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The Final Confrontation. And Harry faces Riddle too

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Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal

Chapter Twenty – Endgame

As usual a parliament of owls made the morning mail delivery to the students in the Great Hall as they ate their breakfasts. Neville and Daphne both received their copies of the Daily Prophet, and immediately called Harry’s attention to the attack at St. Mungos.

Harry and his wives scanned Daphne’s copy while Neville read his own.

“Ron’s dead.” Hermione’s voice sounded somehow empty.

“Damn.” Harry took Hermione’s hand under the table; she returned the squeeze with unexpected strength. “This has to end. I can’t put it off any longer. Was anyone else hurt Neville?”
Neville scanned through the rest of the article, and paled.

“No.” The young Wizard whispered. “No. It isn’t fair. It just isn’t fair.”

Hermione found what Neville had seen, and pointed it out to Harry. Harry put his hand on his friends shoulder.

“Nev, Mate…”

“Neville!” Hannah rushed to her boyfriend’s side and pulled him into a hug. “I’m so sorry Neville, I’m so sorry.”

“Oh look, someone killed a blood traitor loony at St Mungos” a loud clear voice came from the Slytherin table. “Ooh, they pruned one of the Longbottom Vegetables too.”

“Shut up Parkinson!” Daphne spat. “Show some humanity for once in your pathetic life.”

The Great Hall suddenly went very quiet. “What’s wrong Daphne? Are you worried about your little friend? Buck up Longbottom, now you’ll only have to spend half as much time watering your vegetables.” The Slytherin table erupted into laughter. “That’s why you got into Herbology in the first place isn’t it Longbottom, so that you could tend to vegetables?”

“I’m warning you Parkinson, stop it now or you won’t appreciate what I do.” Neville said, not taking his eyes off the news paper that announced the death of his father in such an off hand manner, in the last paragraph of the story.

“And what are you warning me about Longbottom, you pathetic squib? What are you going to do? Weed me? Plow my fields? What’s wrong? Does Abbott just lay there like your mother?”

Neville Longbottom stood and drew his wand in a single fluid motion. “Accio Parkinson!”

Pansy Parkinson quit laughing at her own wit when she found herself dragged across three tables to Neville Longbottom’s waiting hand. Neville took her by the throat and lifted her to her feet. “Perhaps you haven’t heard that my magic and I are getting along much better these days. Are you ready to die Parkinson?”

The staff table shook its collective self free of the shock of the exchange they had just witnessed and began to respond, as usual too late.

“Let her go Mr. Longbottom.” Minerva McGonagall called from the staff table.

“Please stay out of this Professor. You sat there listening to her digging her grave and never said a thing. Not one word from any of the Staff. You all forfeited any right to speak now. This is now Family Business. This junior Death Eater has allowed her mouth to write a draft her wand can’t cash.” Neville returned his attention to the struggling woman. “You didn’t insult little Neville Longbottom this time Pansy, you insulted Longbottom of Longbottom, and maligned the woman I love and my family. With the death of my father, I am now the Head of The Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom, and as such I am declaring Blood Feud between the House of Longbottom and the House of Parkinson.” A gasp rippled through the Great Hall as the Purebloods realized what had just happened. Neville’s eyes never left Pansy’s “You didn’t answer my question Parkinson. Are you ready to die?”

“Mr. Longbottom!” The Headmaster stood.

“You stay out of this as well Headmaster. You created this situation. You let Snape coddle the Slytherins until they expect to be able to laugh at someone losing a parent. No more!” Neville waved his wand and incanted silently. The left arm Pansy’s robes fell to shreds to the floor showing her bare and tattooed left arm. “Oh look at that Pansy, the Dark Mark. Who did you kill to earn that I wonder? I guess you wanted to take Draco’s position as the stupidest bint in the school. Guess what Pansy? You aren’t a child who can hide behind the Headmaster and his pet Death Eater anymore. You’re an adult, and you insulted an Ancient and Noble House, with all that entails. Perhaps I’ll flay the skin from your body. Of course, I’ll be sending your head to your father so that he will know the House of Longbottom is coming for him unless he deals with you properly.”

