammunition to the blaster, seeing as they did not have any tibanna gas, however Harry had managed to solve it by mixing Hydrogen with Nitro-glycerine fumes. This last part Harry had done away from prying eyes as he did not want Ben to know that Harry was working on Nitro-glycerine.

The Nitro Harry had managed to get by himself a week earlier, his new memories and increased intelligence managing him to find the right sort of persons to contact in order to acquire such restricted materials.

After the armour plates and weapons were finished Harry set to paint it. Using the traditional white that all Clones had used, he finished it by adding the yellow markings, showing off his rank as a Commander. Originally the Clone in his other set of memories had been a Lieutenant but Harry had decided that he would have to get more soldiers if he was to win against Voldemort. And what better way than to start with the DA, and equip them like he was equipped, and train them like he had trained himself, after they were ready they would be an army of terror against the Death Eaters, so he had ranked himself as a Commander instead, deciding that he would make the most promising ones officers as well, if he could get them to join that was.

At seven Am, Harry had finished with the last of the electronic works on his armour and helmet, and so he was quite ready for battle if he said so himself. Checking to see if his DC-17 blaster pistol was in it’s holster at his right hip, after confirming it was, Harry grabbed the helmet and his DC-15S Carbine and headed into the car that he parked in the driveway to number 4 before he headed inside.

Sneaking up the stairs Harry entered his room and looked in dismay at his suitcase. With a sigh Harry started cleaning his room of all his personal effects, packing them into his trunk. Grabbing a red cloak with a silver chain at the neck out of the trunk and throwing it around himself Harry admired himself in the mirror.

Standing in snow white armour white yellow markings to show his rank, and a blood red cloak slung around his shoulders and fell down to his feet he cast an imposing figure, and he looked with pride at his gauntleted hands. HE had created this armour with barely any help, and now he was ready to defend himself against Death Eaters.

Calming himself Harry cleaned off his desk, sneering when he saw the useless ministry pamphlets about what to do if they were attacked, and even more when he saw the Daily Prophet articles that hailed him as the ‘Chosen One’, and articles on the new Minister. After throwing them in the bin Harry after a second of doubt packed his helmet in the trunk as well. Popping a charge into the side of his blaster carbine and putting his wand into a designed holster on his left wrist easily accessed he was ready for whenever Dumbledore came to find collect him.

He saw on the watch that it was still five hours till Dumbledore’s arrival, so after setting the alarm Harry laid down on the bed to get some sleep, laughing quietly to himself that he had forgot to tell the Dursley’s that Dumbledore was coming he fell asleep.

When the alarm went off Harry jumped up, instantly at the ready should something be wrong, inwardly musing on what had brought upon his new focus Harry turned off the alarm and sat up in the bed, trying to empty his head of all emotions. After all the memories he had received he found it surprisingly easy to do so. after he had collected himself he let Hedwig out, telling her to go to the Burrow.

At the exact moment he closed the window the doorbell rang, and Harry could hear Vernon swear downstairs. ‘”Who in the bloody hell would call on the door at this time of night” he murmured to himself as he opened the door, watching in shock at Albus Dumbledore who stood there in all of his glory. Violet robes with stars, dragon hide boots, long silver hair, and beard so long that he had tucked it under his belt, with his half-moon spectacles perched on his crooked nose, Vernon had only one possibility to this “BOY GET DOWN HERE NOW”, he yelled at the top of his lungs.

With a chuckle Harry grabbed up his blaster, and walked down the stairs. Seeing Dumbledore standing at the doorway Harry raised the blaster and aimed it at Dumbledore. “What was my first request in your office after the Department of Mysteries”? Harry asked emotionlessly .

Dumbledore looked shocked at Harry in his armour for a moment before he recovered. “You demanded to be let out, quite adamantly I might add” he chuckled, receiving a nod from Harry he turned to Vernon, “Now let us all assume you welcomed me gracefully into your home”, he said with a twitch in his beard as he walked through the doorway ignoring a sputtering Vernon.

Without a word he entered the living room and sat down in the sofa, ignoring Dudley’s yelp as he hid behind his mother and father who was standing fearfully at the doorway. Noticing that they were not going to sit down voluntarily Harry pointed his blaster at them, before pointing at the couch. The Dursleys almost apparated to the couch in order to get away from the muzzle of the blaster, with a sigh Harry sat down in a chair, ignoring Dumbledore’s raised eyebrow.

