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Urban Legend - Hookie

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Set before the events of FFVII when Elena has just joined the crew and Reno has been winding her up and playing jokes. She is still a rookie here.

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“You,” Elena stormed into Reno’s office, “need to come up with a better way to try and scare me.”

“Huh?” Reno looked up at the blond Turk. “What’s wrong this time?”

“This time?” Elene throw a bloodied prosthetic hooked hand on the desk. Reno looked at her genuinely confused.

“Err did you find a mugged pirate yo?”

“No.” She sighed and sat on the chair and pushed her blond locks behind one ear. “Okay I had to go and pick up a report in Sector 2 so I went last night on the way home. It was pretty dark and I wasn’t paying too much attention when I got in the car again.”

“Lena did someone hurt you babe?” Reno looked worried.

“No Ren.” She smiled a little convinced it wasn’t the resident practical joker. “I got back in and put the report on the passenger sat and made ready to go home. I ended up with a bit of a detour when a friend asked me to meet them at a diner for coffee. I had a sudden realisation that someone was following me so I detoured a bit but couldn’t loose them without letting then know I was aware of them.”

“Why not call me or Rude?” Reno sat forward on his chair.

“I was busy trying to think about them and it slipped my mind.” Elena admitted with a blush on her cheeks.

“Okay well carry on…”

“So I decided it would be better to just get to the diner and then I wasn’t driving and could at least get to my gun. The car pulled up and I couldn’t see the driver but they waved and arm and tried to get me to pull over.” Elena explained it to him watching him for signs he was lying. “I carried on as I was getting quite worried.”

Reno nodded and started to play with his EMR on the desk. They had watched the news the previous day and they had reported that a killer had escaped from a Midgar Prison. The killer had been reported as having one hand as he had lost the other following a violent riot. Neither of them voiced it for the moment.

“Um okay.” Reno prompted her as he wound his fingers into the locks of his ponytail.

“I pulled up at the diner and grabbed the report before running out. The guy in the car seemed to wait until I was inside for a couple of minutes and then drove off.”

“Freak.” Reno muttered.

“So I have a coffee and chat with Yuffie which put me at…”

“Yuffie?” Reno exclaimed. “Annoying ninja thief girl?” He looked at her wide-eyed. Reno and Yuffie had a history of annoying the hell out of each other.

“Yes with Yuffie. Holy, Reno just listen will you?” Elena pre-empted the rant. “I left and Yuffie said she’d come and check the car with me. We had a look and on the back of the boot there was the hook.”

“Yo Lena you can’t have expected me to have played a part in something this obvious? Come on!” Reno started to laugh.

“It was not funny at the time, I was really worried.”

“Lena let us analyse this one and then you can figure out who set it up huh?” Reno laughed in good humour. “Okay?”

“Hit me then.” She said getting a coffee for them and then sitting down with her arms folded across her chest.

“Okay,” Reno chuckled, “why would a convicted killer be fitted with a hook and not a prosthetic cap if he’d just escaped prison?”


“Okay try again, Lena babes, you’re not stupid assess this.”

“Okay.” Elena nodded. If it was one of the office staff she needed to consider the rules and the game. “Well if he was announced on the news why would he appear at that point?”

“Good.” Reno nodded. “You’ll get past rookie yet at this stage.”

“Shut up.” She laughed relaxing in to the game. “Okay and why is the hook left behind? It’s obvious evidence and a truly clever murderer learns from his mistakes. He would not do that again.”

“Here’s the one that I think you might like to ask too,” Reno snickered, “why not open the boot with your good hand?”

Elena started to laugh and had to put he cup down on the desk. She had to try and work out who had done it. Tseng only ever did a prank on someone that tried it on him and she had never attempted something like that. She wasn’t ready to take on that particular challenge just yet.

“Rude.” Elena declared.

“He would have been in the car I should think.” Reno nodded. “And put your hook on the boot but he is too streetwise for this kind of joke.”

“That’s the slip up! You said streetwise, that makes it the Presidents son, Rufus.” Elena slammed her hand on the desk. “That isn’t fair, he’s not a Turk.”

“Elena, Turks aren’t paid to play fair.” Reno said still laughing and standing up he grabbed the keys to his bike. “I’ll let Rude know you think he was the one.”

“Oh um,” Elena blushed and watched as Rude passed them, “Rude be more careful with your silly props in future.” She put the hook in his hand.

“I’ll let Rufus know.” Rude nodded to them both. “Bloody urban legends, no one gets scared by that shit anyway.” He said missing Reno poking his tongue out in jest to Elena as they walked back out.
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