Pansy was struggling in Neville’s grip. “The Dark Lord…”

“Will die. Do you understand that Pansy? Harry is going to kill the bastard and I’m going to help him. But first, I’ll be killing you.”

Harry stood and placed his hand on Neville’s shoulder. “Nev, please, don’t kill her. Not yet. I need her.”

Neville’s grip tightened on Pansy’s throat, while she struggled. “You need her?”

“This has gone on too long Neville.” Daphne said. “Harry has to get a message to Riddle to end this. Parkinslut there will be the messenger. This won’t affect your Blood Feud, just delay it.”

Neville’s rage dimmed, just a little. He shoved the flailing girl toward Harry. “Take her, do what you want. Next time I see her, she dies.”

“Slave, go to your master.” Harry fixed the Slytherin girl with a stare. “Go to your master and tell him I expect him to be at the Shrieking Shack at noon tomorrow. Tell the coward that I am going to finish this. Tell him I called him a coward and said that if he doesn’t show up, I’ll come looking for him. When I find him his humiliation will be complete.” Harry allowed his magic to flare in his eyes, a silly parlor trick that served no purpose but Daphne and Hermione both said was creepy as hell “Now, go, before Neville decides that any one of the Death Nibblets can deliver my message and kills you.”

Pansy Parkinson now had but a single thought, report to her master. Potter, Longbottom and the rest of the blood traitors would pay for this! Her robes in tatters, she ran from the Great Hall to the Entrance Hall exiting the castle, and running to the edge of the wards to apparate away.


The Great Hall exploded into chaos. The thought that the Dark Lord would be as close as the Shrieking Shack unnerved most of the student body. The staff struggled ineffectively to restore order as a majority of the students fell into abject terror. From the staff table, Dumbledore noted the exceptions to the panic were Potter and his inner circle, and members of Potter’s old Defense Association. Dumbledore knew he needed to restore order to the school. He stood and drew his wand.

A pair of cannon blasts filled that air of the Great Hall. The students quieted, though their fear and panic remained.

“Prefects! Escort your housemates back to your dormitories. Classes are canceled for today and tomorrow. All students are confined to their dormitories until further notice. Meals will be served in your common rooms. Mr. Potter, my office. NOW!” The Headmaster turned and stalked out of the Great Hall.

Harry turned to his wives. “Hermione, check on Neville. Get him and Hannah to our suite. They don’t need to be separated today.”

Hermione kissed Harry quickly, and then ran off to do as he asked.

“Daphne, send the owls to Amelia Bones, the Unspeakables, and everyone else you think needs to know.”

“Right Harry.” She kissed him as well, and then left.

“I believe the Headmaster directed you to go to his office Mr. Potter.” Harry turned to find Minerva McGonagall glaring at him. “I believe you should be doing that rather than making public displays of affection with your wives.”

“And I believe that I don’t much care what the Headmaster directs me to do Professor. He isn’t in charge any more; I’m not his obedient little weapon. He lost all chance of that when he gave the Weasleys the first doses of the potions they used on Hermione and me.”

The lack of instant obedience flustered the transfiguration Professor. “The Headmaster has explained to my satisfaction why he did those things…”

“Oh, did he?” the way she blithely accepted the old man’s lies and manipulations infuriated Harry. “Was it sufficiently to your satisfaction that you would subject yourself to it? If the Headmaster suddenly took it into his head that the way to defeat Voldemort would require you to bed and marry Mr. Filch, would you willingly do it, or accept the potions that would allow you to think it was a good idea?”

“That is hardly the same thing Mr. Potter” McGonagall hissed, her eyes slits of anger.

“Why? Because it happens to you?” Harry shook his head sadly “What if he did to you what he did to Hermione? Sold you to another as a reward for their assistance, and dosed you with potions so you would beg to be raped?”

