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Look ma, NO PETE!

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McKenna Applegate is a sleaze.

Her reputation has, and always will be, that of a whore. It’s not like I really know who or what she is all about, but believe me when I tell you, I know enough about McKenna Applegate.

I have known of McKenna since middle school when I arrived into the busy city of Chicago. The moment my first day started, I was warned of the siren with the violet eyes.

McKenna Applegate was beautiful, and I figured, that was why it was so easy for her to snag men and wrap them around her fingers. In that first year of middle school, she went through 6 boyfriends. Each only lasted a month; exactly. I was never that nervous of her, considering she was in a league millennia away from the one I was in.

McKenna was a choir girl, and judging by all the solos she earned in concerts, she was an amazing choir girl. Me, I was a band geek and it didn’t help that I was a comic book nerd as well. She was into malls and valley –girl movies, from what I heard, while I was into record stores and Star Wars.

Though, that doesn’t mean she never affected my life. Through out middle school she was always in at least one of my classes, and always sat near me and on occasion would ask questions about class. It didn’t really hurt my feelings that she would never ask anything else.

It was in 8th grade that she dated one of my friends, David, and according to him, they “fucked like wild rabbits”. Needless to say, I slowly stopped being friends with him. My vision of McKenna changed then, and I realized she was just another popular girl out for good sex.

My thoughts never completely surrounded her, but the curse followed into high school where she dated a new guy every month for two years, and each was in the classes we shared. Junior year was different though, when she stole away Patrick, my innocent friend who didn’t believe the stories about her. I counteracted by stealing away McKenna’s best friend, Christie, whom I knew always had her eye on me, even though she really was a popular. We had our kicks and it wasn’t until Patrick had been let go that I realized I had acted on an asshole revenge level by hurting Christie.

It wasn’t until the end of junior year and extensive thinking on my part that I realized McKenna Applegate was in fact somebody I wanted to get to know. And even though we knew each other on first name basis, I wanted to dig deeper into her life and figure out what she was really all about.

McKenna Applegate is a sleaze.

And I can't wait to be her flavor of the month.



McKenna Applegate miraculously finds yet another way to intrude in my life without really doing much; she is here too, sitting right in front of me. It is the first day of senior year and I was hoping to get through the year without any distractions, but this thought was crushed the moment the ends of her reddish strands of hair met my desk and a few lines of my notebook.

My throat tightened the very moment and suddenly, pre-calculus became a struggle for my brain to comprehend. It was a bold statement for me to come up with, considering we had not even started lessons. In the mists of mango scented shampoo, I had forgotten it was still the first day of school. I cursed the female race and worshiped it in the same second.

“Joe.” I turned my head suddenly to see Patrick in the desk next to me, his eyebrows raised in a friendly expression and body turned towards me. “How are you?” he asked.

I shrugged before leaning back in my desk and staring at the back of McKenna’s head.

“I’m not sure anymore.” I answered.

Patrick’s eyes rolled; I was convinced he already knew I was crazy.

“Christie says hi.” He said.

I raised an eyebrow to myself and scratched my wrist, suddenly met with images of our summer fling.

“Really?” I asked, unenthusiastic of Patrick’s statement.

“Yeah.” Patrick answered, his head turning to watch more students walking into the classroom. “She says she yelled it at you this morning out front, but you never really responded.”

I suddenly realized again that we were sitting behind McKenna, and Christie was still best friends with her. To be talking about Christie was not a good idea, especially since I was no longer interested in her. I honestly never was, but Patrick on the other hand, well…

“She’s really pretty, Joe.” Patrick’s face lit up and a goofy grin over took his expression. “I don’t understand why you two didn’t work out.”

I sighed and watched as the red strands on my desk shifted slightly.

“Patrick.” I warned. He continued.

“You’d think she’d take her eyes off of you for a second and shift them to me?”

I closed my eyes tightly as McKenna’s head turned into our conversation.

“Patrick, you like Christie?” she asked.

