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The chaotic life of the Way-Iero-Toro-Bryar family

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We kina suck at this. But we love writing, and who can blame us for writing about aur favourite subject ;) Knock yourself out. XOXO

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Hi, I am Heidi Olivia Chrystal Johanna Way. That's my whole name, but most people just call me Olivia or CJ.
Im 18 yrs old and I have a littlebrother whos called Jack. We live with our parents, Gerard and Joanie in a house in Belleville in NJ.
I go to a private school, and Im a senior. I also have a boyfriend called Seth. We've been togheter for 3 yrs. We met in highschool.
Im doing pretty good in school, I have great grades and Im involved in the environment organisation. I have many friends and most people
would count me as one of the popular girls. But Im not like the other girls who wastes their time on bullying people.
Jack goes to my highschool to, he doesn't have to many friends, most people thinks he's a weird kid actually, but they leave him alone
since Im still there. His best friend is Ely, Frankies daughter. She practically lives at our place, at least when our dads are out on tour.
That reminded me that their coming home tomorrow. I have missed them, they have been out on tour for like six months.
Well, enough talked about me. Its time for you to see how a day in the Way familys life can be like.

Olivias POV

I woke up by the sound of my cell ringing. I knew there was only one person who would actually call me 3 in the morning. Jack.

"Hi Jack. What is it now?"
"Can u pick me up?"
"Why cant u just walk by yourself."
"Because Im in the middle of nowhere and dont know how to get home."
"Damn you Jack. Cant u call someone else?"
"Fine, where are you?"
"Im at Kaitlyns house."
"Ok, I'll be there in 10 minuites"

I got up and put on my jeans and my hoodie and got out to my car.
I got in and drove of to Kaitlyns house.

Next morning. Jacks POV.

I woke up by the sound of my mums annoying voice screaming in my ear. Or at least it felt like she did.
"Jack, wake up"
"Are u hangover?"
"Where were u last night?"
"At Kaitlyns"
"Okay, well breakfast is in 5 minuites."

I got up and went down the stairs only to find Ely and my sis talking to eachother at the table.

"Ely, what are u doing here?"
"Olive picked us up at Kaitlyns, remember?"
"Well I guess you were to wasted to remember that."

My mum walked in and suddenly everyone went quiet.
She looked suspisiously at me.

"I know u sneaked out yesterday and I know u had been drinking. You do know that your not getting away with this, right?"
"Hey, dont use that tone to me, u me and your dad are going to talk about this as soon as he gets home today."
"Like I care? Its not like u two care about me anyway, Im just a mistake."
I turned around and went up the stairs to my room.

Later that day.

"Ely, Jack and Olivia. Are u ready to go to the airport to pick up your dads?" My mum shouted.
"Sure, Im just gonna go get my cellphone." Ely said.
"I think I'l pass." I said.
"I don't think so. Now go get dressed and go out to the car."
"Hmmm. Bitch.." I whispered to myself.

We went out to the car and drove of to the airport.

Gee's POV.

The red sign started to shine and showed us that it was time to put on our seatbelts.
I turned and looked at Frankie who was sleeping with his mouth wide open.
I laughed to myself and punched him between his legs.
He flew up started to scream like a freaking girl.
He stopped screaming and started to hit me.
"What the hell did u do that for u stupid fuck."
I laughed at him and he gave me a killer look.

The plane landed. We went off and picked up our baggage.
Suddenly my cell rang. It was Joanie calling.
"Hey sweet."
"Hey baby, we are here to pick u guys up. Where are u?"
"We are walking in a very long corridore. But where are u?"
"Were waiting for u at the parking lot."
"Okay, we'll be there in like a minuite."
"Okay. Bye."

We got out on the parking lot and I saw my family stand by the car, suddenly ely started to rush to Frankie only to jump up in his arms.
Frankie looked at her and said
"hey kiddo" and hugged her back

I walked up to the car and hugged my wife and gave her a kiss, then I hugged my kids.
Now everyone was saying hello to eachother.
I looked around and saw Jack lit a cigarette, I walked up to him took the cigarette throw it on the ground and stamped on it.
I looked at Jack and said "What the hell are you doing? Since when do you smoke?"
Jack answered whit a moan "You don't care about me anyway if you did you would have known that i have been smoking since i was 12"
I looked at him and said "we'll talk about this when we gets home"

We all jumped into our cars and drove of to Belleville.
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