Seeing that McGonagall was not responding, Harry continued. “Neville was right. You see what’s happening and do nothing. You are supposedly the Deputy Headmistress, why have you allowed the school to become what it is today? You heard what Parkinson was saying to Neville, you could see what it was doing to him. When did you react? You did nothing until HE reacted in righteous anger. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Harry again waited for her response, she had none. “Where were you when Snape was bullying and raping children? Where were you when the halls of this school became unsafe due to the Pureblood attitudes encouraged in Slytherin house?” Where were you when Hermione and I, both of us from your own House, were dosed with potions and raped? Where were you when everything that has happened over the last seven years happened?”

Harry struggled to calm himself. “Has there ever been any explanation from Albus Dumbledore that you did not accept without critical thought? You were my Head of House; do you remember what you said at our orientation? You said “I am your advocate at this school. If you have concerns or problems bring them to me. That’s what you said. It didn’t take me long to learn that going to you with problems served no purpose at all, but I kept trying, hoping against hope that you would change, but you didn’t. Not first year with the stone, not second year with the Chamber, not third year with Sirius, not fourth year with the tournament, and not fifth year with Umbridge.” He raised his right hand displaying the words ‘I will not tell lies’ carved into the back of his hand. “She used a fucking blood quill on me and so many others. WHERE WERE YOU?”

Minerva McGonagall took a step backwards when faced by his anger.

“No Professor, I don’t trust you, I don’t need you, and I don’t take your orders. Feel free to expel me. I will report to the Headmasters office at a time of MY choosing. Fair warning Professor, as soon as I am done with Riddle, I am going to destroy Albus Dumbledore, and no one in this world will be able to stop me.” The young man turned on his heel and strode away; he stopped at the door, hesitated, then turned back to the stunned woman.

“Professor, the Headmaster may have explained himself to your satisfaction, but he has not and cannot explain himself to mine.” He looked away from the expressionless woman. “After Riddle is dealt with, I would appreciate it if you made sure that neither you nor anyone else is between the Headmaster and me. I would truly hate to hurt someone when I present him with what he so richly deserves.”

And he was gone. Minerva slumped against the table. What had she done?


“I told you I wanted to see you over two hours ago Mr. Potter.”

“I’m sorry Headmaster; I had some important things to take care of before I could waste time with you.”

The old man looked over his eyeglasses at Harry. “Feeling a bit full of yourself aren’t you Mr. Potter.”

“You have no idea Headmaster. What was it you wanted?”

“I would like to know what you were thinking challenging Voldemort like that.”

Harry shrugged. “I thought I was fairly clear. I’m finishing what he started back in ’81. The only thing waiting does is allow him to kill more people.”

“And how do you propose to do this?”

“Why should I tell you? So that you can let him know my plans as part of some nebulous ‘Greater Good’? I don’t think so Headmaster. I’m playing this in the Albus Dumbledore mode, telling no one anything remotely useful, and lying whenever I feel like it.” Harry smiled. “Let’s see how you like it.”


What was left of Pansy Parkinson’s body was still smoking from the spell the Tom Riddle had used to punish her for daring to bring him Potter’s insults. So Potter was calling him a coward was he? Riddle calmed himself. It seemed every time he lost his temper he further depleted his forces

Riddle took the arm of the closest Death Eater and signaled for all of his remaining people to return to him. Potter was going to get what he asked for.


Lying back on the bed, Hannah ran her nails through the fine hairs on Neville’s chest, while nuzzling his neck. They were in Harry’s room in the suite the married trio shared. Savoring the afterglow, Hannah looked about the room.

“It’s so clean in here. I don’t know why that surprises me, but it does.”

“Harry’s always been neat. I think it has something to do with how he was raised. He doesn’t talk about it, but I don’t think he was very happy there.”

Deciding that Neville was more interesting than the cleanliness of the room or the history of Harry Potter, Hannah returned her attention to his neck, teasing him until she felt him starting to rebound from their earlier efforts. Neville’s left hand went to her breasts, lightly teasing her nipples.

