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I'm Trying To Tell You Just How Much You Mean To Me.

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Frank and Mikey [OneShot]

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I stood far away from him, hoping he couldn’t see me. I watched how graceful and precise every move he made was. I loved when he laughed; he would tilt his head back slightly and close his eyes, letting that beautiful noise escape his immaculate lips.
He was so small. His height seemed to barely reach five foot, but I knew he was at least 5’4. He glanced around the small area, I ducked out of sight. If he saw me watching him, he’d never want me. Frank Anthony Iero, would never want dorky, awkward me. Who was I kidding?

I hiked my book bag higher up on my shoulders and went on my way. I dragged my feet against the smooth pavement as I walked. I didn’t want to go home. I knew my brother would be there and he would sense my lust for Frank.
I got to my house and walked up the whole three steps to get to the front door. I placed my hand around the cold metal knob and let myself in. I let my book bag slide off my shoulders and onto the floor by my feet. I knew my mom would complain later, but I left it there anyways. I pushed my glasses up my nose and made my way to the kitchen.
“Mikey,” I heard my brother say. I turned around and saw him sitting at the kitchen table. I didn’t want to talk to him, so I quickly grabbed a can of soda and hurried out of the kitchen.
“What’s wrong with you?” My brother called after me.
“Nothing Gerard!” I yelled over my shoulder. God that kid was so damn nosey. I scooped my book bag off the floor, to save my mom the complaints, and ran upstairs to my room.
I reached my room and slammed the door behind me. I laid on my bed and stared aimlessly up at the ceiling.
Why couldn’t I get the nerve to go up to him and tell him I liked him? No wait, like wasn’t the word. I loved him and everything about him. He was never far from my thoughts or dreams. He was the first thing I thought of when I woke up and the last before I fell asleep.
I’m such a freaking creep. I sat around all day reading comic books and dreaming about a boy I could never have.
I needed to talk a walk. I pulled myself up off my bed and left my room.

I pushed my feet of the ground, causing the swing to move back and forth. I looked around the park, it was empty. It was kind of scary being in this huge park alone. The trees blew in the wind making creepy noises. I pulled my thin hoodie tighter around my body. Why the hell was I here alone? What kind of kid comes to sit in an empty park? No wonders Frank never even bothered looking in my direction, I really am weird.
I’ve known Frank for a really long time. Wait, let me rephrase that, Gerard, has known Frank for a really long time. I always just admired him from afar and never made my attraction to him obvious, well I tried not to.

I remember the first day Gerard brought him to the house. I was in seventh grade, they were in eighth. I was sitting on the living room floor playing Dungeons and Dragons. Gerard walked into the living room, Frank close behind. I didn’t bother looking up from my game; I never had any interest in who Gerard was bringing home. But little did I know I would fall completely in love with this beautiful human being.
Gerard and Frank sat down on the couch behind me. I was still fully focused on the game, until Frank spoke.
“You’re really good.” He said the words were so soft and mind boggling. I needed to see the person that spoke those words. I hit pause on the game and turned to face him. The minute I saw him, I kicked myself in the ass for not looking at him sooner. Everything from his perfectly placed hair to his old and beat up Converse was perfection.
Then from that day on I wanted him, always wishing he felt the same. I guess he was my first true love.

Over the years he and Gerard became best friends. Frank was always over and sometimes spent the night. On very rare occasions when Gerard fell asleep before me and Frank, we’d stay up and talk most of the night. He is so smart. I always listened to him intently. I wanted to hear everything he had to say. These nights were always the best nights and I longed for them.

I took one last look around the park and contemplated leaving. The sun was just setting and it looked breath taking. I dug my feet into the woodchips making a hole. I let my mind wander as I swinged some more.
“Do you often sit in parks alone?” I could recognize that voice anywhere. I pushed away my childish thoughts and stood up. I slowly turned around. God, he was gorgeous. He had on tight jeans that sagged under his defined butt. His arms were wrapped around his small body that was only covered by a form fitting t-shirt. He fought the wind to keep his hair out of his face. He began to step closer to me. My heart beat became more rapid and my knees shook. I opened my mouth to say something. I couldn’t, nothing I could say would ever sound as beautiful and breath taking as when he spoke. I pushed my dorky glasses up my nose and stared down at my feet.
“Mikey, what’s wrong?” Frank asked. I heard him take some more steps forward. I could see his feet, they were right in front of me, which meant so was he. He placed his hand on my boney shoulder. I lifted my head and my eyes met his. My head screamed push him down and make love to him. My heart said tell him you love him and then see where that takes you.
“Mikey,” He continued. My name sounded so alive coming from his mouth. I wanted him to say my name followed by three small words, that meant more to me then anything.
“Frank,” I heard myself say. Oh god, was I really going to do this?
“Mikey,” My name rolled off his tongue. I figured we couldn’t stand here and say each other’s names forever. I swallowed hard and opened my mouth. Frank still made contact with my eyes, they urged me to continue.
“Frank, I love you.” The words escaped my lips before I could take them back. He didn’t seem alarmed or scared. He smiled slightly. I tried forcing a smile back but couldn’t. It felt good to tell him.
“Say something.” I said quietly. He smiled again and placed his hands on my hips. He pulled me closer to him. His small pink lips parted and met mine. My body was overwhelmed with emotion and lust. I wrapped my arms around his neck trying to pull him closer to me. He tongue glided along my bottom lips, requesting entrance, which of course I allowed. After a few moments he pulled his mouth from mine and placed his forehead against mine.
“That said enough.” I whispered. Frank just nodded and we walked hand in hand back to my house to “pick up where we left off” Frank’s words, not mine.

AN: Sorry if this was really cliche. Tell me what you think.
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