“Ah yes now that we are all here let’s go to business. Sirius’ will was discovered a few weeks ago, and he left you everything he owned” Dumbledore said to Harry. Harry nodded at Dumbledore, ignoring the feeling of pain and guilt the welled up inside him, clamping over his emotions with a will of steel. “You can continue to use the house as a Headquarter, I do not particularly want to go back there”, Harry said, giving a warning look to the Dursley’s that kept their mouths shut.

Dumbledore was inwardly surprised at the control Harry had on his emotions, he had seen Harry squash them with an iron resolve, and started wondering on the possibilities on teaching Harry a bit more than just about Tom Riddle this year as he had planned. He stopped his musings however to continue his message.

“However the house is supposed to go to the next male person with the name Black, if not it is supposed to go to the closest family member to make sure that it does not fall into unworthy hands, however there is a simple way to prove whether or not you own the house, KREACHER”, he called, as an old house elf popped out into the living room floor, shrieking and crying as he banged his fists on the floor.

“Kreacher won’t Kreacher wont. Kreacher refuses to work with filthy Half-Blood master, Kreacher wishes to work for mistress Bellatrix”, he cried.

Harry realized what Dumbledore was up to and turned towards Kreacher with disgust in is eyes. “Kreacher, stand up and be silent”, Harry commanded. Kreacher cast Harry a look of deepest loathing but nevertheless stood up ramrod straight and mumbled silently what was obviously curses.

Harry studied Kreacher some more before speaking. I am the sole heir and therefore the Head of the Noble House of Potter Kreacher, I will not have a disobedient elf bring me to shame, you are from now on commanded to work in the Hogwarts kitchens, and you are not to communicate with anyone in any form other than the Headmaster and myself is that clear”? Harry said in his harshest voice.

Kreachers eyes filled with tears as he nodded subordinately. “Good”, Harry continues. “After you have proven yourself to be worthy of my trust and service then perhaps we shall see about getting you a uniform fit for a Potter elf, now begone and move immediately to the kitchens at Hogwarts, NO detours”, Harry commanded, and Kreacher nodded before snapping his fingers and disappeared with a silent pop.

Dumbledore looked strangely at Harry. “What was that if you don’t mind me asking Harry”? he asked.

“Kreacher is a cruel house elf, if I make him feel that he is not worthy, he will strive harder to achieve my acceptance, he has known nothing but hate his entire life, and so if I act strict like I did now, it will be the first step towards loyalty”, Harry smiled.

Dumbledore smiled, apparently he approved of Harry’s idea before he turned on the Dursley’s. The rest of the night passed quickly with Dumbledore coldly rebuking the Dursley’s for how they had treated over the years. They had then continued to persuading an old teacher colleague of Dumbledore to return to Hogwarts to teach, and now they stood in the garden of the burrow.

“I must say I’m impressed what you have done this summer Harry”, he said after Harry had explained how he had made his armour (he left out the part of having received the memories of the Clone Trooper).

“Now, weather or not you wish to wear it at Hogwarts or not is your own choice, but remember you must fit with the school uniform as well, perhaps buying some large black robes to have over it would be the best”, Dumbledore said with a wink. “On a side related note I wish for you to have private lessons with me this year, where I shall be teaching you a little of this and a little of that”, he said, before walking towards the burrow with Harry on his heels.

“Who goes there”? said the voice of Molly Weasley as Dumbledore knocked on the door with his good hand. “It’s I Dumbledore, bringing Harry Potter”, he stated, and the door knocked open.

“Dear goodness, I didn’t expect for hours yet, and my dear but you have grown”, she fussed, grabbing Harry into a violent hug, immediately letting go as she banged herself at Harry’s armour. “Dear Goodness what is that thing” ? she wheezed as she sat down in a chair.

“It’s my armour, I made it myself. It’s ultra light, and very strong, as well as over moderately spell resistant”, Harry said with an apologetic smile at Mrs.Weasley who was rubbing her chest.