“Hannah, will you marry me?”

“What?” Hannah sat up and looked down into his eyes, her long blonde hair framing her face, which held a look of total shock.

“I asked you to marry me.” He offered a hesitant smile.

“But you’re… you’re a Lord.”

“I’m Neville. That’s all, just Neville. All that Longbottom of Longbottom crap is for other people. Neville wants to marry Hannah. Neville asked Hannah. What does Hannah say?”

“I’ve not sure that your Grandmother really approves of me, I mean we spoke a bit after you were hurt, but we haven't really spoken all that much.”

“It's a good thing you'd be marrying me then. If it really bothers you, she’ll be at the wedding. You can have a long talk after the ceremony, but before the honeymoon. I’ll warn you though, she’s pretty scary.”

“I haven’t said yes.” She dimpled.

“Now’s your chance“ He looked up into her eyes. “I’ve checked, no outstanding marriage contracts, I’d be all yours.”

“Yes.” She whispered. “I’ll marry you.”

“Well, get down here then.”


Hermione crept into Daphne’s room, she found her sister wife lying with their husband. Harry was sleeping in Daphne’s arms.

“I was wondering if you were actually going to come in.”

“Like you said earlier, if the plan doesn’t work, this could be our last chance” Hermione whispered, she shrugged out of her robe and slid between the sheets next to Harry, cuddling up against him. She reached across his body and took Daphne’s hand in hers.

“Thank you for sharing him tonight. I didn’t want to sleep alone.” Hermione sighed. “Harry’s plan is a good one, and magic is just restrictive enough for it to work, but we could still lose him, if not to Riddle, then to Dumbledore.”

“I know.” Daphne responded, also in a whisper. “I did something tonight that will probably make Harry angry.” She looked deeply into Hermione’s eyes. “I took a fertility potion. I don’t know for sure, but I think he’s put his baby in me.”

“So if we lose him, we keep a part of him?” Daphne was right, Harry probably would be a bit angry, but he’d get over it. “Thank you Daphne, I wish I had thought of that.”


Harry work slowly feeling warm and safe. He was laying on his right side, with his left hand cupping a breast. That was odd, he thought sleepily. Daphne usually takes the left side of the bed. We must have rolled over together in our sleep.

Harry rolled the nipple of the breast he was holding between his thumb and forefinger, and sought out the spot on Daphne’s neck that she loved to have nibbled, when he was startled by the mass of hair he had just pushed his face into. A bushy mass of hair. He opened his eyes and was confronted by a brunette mop. Hermione rolled over to face him and snuggled in closer.

“Morning.” She said in a drowsy tone.

Behind him, Harry felt another body roll against him. A pair of breasts pushed against his back and a slender arm crossed over his body and reached down to take hold of his penis.

“I think we surprised him Hermione.”

“Yeah.” The brunette lightly bit her husband’s chest. “This is much better than my idea Daphne, thank you for sharing.”

“Not at all” Harry heard the Raven haired beauty stroking him say. “But don’t sell your idea short. Throwing him onto the ground, ripping his clothes off and having our way with him has merit. We’ll save that for a morning when we don’t have to get ready for a noon appointment.”

“What’s going on?” Harry asked, hoping with all his might that he wasn’t going to wake up from this dream.

“Neither of us wanted to be alone last night Harry.” Daphne cooed in his ear.

“But you shouldn’t get used to this.” Hermione said. “We both enjoy our alone time with you too much.”

“We’ve got to get ready for your noon appointment, so we don’t have a lot of time.” Daphne said.

“There is only enough for about three orgasms.” Hermione suggested, rolling him onto his back and herself on top of him.

“Well, two anyway, if you get to work and do your job properly, we might find a way to work yours in Harry.” Daphne said as Hermione took him inside of her body. Then Daphne kissed him, and Harry lost himself to the lovemaking when their tongues found each other.


