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Prerogative in Peril

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While the Black, Gray and White is being rewritten, I've decided to write a prequel to it. What really happened before he disappeared after 4th year? Harry/Fleur/Tonks

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the Characters in this story.

A Prequel to the story of Black, Gray and White. The plot of B,G & W will be changed to conform to the plot of this story.



“Freak! Come back here!” A fat, waddling boy yelled. His name is Dudley Dursley, currently doing his favorite summer past time. Harry Hunting.

“Shit.” A short, twelve year old, raven haired boy, with a pair of odd looking, round spectacles, and has lightning bolt scar on his forehead, muttered. His name is Harry Potter, wizarding world’s hero, youngest seeker of the century, defeater of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, basilisk slayer and so on… However, in the perfectly normal neighbourhood of Little Whinging, he is a criminal, a delinquent, a freak.

He wiped the blood that was trickling down his nose and darted across the street. He looked back and saw the waddling form of his cousin, followed by his ‘Gang’ members.

‘He wouldn’t dare touch me in the house. Aunt Petunia would kill him if he made a mess.’ Harry thought. He ran as fast as he could towards the house, past the mailbox with a number 4 written on it, and entered the door.

However, trying to get in the house as fast as he could, he didn’t see the huge, whale-like body of his uncle, trying to get out the house, and ran right to him. He hit the huge belly of his uncle and bounced back, making him fall on his butt.

Harry rubbed his sore butt, as he looked up, and froze. He saw his uncle looking down at his white dress shirt, which was now smeared with his blood. He unconsciously wiped the blood still dripping from his nose, which was now dripping on his baggy, hand-me-down shirt. He could see his uncle’s face, turning, red, then purple, as his jaw clenched and unclenched.

“Boy, you just ruined my shirt.” He whispered in a low dangerous tone.

“Uncle Vernon, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get blood on it. You see Dudley-”

“Are you blaming my perfect son for your stupidity?” His uncle bellowed.

“No, I was-” Harry tried to argue.

“Shut up!” His enraged uncle yelled, and grabbed him by his collar, lifting him off the ground. “I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Vernon dragged Harry by his shirt in the house, up the stairs, and in the room, that used to be Dudley’s second room. “You fucking freak! I’ll teach you a lesson that I should’ve taught your whore of a mother and your bitch of a father!” He yelled as he slammed the door of the small room, making Hedwig, Harry's snow owl, squawk.

Harry felt his anger rising, “Take that back! Don’t you dare talk like that about my parents! They were wonderful people!” Harry yelled.

Vernon looked at the young, bloody face of the boy in front of him, “Wonderful people? They chose to die, rather than taking care of the bastard son that you are!”

“T-They l-loved me!” Harry retorted

“Loved you? Who would love you? You freak! No one loves you! You hear me? No one! You don’t deserve to be loved!” His uncle yelled.

Harry looked at him, shocked. ‘You don’t deserve to be loved!’ His uncle’s words echoed in his head. Tears welled up in his eyes.

“Are you crying?” Vernon asked, laughing. “I’m just saying the truth here.” He said as he turned towards the squawking owl in the corner of the room.

Harry felt different emotions, swirling inside of him. Sadness, anger, hatred and loss were all trying to overpower each other. As soon as Vernon grabbed Hedwig, his anger won and somehow his uncle flew to the wall, unintentionally letting go of the snow owl who quickly flew towards Harry.

"Hedwig, girl, I need you to get out of here." He said through gritted teeth.

The owl looked at his master for a moment, before she bobbed her head. She quickly took off and flew out the open window of the room.

Harry then turned towards his uncle, his eyes were glowing and the small room started to shake.

Vernon was startled, ‘You need to stop him. He might blow you up like he did to Marge.’ He thought. He quickly grabbed Harry by the neck and punched him right in the face, making him fly a couple of feet away and successfully stopping the rattling of the room. This made the whaled-like man smile. “Good. I will beat the freakiness out of you.” He said as he looked down at the bleeding form of the boy who he hated as soon as he laid eyes on him.