My eyes opened and I slumped further into my desk. The quieter I stayed, the more chances I had of avoiding confrontation with McKenna. I may have semi-dated her best friend, but we had never talked directly. The smile on her face was infectious and soon I found my lips parting. I quickly directed it at Patrick. He however, took it as teasing and got up, walking back over to where he was sitting two rows away. I shook my head to myself before letting my expression falter. I was alone and McKenna was still very much in front of me, her head turned in my direction. She didn’t say anything to me when I faced her but the small smile she flashed earned a place in my timeline. It didn’t matter that Patrick hadn’t answered her or that the fact Patrick might like Christie. At that moment, I was just happy that she had acknowledged me. McKenna Applegate knew what I looked like.


Lunch was different for me that day. The sky may have been clear of clouds, but my head was full of thoughts. Patrick was sitting somewhere in the grass next to me, talking to a few other guys who were into the same stuff as him. I had fallen out of the conversation the moment it turned to girls and the year ahead of us.

I turned eighteen in less than a month, and that put me as being illegal for nearly half of the senior class. My mind drifted back to the question of McKenna’s age and I hesitantly shook it away. I was constantly thinking about the girl, but I knew for a fact that I did not have a ‘crush’ on her. What I thought of McKenna was what I thought about music; I was so absorbed in it and wanted to know so much about it that it drove me crazy.

I never appreciated the fact the guys at my school were so comfortable with considering her just another piece of ass. For a while, I considered her a slut, but that aspect changed when I (in some sort of way) got to know her. McKenna was different than the people she hung out with.
Things were quiet for a few moments I thought the guys had gone until I heard a very familiar giggle and a quiet greeting from Patrick. My eyes shot open and I turned my head to see Christie and McKenna standing next to the small circle of guys, Christie’s eyes pinned to my figure lying in the grass. She moved to walk over to me, but was stopped by McKenna’s arm yanking her down to sit in the circle.

As their conversation started, I continued to observe the way the guys dwindled away until it was just the three of them, and how Christie looked as though she did not want to be there. McKenna did most of the talking, Patrick did most of the hopeless staring and Christie did most of the ignoring. When Patrick stood up, I turned my head back to the blue sky and creased my eyebrows together, annoyed, when a cloud drifted into mood. I was alone in my thoughts again, but only for a few moments. A body landed next to me and my eyes widened when I smelt mango.

“Hey.” Was all I heard.

I gulped before turning my head to see McKenna’s almost purple eyes staring back into mine. The thought I had always wondered about suddenly came from me like word diarrhea.

“Do you wear colored contacts?” I asked.

McKenna started to laugh, her legs curling off the ground and her hands falling over her chest. My eyes drifted for a split second. She shook her head as she calmed herself.

“You know, I’ve always waited for somebody to ask me that.” She spoke.

My brain exploded due to over-exhaustion then and I forgot everything I needed to prepare/know for the rest of the year.

“Heh.” I let out.

McKenna’s smile grew even more.

“Christie was right about you.” Her tongue ran over her lips then and her eyes began to shift over my face. “You’ve got some personality.”

I became nervous of whatever else Christie may have told McKenna about what we might have shared over the past summer. That was the only thing I requested of Christie; to not mad-mouth my character flaws. I prayed to every male-god possible as I thought of something to say. McKenna, however, beat me in the dialogue race.

“What hour do you get out?” she asked.

McKenna’s age came back into question. What was she asking me? If I told her after lunch, would she ask me out on a date? I already knew from looking over her shoulder during homeroom that she got out early, and after lunch. Senior privileges ruled, I concluded. McKenna Applegate’s mystic ways of speaking did not.

“In five minutes.” I guessed.

A smile graced McKenna’s features and she moved to glance back at where Patrick was making obviously awkward conversation with Christie.

“Want to help me play matchmaker?”

Ok, so it wasn’t technically a date, not that I was asking for one. Though, I admitted mostly to myself, a date with McKenna would have been nice. I understood then that McKenna wanted to hook Christie up with Patrick. I also knew then that she didn’t know as much as I thought she did about Christie and me. It wasn’t a good idea for me to say yes, but I had weighed that matchmaker meant Patrick and Christie would eventually be alone, which also meant so would McKenna and I. Christie and I might be awkward, but I was determined to pursue what I had wanted for a while; McKenna.
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