The Dark Lord Voldemort and all of his remaining Death Eaters, numbering an even three dozen, apparated to the Shrieking Shack just outside the town of Hogsmeade. He was somewhat surprised when he found his apparition being guided to a specific location by wards of a type he was completely unfamiliar with. Upon materializing he found himself before a large ornate table of the type contracts were dealt with at Gringotts. He could sense that all of his Death Eaters had arrived directly behind him clustered in a single group.

“11:45. you’re early Tom. Well done.”

Sitting at the table was Harry Potter, two women who fit the descriptions of his wives, a Goblin and Amelia Bones. Standing behind Potter’s chair was another young Wizard and a young Witch. The young Wizard appeared to be the Longbottom whelp. Potter, Longbottom and all the witches were in ornate formal robes. Potter continued to speak.

“We might as well get started since you are here, unless you have any objection Tom?”

“I am Lord Voldemort! Do not use that disgusting Muggle name when addressing me Potter.”

“You are no ‘lord’ Tom, had you applied yourself you might have qualified for the old Gaunt seat, but you did not and you died. Your current homunculus form isn’t qualified to hold the title. But if you want to be formal, you may address me as your Lord Black.” And Potter’s aura flashed blue for a fraction of a second.

Enraged, Riddle whipped out his wand “CRUCIO!” he screamed… and nothing happened. Riddle could hear the confused murmurs from his Death Eaters.

“Really Tom, aren’t you a touch old for such childish displays of anger?”

“What have you done to my magic Potter?”

“I haven’t done a thing Tom. You did it. And as I said, I am Lord Black.” He smiled again. “Forget my title again and I will have to punish you.”

Potter was nudged by the woman to his right. “Ah yes, we must conform to the proper comportment. Introductions are in order I suppose. To my right is my wife, your Lady Black. To my left is my wife, the Lady Potter. To the left of Lady Potter is Madam Bones of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and to the right of Lady Black is First Assistant Bank Manager Lockthorn. Behind me is Lord Longbottom my advisor and his fiancée Miss Abbott.

“What is all this about Potter? Why have you staged all this? What have you done to me?”

“Lockthorn, if you would?”

The Goblin opened the sealed case and withdrew a thick sheaf of parchment. “This document was sworn before me on the 23rd of Obsidian in the year 2907 cge or in human terms 15 April 1952 ce. It is a contract of Fealty to accompany the Fealty Oath sworn to Orion Mordecai Black by Thomas Marvolo Riddle. The Oath of Fealty was given in exchange for a sum of 3000 galleons, and is sealed in the blood of both parties.”

“What has that to do with anything Potter? So I swore an Oath of Fealty to Orion Black. He’s dead.”

“You misunderstand Mr. Riddle.” The Goblin said. “You did not swear fealty to Orion Black, you swore fealty to the Lord Black. Your obligation was passed to his heir, the current Lord Black.”

Riddle realized what was happening, and understood that he was trapped by his own magic. He couldn’t attack Potter, but he could…”

“I see the wheels turning in your head Tom.” Harry frowned. “Each and every person at this table is under my protection, an attack on any of them would be the same as an attack on my person. You may kneel”

Riddle fought against it with all his might when his own magic forced him to his knees.

The Goblin continued “the Oath sworn before and to Lord Orion Black is as follows: ‘I, Thomas Marvolo Riddle swear on my honor, my magic, and my life that I will in the future be faithful to the Lord Black, never cause him or his harm and will observe my homage to him completely against all persons in good faith and without deceit for all of my days.’”
Harry stood from the table. “I, the Lord Black, after consultation with the Lady Black, and Neville Longbottom a pureblood in good standing in accordance with the family rules pass this judgment against Thomas Marvolo Riddle, a vassal of the house of Black. You were in abeyance of your oath to the Lord Black when you took members of the House of Black as vassals of your own and marked them like barnyard animals with your ‘dark mark’. You were in abeyance of your oath when one of your vassals caused the death of the heir of the House of Black, one Sirius Black. I judge that you have broken your oath.”