Harry was seeing stars, as he groggily tried to get up. His head was throbbing, his face was numb, and he knew that his nose was broken. He heard his uncle walking towards him, but couldn’t see as his glasses fell from his face when his uncle punched him. He put his hands up, desperately trying to protect himself, when he doubled over, as he felt his uncle’s fist connected with his chest, breaking some of his ribs.

Harry blacked out, as the air was pushed out of his lungs. He collapsed in a painful heap by his uncle’s feet, gasping for air, only to be kicked in the head by Vernon’s boots.

“That’s enough!” A voice yelled behind them.

Harry saw a man with a hood on behind Vernon, just before everything went black.


Harry felt like his head was being split open as consciousness was starting to claim him. ‘Did uncle Vernon finally kill me?’ He asked himself. He put both of his palms against his temple and pushed, trying to somehow squeeze the pain out.

“You’re finally awake. You’ve been asleep for three days. Your bones have been mended and your cuts and bruises are healed.” Harry heard a voice say.

His eyes quickly snapped open, his hand extended and somehow his wand flew right into his hand. He was surprised that his wand actually flew into his hand, but had no time to focus on that thought as he leveled his wand towards the voice.

“Who are you?” Harry demanded, looking around his familiar room.

“Wandless magic? Very good, but your poor eyesight might hinder you. You might want to consider getting your eyes fixed.” The voice answered calmly.

“Who are you?” Harry asked again, his other hand clumsily looking for his glasses.

“Here.” The voice said, and he felt his glasses on his hands.

Harry quickly shoved his glasses onto his face, and focused on his target. “Thanks.” Harry said, as he eyed the still hooded person. “Who are you?”

“Harry, I must thank you…” The person started to say.

“How do you know my name? Thank me for what?” Harry asked, still pressing his palms against his throbbing head.

“Everybody knows you Harry Potter. And as I was saying, I wanted to thank you for protecting my Philosopher’s stone from Voldemort two years ago.”

“He said Voldemort.” Harry whispered. “What do you mean your Philospher’s stone?” He asked.

“I meant exactly that. That was my Philospher’s stone.” The person said.

“Wait, there were only a handful of people who knew about the stone. Me, Ron Hermione and the Hogwarts staff…” Harry said. “How do you know about it? Are you a death eater? Lower your hood!” Harry yelled, his wand still pointed towards the person. He didn’t know any dangerous spells, but he could jinx or hex the person.

“Harry, you’re only done second year, you and I both know, that you can’t really hurt me. And as for the fact that I know about the stone? Well I’m the one who created it.” The person said as he lowered his hood.

Harry gasped, as he recognized the person from one of Ron’s Chocolate Frogs. “You’re… You’re Nicholas Flamel.”

“Yes, Harry.” The wizard with a long white beard just like Dumbledore’s said.

“W-what are you doing here?” Harry asked, as he blushed, not being able to accommodate the famous and well respected wizard and alchemist better.

“Don’t worry, Harry. I wasn’t looking for a five star hotel when I searched for you.” The old man said as he laid a hand on the twelve year old’s shoulder. “More of like a mansion or something… being wizarding world’s hero and all… imagine my disbelief when I found you being treated and beaten like an animal.”

Harry blushed and looked down in embarrassment. He didn’t want anyone to know about his house life with his so called relatives, least of all someone like the great wizard that is in front of him. “Ummm… sir… y-you should leave. My relatives hate everything magical, and I would hate for you to be called a freak like me.”

Nicholas Flamel was torn between feeling sorry for the boy, and angry towards his relatives, especially his uncle, whom he walked in on, beating the life out of the boy. “Harry, you don’t have to worry about them.”

“What? What do you mean do not worry about them? I’ve been asleep for three days… My aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon will be angry with me… I won’t get any food… I must make them breakfast tomorrow, clean the house and remove the weeds out of the garden.” Harry said.