Looking around he saw a tired and worn Tonks, with her hair in a mousy brown colour, and it was clear that she was miserable about something, she smiled briefly at Harry before she walked towards the door, mumbling a goodbye to them”.

Harry smiled at Mrs.Weasley before he followed her. “Tonks wait”, he said as she was walking towards a place where she could apparate. She turned and watched him with sad eyes. “What is it”? she asked.

Harry looked at her, wondering exactly what was going on with her. “I need to talk with you”; he said. “I was wondering what has got you so depressed”, he said softly, laying his gauntleted hand on her shoulder.

“I, it it’s nothing, you don’t need to worry about it”, she rambled, and closed her eyes, as if willing him to go away. “Is it Sirius”? Harry asked softly.

She nodded for a bit. “Partly, at least. He was my cousin you know, I used to know him when I was smaller, and if only I, I could have defeated her, I should have defeated her”, she cried.

Harry could on one hand sympathise with her, he had felt the same way just a few weeks earlier, but when he had received memories filled with years of brutal war he realised that it was only Bellatrix’ fault, and also Sirius for playing around instead of duelling.

Harry raised her chin, forcing her to look him in the eyes. Her currently amber eyes was filled with tears as she stared at him. “Listen to me”, Harry hissed, forcing her eyes to widen in shock at his tone. “It was NOT YOUR FAULT. You was duelling with one of the most skilled, dangerous and insane witches in Europe. The fact that you lasted as long as you did is a testament to your skill”, he said with conviction, forcing her to unconsciously nod her head.

Harry started pacing back and forth, his cloak billowing behind him in a similar manner that Snape’s always did. “Do you know how I dealt with Sirius’ death”? he asked before continuing. “I was thinking about what I’m going to do next time I meet them”.

“They drew first blood when they killed Cedric, they further proved the fact that we are at war by killing Sirius. A General named Patton once said ‘A soldiers job is not to die for their country, but to make the other bastards die for theirs’. I can’t agree more with him”.

Harry paused, looking at Tonks who seemed to be slightly better at least. “We shall kill them, if they believe so strongly in their bloody cause then let them die! Let them become martyrs for a cause that will never win, we are at war, we outnumber them by sheer numbers if we just get people to join. There are thousand of witches and wizards in England, and a handful of those are Death Eaters, if we can get people to join we’ll win by sheer numbers, we can flush them out one by one”, here Harry sighed as he stopped his pacing.

“Unfortunately most of use are spineless cowards who do not deserve anything but the corrupt and biased system we have had the last decades. If people are unwilling to fight for their rights then they deserve the corrupt government who finds it more appealing to earn money and make it look that they are doing something, rather than do it”, Harry spat at the ground, allowing his anger and disgust pour into his voice.

“When I get back to school, I’m going to use the basis of the DA, to form my own army, an independent army fighting for the freedom and magical Britain. I will take the war to Voldemort and his Death Bitches, I shall deal with them in a ruthless and efficient manner, either they surrender or they face death on the battlefield. Survivors will be imprisoned and placed before a court marshal to answer for crimes of war. For too long have we been soft, and now we are backed up into a corner and we need to fight back with all our might if we are to succeed, so instead of wallowing in your grief Tonks, I suggest you save it for the battlefield, if used the right way anger can be a great weapon against the forces of darkness, they do not believe us to be cruel enough to retaliate with deadly force, and therein lays our advantage”, Harry finished.

Tonks looked at him gratefully before enveloping him in a hug. “Thanks”, she said as she released him, winking at him she changed her hair back to pink before apparating.

Harry, unaware that his voice had been heard by every inhabitant at the Burrow moved back in to some fresh onion soup, ignoring Mrs.Weasley’s worried look. After a quick goodnight Harry entered Fred and George’s room, and flopped unheedingly onto their bed, leaving into the world of dreams.

Dumbledore likewise bade his farewells before dissaparating, pondering on Harry’s words. He had seemed so strong, so…right! And Dumbledore realized that this war had just received a new player, a powerful player who could cause countless to join his cause. The sheer confidence, charisma and belief Harry had to how he would deal with this war, would make people flock to him, and many would trust him with their lives without question, follow him without fear against any foe, sighing to himself Dumbledore decided to do what he could to make sure that Harry himself was ready for the responsibilities he would have on his shoulders.
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