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my series of short stories, riddles, and poems..

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i showed up today oh there he is!

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the next day came swiftly the sun was back again no wind blew only thick hot waves filled the air all of the little children was back out throwing their frisbee's and jumping their ropes dogs ran free in the parks and ice cream truck's littered the streets. Seencere emerged from her small white house the windows had been covered in black heavy curtains and the stairs pushed way far from the sidewalk as a feeble attempt to discourage anyone from wanting to walk so far the 2 cars in the driveway was seldom used only to carry small amounts of groceries and take Erin-James to day school. Seencere was so lonely for odd and unknown reasons she was very much angry at the world so very sad to what it prematurely dealt her she shuffled her feet in the grass completely barefooted and only looked up when it was that someone would glare at her for almost bumping them she came to the end of the block and looked at the library there he sat on the last step looking deeply at the ground " hi " seencere said coming up and standing beside him " hi " he responded looking up his face was gorgeous. it was beautiful and round with full baby cheeks and pink his skin was pale and snow white and his eyes huge and lovely his pupils was shiny and blue with speckles of emerald green his eyelashes was long and thick and white like bits of snowflakes had been caught on his eyes his nose was small and pointed and his lips small and deep red. " what ya doin'? " she said " nothing " he responded " it's so hot out here " she sighed plennie looked at her out the side of his eyes looking at the bag she had been dragging " what? " she asked " what's that? " he wondered " fishing stuff " she replied " oh cool " he answered seencere stood up looking at him " i'm bored wanna go fishing? "
" i guess " the 2 of them walked off into the nearby forest that led to the peaceful lake that bordered the city of suburbia the 2 sat down and plennie said " now i can tell you the story of my 2 friends their lovers and "

* Hi Harrow here figured it yet why no one notices them and no their not ghosts it's not even what you think read and review bye! *
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