“No, Harry. You don’t have to worry about them. You are not their slave… I can’t believe Albus would leave you in a place like this, with people like them…” He said. He looked at Harry who has a confused expression on his face. “Your relatives are in a hospital right now. The three of them are unconscious and won’t come to for another week. Also, I’ve placed anti-muggle wards and charms on your room. When they come back, they will not bother you from here on out.”

“T-thank you sir.” Harry said with disbelief. ‘They will never bother me anymore as long as I stay in my room.’ Harry thought excitedly. ‘How will I eat and feed myself? How will I go to the loo?’ Harry asked himself.

“I have assigned a personal house-elf of mine to take care of you. Her name is Libby…” A house-elf appeared in the room. “…and she will cook for you, and help you out with whatever you need.” Nicholas said. “And as for your room…” Nicholas waved his wand and the room expanded magically. A couple of doors appeared along the wall, his bed turned into a king sized, four poster bed in red and gold colors, a fire place grew out from the wall, a couch appeared in front of it and a book case appeared beside his bed. “The first door, is the bathroom. The second door is your walk in closet and the third is your storage room.” The old wizard said, pointing at the doors one by one.

“T-thank y-you sir.” Harry stuttered, looking at his room in awe.

“However, I actually don’t want you to stay here, well not yet.” Nicholas said vaguely.

“What do you mean sir?” Harry asked.

“Harry, do you know about the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic?” The old man asked. Upon receiving a shake of the head, he continued. “We have the highest security in the entire ministry. There we train wizards and witches to be at the top of their specialties, may it be in research and development or combat… Theoretical or practical… we make discoveries about the mysteries of magic and our existence on almost a daily basis. Those trained wizards and witches are called Unspeakables, I myself, is a senior Unspeakable.” The old wizard explained.

“I could see why they would put you as a Senior Unspeakable.” Harry said cheekily towards the aged wizard.

Nicholas Flamel, one of the greatest wizards that ever lived, in this case still lives, started to laugh, full belly laughs. “Cheeky like your mom I see.”

“My mom? You knew my mom?” Harry asked excitedly.

“Yes. I knew Lily. She was an Unspeakable, I was actually the one that trained her. I’m very sorry Harry… she would’ve been a wonderful mother.” Nicholas said. “You have her-”

“Eyes… I know… everyone that knew her told me…” Harry said.

“Yes…” Nicholas said as he looked at the young orphan sadly.

“Umm… sir… what did you mean by you don’t want me staying here in my room?” Harry asked, reminding the old wizard of the previous topic.

Nicholas chuckled, “Oh yes, sorry about that. Well young Harry Potter, the Unspeakables have heard of your feats, most recently, your defeat and slaying of a basilisk, with the sword of Gryffindor in the Chamber of Secrets, which is not an easy feat. We are interested in investing in you for the future.”

“What do you mean by that Mr. Flamel?” Harry asked.

“Harry, how would you like to join us? Become an Unspeakable like me, like your mom. We will train you and you will learn how to fight. It seems to me that you might need it, since for two years in a row, you’ve almost died in what was said to be the safest place in the world.” Nicholas Flamel said.

Harry thought for a moment, thinking about what the old wizard have told him. “Sure sir, but what about my school? I only have a month and a half left of summer vacation left. I don’t think we will get much training done before I have to go back to school.” He said.

“Don’t worry lad. We have our ways; you will be back before school starts.” The man replied.

“Alright.” He answered. “I’m in.”

“Grab hold of my arm. I will take us to the Ministry.” Nicholas instructed which Harry promptly followed. “Libby, please fix up young Mr. Potter’s room.”

“Yes, Mr. Flamel, Libby will do.” The house-elf said as she curtsied.

“Thank you. Please take care of Hedwig.” Harry said, pointing to the empty cage in the corner of the room. "She will be back soon, just keep the window open." He said before he felt a tug on his navel and the pair disappeared, leaving a humming house-elf, picking up clothes, books, quills and other items in the magically changed room. Outside, you see a normal door, of a normal room, in a normal house, in the normal neighbourhood of Little Whinging.
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