Harry sat back down. “Tom, you pledged your honor, your magic and your life to the Lord Black. Your violation of the oath requires I remove from you one of the items you pledged. From what I have seen, you have no honor, and I don’t want your life. For violating your oath to the House of Black, I demand your magic. So Mote It!”

The parchment tore its self free Lockthorn’s hands and shredded itself. Riddle’s magical core ruptured and leaped from his body to the shredded contract. It was then that the assembled Death Eaters fell to the ground screaming.

Hermione leaned over to Amelia Bones. “We thought this might happen. The Death Eater’s magic and life force are tied to Riddle through their Dark Marks. His magic has been ripped away, theirs is being sent to him only to be taken by the contract.”

“And since his body is a magical construct” Amelia nodded her understanding, “When his and their magic is completely depleted he will start taking their life force in an attempt to survive.”

“A futile attempt, but yes.”

“So they’re all going to die?”


It took nine horrible minutes for the last of the Death Eaters to die, screaming, and another two minutes for Riddle’s conjured body to fade to nothing, leaving only a small puddle of slime.

Harry stood. “Thank you everyone. Lockthorn?”

“Yes Lord Black?”

“Thank you for your services today. Have you calculated your fee?”

“Yes Lord Black, I will have the invoice for you in a moment.”

“Triple it.”

“Thank you Lord Black.”

Harry gathered his wives into a hug. “It’s over. It’s really over.”

Neville clapped him on the back.

“It’s almost over” Daphne whispered.

“One more and we’re free.” Hermione agreed.


All around the area dozens of people dropped their Disillusionment Charms and reappeared. The Aurors among them began tending to the fallen Death Eaters, a pair of unspeakable collected what was left of Tom Riddle. Minerva McGonagall and Filius Flitwick approached their students.

At Harry’s signal, Lockthorn collapsed the Goblin wards that had so confused Riddle, submitted his invoice, accepted payment and apparated away.

“I cannot believe how you defeated him Harry!” Flitwick said. Most Wizards, myself included would have just attempted to fight him, wand to wand, and would have lost spectacularly. Well done my boy, well done.”

“Thank you Professor.” Harry lowered his voice. “What we spoke about earlier Professor, if I need you, will you be able to help?”

“Yes. A reckoning is long overdue. My wand is yours.”

“Thank you Professor.” Harry turned to his wives. “Hermione? Are you ready?”

“Yes Harry.”

Albus Dumbledore appeared with a loud crack. “Harry my boy; I am overjoyed to see the success of our plan.”

“Our plan Headmaster? What did you have to do with the plan other than demanding that I not attempt it or anything else?”

“Harry now isn’t the time for your jokes.” He dropped his voice into a low murmur. “Harry too many people are listening, we must present a united front here.”

“I don’t think so Headmaster. Madam Bones, I believe you wanted to speak with the Headmaster?”

“In deed I do. Albus Dumbledore, I am here to serve a warrant for your arrest.”

“Might I ask the charge?” The old man had his benevolent grandfather act going strong.

“Kidnapping, misappropriation of funds, misuse of proscribed potions, facilitating rape, and many others. Surrender your wand.”

“I think not Amelia. I believe I will be leaving now, please don’t call your Aurors, I do not wish to harm them.”

"Lord Potter, Lord Longbottom, I hereby deputized you. Arrest Professor Dumbledore.”

The Headmaster smiled widely. “Boys, you’ve both made huge leaps in your levels of power this year, but you are no match for me.” The ancient Wizard cast a wide area stunner which both of the younger Wizards shielded easily.

Filius Flitwick noticed that Hermione Granger was well away from the crowd, behind the Headmaster, and she had her wand out, thinking that odd, he watched as she did a wand motion he had taught her, though the incantation he could read on her lips was off slightly. Filius watched as the charm she cast arced to the Headmaster unnoticed. A smile slowly crept across his lips as he realized what she had done. Brilliant.

The Charms Master drew his own wand and cast a precision cutter into the battle. The tight charm pattern sliced into the Headmaster’s beard and severed it completely just under the old man’s chin.

