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frank was right

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I had been dating Chuck for about 2weeks and 3days. I had spent lunch making out with him and he had come over to my house for a few hours affter school but he would always say he had to go some were and when I asked him he said I couldn't go with him. He had been kinda distant but I didn't think anything of it, I mean he was the most popular guy at school he had a lot to blance out so I wasn't about to be the overly protective girlfriend and try to get in his way. Affter Chuck would leave mikey would come over and we would hang out for a while then on Friday that was the day me and all my bffs would hang out then stay at my house and go shopping the next day.
I was walking down the hall to the lunch room when I heard chuck talking to Becky.
Becky:" why are you still dating her you told me only 2weeks at the most"
Chuck:" I already told you I am going to dump her the day affter I win football finals. You know as the star player how good it will look if the most popular girl in school is my girlfriend."
Becky:"your falling for her"
Chuck:" you know she means nothing to me."
I looked around the corner to see them making out! I felt as if my heart had been thrown off a really tall buildind, riped out, was cut into shreds , and then put back in me and left to bleed dry.
I ran down the hall crying and triprd. "Massie what's wrong", I heard mikey's voice ask me as his arms wraped around me to stop my fall, he then sat me down and held me in his arms as I cryrd and told him what had happened.
" Frank was right", I finished.
"what do you mean"
"that day I came over to your house and chuck came by, well Frank saw us kiss and he told me that he was using me and that he was still datting Becky. I'm such a dumbass, you know he only is datting her cuz she is a size 3 and I'm a size 5. God I'm such a fatass!", as I said this Mikey took my face carefully in his hands and said," your not fat. Don't ever belive that for a second. Becky looks unhealthy you can see all of her ribs for fuck sakes! As far as I see it this is Chuck's mistake and he should be feeling like the dumbass not you. He is the one missing out on a grate girl, your sweet, funny, and have a answer for everything! Not to metion that you can always make people smile when they are down. Your are your owne person and don't take shit from no one and you kick ass in video games! So fucking what if Chuck didn't see that? He is going to miss you when he sees that your gone. And on top of everything you still manage to be the prettyest girl in the school." he then brushed away the hair in my face and wiped away my tears and pulled me close to him and rubed my back and told me its gonna be ok while I cryed.
"you lieing cheating whore", I heard some one yell looking up to see that it was my gonna be x boyfriend. I stood up and got in his face and screamed, " your the one dating Becky behind my back! I never loved you so leave me the fuck alone! Were though and I hate your guts"
" so you chose some freak over me" I got right in his face and hissed " don't call him a freak"
" I bet your fucking all of them hug? Well why not me" he then grabed me and tryed to push me against the wall while he kissed me. I pushed him away and it caused him to rip my shirt because he had a hold of it, I then reached my arm up and bitch slaped him as hard as I could leaving three long cuts were my nails had hit him. " bitch you are going to pay", he told me befor walking off.
I was so pissed that I made to run at the brick wall but felt mikey grab me pinning my arms to my sides and truning me around so that I faced him as he said, " don't fight with the brick wall, you will lose everytime" "you know for being so skinny you're really strong", I told him. I threw my arms around his neck pulling him into a hug and felt him tighten his arms around me. " awwww", I heard a voice behind us say, I looked and saw that it was frank and Gerard making kissing faces while bob and ray laughed at how funny they looked." oh shut up you two", I said as I pushed frank into gerard, this was a bad thing to do as frank grabed me, I grabed Gerard, he Grabed his brother, Mikeiy grabed Bob, who grabed ray and we all fell in a big pile. I fell on top of mikey who had ray's hair in his face, I had gerard's arm in my face, bob had managed to not get caught in this and frank was sitting on us all bouncing hyperly. "get off or I will bite whoevers arm this is" " frank get up or she will bite me and if that happens I will kick you in the balls", came gerard's voice. Me, frank, and gerard had gotten up but mikey was still lost in ray's hair. " mikey stick out your arm" when he did I reached out to pull him up, it would have worked to if he wasn't stronger then me so I fell on top of him...not that I was complaining.
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