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read and find out.

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It only took about a 15 minute walk to get to his friends house. when we got their we went down to the basement.

"hey guys" said Frank
"hey frankie"
"guys this is my friend Kheziah, khez these are my friends Mikey, Gerard, they are brothers and then this is Ray Bob and this is Mikey's girlfriend Alicia" he said as he pointed to each of them
"hey Kheziah" they said
"hey" I said. I'm not a shy person.
"Oh my God finally, another girl to hang with" said Alicia and me and Frankie sat down on the couch
"so why weren't you in school today Alicia?" said Frank
"I had a doctors appointment and it took like two hours" she said
"so, Kheziah did you just move here?" asked Gerard
"where from?"
"I've always wanted to go to the Edmonton" said Alicia "is the mall really big?"
"you kidding me? It's fricken huge. it has hundreds of stores, an amusement park, big huge pool, mini golf, you name it"
"did you go alot?" asked Mikey
"guys, we shood practice now" said FRank and they all got up and got their stuff ready
"so you go to my school?" asked alicia
"yeah I think"
"what classed do you have?"
"same classes as Frankie"
"me to"
"sweet, so we have the same classes together also?"
"you bet"
"Frank and I, we never get our work done in class"
"I dont either" I said and we laughed "I hate school so much"
"same, why could we just be born smart?"
"I ask myself that all the time"
"this song is called 'Honey this mirror isnt big enough for the two of us'" said Gerard and they started playing.

They played 4 songs,'Honey this mirror isnt big enough for the two of us' 'Drwoning Lessons' 'This is the best day ever' and 'our lady of sorrows'. that is what the names of the songs were that they played. They were really really awesome. when they were done, both Alicia and I clapped for them and they bowed.

"you guys were awesome" I said
"thank you" they said and sat down
"who's thirsty?" asked Bob
"me" we all said
"I'm gunna go and get some cokes from upstairs" he said and went upstairs
"you guys were really really awesome" I said
"really?" asked Mikey
"hell yeah"
"thank you"
"no problem" I said and FRank came and plopped himself down on my lap
"your comfy"
"your heavy"
"your comfy"
"her ya go" said Bob as he came back into the room and handed everyone a coke
"thank you" I said

So the rest of the time was spent goofing around and having fun. All the guys are awesome and they are fun to hang around with and I am glad that I got to meet them. Frank was poking me and kept sitting on me and giggling wich made me giggle because his laugh is so fricken adorable

"I have to go" I said as I looked at my watch and it said 6:30
"awww how come?" they asked
"I have to go home because I'm going out to dinner"
"I'll walk you" said Frank
"its ok, you dont have to"
"but I want to"
"I have to go to" said Bob
"I ain't walking you home buddy boy" Frank joked
"aww please? I'm scared" said Bob jokingly
"what, that the boogy man is gunna come out and eat you?"
"suck it up princess" said Frank and we all laughed. "Come on Khez"
"it was nice hangin with you guys and I'll see you tomorrow" I said
"you to Khez" they said
"see you at school tomorrow Khez"
"yeah see ya at school Alicia" I said and Frank and I left.

Frank walked me home and to my front door where we said our good bye's and then I went iside and he went home.
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