Dumbledore was startled at the attack from an unguarded direction. “Et tu Filius?”

“In deed Albus.” The small man’s wand spit out a complex curse chain, forcing Dumbledore to stagger into a curse from the Longbottom boy. “I find what you have become to be quite distasteful. Surrender now, before you get hurt.”

“All of you together cannot stop me.” The ancient Wizard panted. “I am Albus Dumbledore, the defeater of Grindelwald, the greatest living Wizard.” What was wrong? Had it been so long that such a short session would have him so breathless? A Bludgeoning curse from Longbottom shattered his shield, a blasting curse from Potter sprayed him with gravel, a light burst charm from Flitwick had him blinking to dispel the spots before his eyes, and he couldn’t catch his breath. He could no longer hear his opponents; they were downed out by the sound of his blood rushing in his ears. What was wrong? His vision lost color, everything was grey.

“Stand down Neville, he’s done” Harry said as he watched his former Headmaster stumble for a third time, then fall to his knees and slump to the ground.

The Aurors rushed forward. “Get the inhibiters on him fast, we need to dispel the bubblehead charm.” Hermione Granger said as she ran to her husband.”

“Bubblehead charm? Why would he have cast a Bubblehead charm?”

“He didn’t.” Harry said. “Albus Dumbledore was defeated by Hermione Granger; SHE cast the Bubblehead Charm on him.”

“A modified Bubblehead to be exact.” Flilius Flitwick was practically jumping up and down in his excitement. “She changed the properties so that it contained the carbon dioxide within the bubble. Well done Ms Granger, work well beyond N.E.W.T. level.”

Hermione blushed happily. “Thank you Professor.”


The British Wizarding Society reacted to the news that Voldemort was truly gone in much the same manner the reacted to the end of the first war. Celebrations went on for a week. Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes made five years worth of sales in three days. The twins ended the official period of celebration exhausted and very rich. Then the clean up began.

The Trial of Albus Dumbledore was quick even by the standards of the British Wizards. This was mostly because Dumbledore freely admitted to each of the charges and attempted to explain that what he had done was all for the greater good. In recognition of everything he had achieved in his long life Dumbledore was sentenced lightly, only five years. He survived three when his aged body, hampered by the inhibiting of his magic, simply gave out.

As far as anyone could tell, every marked Death Eater died with their master. Sympathizers were ‘encouraged’ to go away. There was something of an exodus of those who supported the Pure Blood Agenda. Not all the encouragement was strictly legal; to suggest that old scores were settled would be somewhat optimistic.

On August 9th 1998, Michael James Black was born. Dark haired with blue eyes, he looked into his father’s eyes not three minutes after he was born and grasped the large finger his father offered, Michael was quickly stolen away by his other mother who couldn’t stop crying she was so happy. This scene in the delivery room was repeated with the same adults several more times over the next few years.


Nineteen Years later:

Master Healer Agnes Menos shook her head sadly as she observed her patient. Ginevra Weasley sat slowly rocking on her bed in the private room that had been her world for almost two decades.

Potion induced madness was a rare affliction; Menos had authored many papers on this still young woman. At some point along the last nineteen years she had become… attached.

Menos reviewed Ginevra Weasley’s chart. Arthur Weasley was due any time now. He never missed a day, always arriving for the evening meal to lovingly feed his only daughter. Occasionally, so very occasionally she would come out of the world her damaged mind had constructed for her when he was there, and for a few moments she was fifteen again, and Arthur’s heart would soar… until her connection to reality faded and she was once again lost to him.

Her five brothers would visit at least once a week. How much this woman meant to her family was displayed in the fact that each of the Weasley men had a daughter named Ginny. The brothers would come by with their wives and whatever family members available. The Weasley Twins on the other hand were always together. The twins were infamous at St. Mungos for what they did following a visit with their sister. Without fail they would make their way to the children’s ward (sneaking in if they were there outside of visiting hours) and distribute samples of their wares. This was officially frowned upon, but it was hard to ignore the laughter on the ward following one of their visits.

