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Chapter 1

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He had to keep reminding himself to do this. It was crucially important that nobody saw his face.

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‘Keep quiet. Don’t speak too loud, and make sure your head is low and you’re watching your feet as you walk. As long as nobody talks to you, or sees your face, nothing will happen to you...and you’ll be okay. You’ll be fine, just don’t let them see .You’re...unattractive, and nobody wants to talk to you.’

The day was bright. Too bright. The sun was nearly sparking with heat, and it only took about two minutes of being outside before you’d break out into a sweat. Even the trees looked like they were wilting from the rays, and from the dry brown and yellow the grass was turning, it was probably one of the hottest days of the year.

It was almost dead outside, not many people were around. It was just too hot. Everybody was probably inside their nice air-conditioned homes, drinking iced tea and hanging out with their friends, having to make do with staying inside until the night came.
That wasn’t going to stop someone though.

His head was lowered, eyes currently watching his black and white clad feet through his bangs as he sluggishly paced along the sidewalk. Now, this boy was definitely something you’d want to take a second glance at. He was beautiful. Some might say emo, or goth, or strange, and very slim, but he was definitely attractive, even if someone had told him otherwise.

Strangely though, he was covered in black from head to toe. Black skinny jeans, black tank top, black hoody, black get the point. Even the writing on his hand was black, scrawled in a hasty manner were the words, don’t look up.

He was forgetful, okay? Sometimes he needed the reminder.

Fortunately for the seventeen year old, he didn’t seem to be suffering from the heat at all. He was completely unaffected by it as he popped open the tab from a can of diet soda, and took small sips from it as he walked. His nose wrinkled slightly at the luke warm temperature of the drink, but it had been in his hands for a couple of minutes already, so he couldn’t really complain.

His long glossy black hair was completely covering the upper half of his face, and he had to keep it that way. The only thing visible was his light pink lips, with two swirly black lip rings on each side. If you were to look underneath though, to see his face, you’d find baby soft skin and long eyelashes. That’s all you’d want to know.

‘Do not let them see your eyes.’

He had to keep reminding himself to do this. It was crucially important that nobody saw his face. Unfortunately this made it incredibly hard for him to see if he was going the right way, or if he was even on the right street. It was just his basic remembrance skills that had him following the familiar cracks and footprints he saw almost every day.

‘Just keep your eyes on the sidewalk.’
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