Molly Weasley hadn’t been seen on the ward since that horrible day when the Death Eaters attacked and the youngest Weasley son had been murdered protecting the other patients on the ward. Menos shuddered at that thought. She still had occasional bouts of palsy from the Cruciatus curse exposure she had received that day.

“How is she?” a soft voice asked at Menos’ shoulder startling the Healer.

Menos turned to find Ginevra Weasley’s other frequent visitors, Luna Finch-Fletchley and Hermione Granger, the Lady Potter standing beside her.

“No change Luna. She hasn’t been aware of her surroundings for 34 days.”

“I was hoping the Muggle pharmaceuticals would help.” The brunette woman said sadly.

“They may have Hermione, we can’t tell yet. Ginny has had significantly longer periods that this before. There are many realities where she recovers.” The grey eyed blond said. “The Legilimancers who have examined her say that she’s at least happy in her mind.”

Hermione sighed. “There are worse things I suppose.” Her necklace chimed. “Arthur’s just entered the building. I had best leave; you know how he gets when he sees me or Harry, no matter how many times we tell him he has nothing to apologize for. Thank you Healer Menos, thank you for taking care of our friend.”

“Mind if I walk you out Hermione?”

“Not at all Luna.”

The two old friends made their way off the ward the back way to ensure that they did not run into Arthur Weasley, it wasn’t until they emerged onto the London street that they restarted their conversation.

“Will you be able to make it to Lawrence’s birthday party?” Luna asked. “He wants to see all of you. Especially Lily and Gary.”

“We’ll be there. Lily would scream bloody murder if we missed it. Besides, I want to see the look on my son’s face when Lawrence waves that Head-boy badge in his face.” Hermione laughed.
“You know Gary actually laughed when I told him revision for his O.W.L.s was important, and that eleven Os and an E in Astronomy most certainly was NOT ‘good enough’.” Her smile hid the personal disappointment that Gary hadn’t gotten the job she had coveted. She knew that her first born really didn’t care about the job title and was happy that it had gone to his friend, who did want it. Shaking her head as if to clear it of that thought, Hermione asked the question she had been wondering about for almost two decades. “Did you see this all the way back when you gave Harry that book?”

“I saw that one of the multitudes of possibilities resulted in my son Lawrence being born, yes. Did I see him dating Harry and Daphne’s daughter? No.” the blonde smiled. “Life plays games with us all, even former seers.”

“Do you ever miss it?”

“No, not really. I lost contact with the multiverse three days before I turned thirty two, then I could quit worrying about the rest of the universe and give my complete attention to the here and now.

“Well, Daphne is deliriously happy with Lily and Lawrence dating… Though I think she thinks that they’ll be doing more than that. She’s already picking out the fabric for her gown for the wedding.”

“They’re a bit young for that” Luna sniffed, ignoring the minor detail that the two children in question were the same age she and Justin had been when he proposed. “Speaking of Daphne, I saw her last week; she hasn’t seemed to have lost the weight from her last pregnancy yet. It’s been two years, but that seemed unusual for her.”

“She did lose the weight.” Hermione smiled brightly. “She made it all back to her size twos. Damn her.”

“But she was… Again?”

“Yep. I call her Mrs. Weasley when I want to get a rise out of her. Both she and Harry are over the moon. Me too, I get more babies to spoil without going through labor.”

“That’s eleven. She’s certainly dedicated to her ‘secret plan’.”

“No, twelve. Twin girls.”

It was Luna’s turn to shake her head. “Three sets of twins. It would serve her right if this latest one takes after their uncles Gred and Forge. I never would have imagined Daphne Greengrass as the Earth Mother type.”

“She loves babies, and she loves making them with Harry. She told me last night that she doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon, and wants me to have another. I told her that three was plenty for me.”

“Even I never saw that coming.” Luna smiled, laughing at her self, just a little bit. “Well, Harry always wanted a family.”

“That and to just be Harry.” The Brunette smiled as well. “And he is.”



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