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The Master, Bobula.

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Edited a few things, and made it less suckish. (:

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"Oh crap! I'm gonna be late! I gotta go!" Mikey yawned.
Mikey ran into the kitchen and gulped down a cup of coffee. "Ahh," Mikey sighed."Coffee always gets me going."
"Hey, Mikey! Can you do me a favor, please?" Gerard asked, walking into the kitchen.
"Sorry, I'm running late as it is, and I really have to go now." Mikey said as he was gathering his things.
"Ugh." Gerard sighed. "Okay... Go out THIS door." He said with a devilish grin spreading wide across his face.
"Uh.. Okay.."
Mikey walked out the door as Frank hopped through the kitchen entrance.
"Hey Gerard! Whats up?" Gerard didn't hear him.
"Mwahahahahaha!! Oh Mikey! You should learn to ALWAYS do my favors! Now you are gone forever. Lost in a parallel universe! Mwahahaha!"
"..G-Gerard? W-What are Y-You talking about?"
"Ah! Frank! Don't EVER sneak up on me like that. EVER! Do you hear me!?? Ever!!!!!!"Gerard's face was bright red and the veins in his neck and forehead were protruding.
"Uhhh.. Y-Yeah. I heard Y-You.. But Gerard! What the hell are you talking about?!"
"Mwahahaha! I might as well tell you. "Gerard said. "I led Mikey through the magical door. The one that leads to a parallel universe! Mwahahahah!"
"Gerard!!! Not again! First Bert, then Ray. Now Mikey?!" Frank ran to the door and jumped into the other world.
"You'll neverfind him! Mwahahahaahah!


"Where the fuck am I!?" Mikey sobbed.
"Ahh, so I see you've been sent here as well. Why now, young Way?"
"What. The. Fuck." Mikey ran. He ran as far away as possible. No matter how far he ran, nothing ever changed.
"Oh God! I'm never getting out! Ever! Nooo!" Mikey was crying uncontrollably.


Frank was walking aimlessly until he heard sobs coming from what seemed like everywhere.
"Mikey!?! Ohhhhh Mikey?!?! Where are you!?!?"
"F-Frank?! Is that you?!!" Mikey asked warily.
"Yes, Mikey! It's me! Where are you!?!"
"I'm right here." Mikey said. He was right behind Frank now.
"Oh God Mikey! Gerard has gone crazy! Do you know how you got here?!?"
"No, but I have a feeling that Gerard has something to do with it."
"You're right. Now, we MUST get out of here. We can not end up like Bert and Ray."
Mikey and Frank ran for what seemed like forever. They were about to stop, when they crashed into a wall. But that wall.. Was not a wall. It was Bobula.
"Halt! Who goes there?!?" Bobula shouted.
"AAAAAAAH!!!!" Mikey and Frank both screamed. They ran in the opposite direction, and once again, it felt like forever.
"Oh God! Mikey, I have to stop! I can't breathe!" Frank panted.
"Okay. There's a big platform up there. We can sit for a little."
The two of them walked over to what looked like something that could have been a stage at one point.


Shit! Gerard thought. Frank is there! I'll never make out with him again! I have to save him!
Gerard flew out the magical door and was sent into the other world.
He began searching until he too met up with Bobula.
"Another one of you measly mortals?! GET OUT!"
"AHHH! OH MY FUCKING GOD! DON'T EAT ME!!!!" Gerard ran. He ran far, far, away.
"Fraaaaank! He's gone, and it's all my fault." Gerard cried as he fell to the ground.
"Gerard?" Ray walked up to the heap of man, Gerard. "Gerard? Is that you?"
"R-Ray?! Ray! Oh God! Your safe! Wheres Frank! I need my make out buddy!!!!" Gerard cried.
"Did NOT need to know that much, and uh, what about you're brother..?" Ray asked, raising an eyebrow at Gerard, "He's here too, ya know.. But I don't know where either of them are. They probably ran, though. Ran far, far away."


Frank and Mikey were resting on the stage-like platform when they saw a grungy, dirty, long haired man walk up to them. That man, was Bert.

"Stop! Leave! The master! He's on his way! Run far away! Let him get Meeeeeeee!" Bert was taken into the grasp of Master Bobula, and was eaten. Whole.

"AAAAAAAH!!! LETS GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Frank screamed.
They ran, again. It seemed like they were doing a lot of that lately.

They ran until they saw a man with a cloud atop his head. Ray.
"Guys! Gerard is here! He came to save Frank. He didn't say anything about you, Mikey. But C'mon I know where he is. We can all get out of here!"

They ran with Ray until they all were so tired they had to stop, again.
"C'mon guys! The master! I can see him!!" Ray cried.
"WAIT! I need to take of some layers. That way I could run faster." Frank started to pull off several shirts he had on. The next thing Mikey or Ray new, Frank was completely bare-chested.
"How many shirts do you wear?" Mikey asked, giving him a look, "And just because you find out Gerard's here, you have to wear no shirt? Ugh." Mikey shook his head.
"Can we PLEASE get out of here! Master Bobula is so close!" Ray screeched.
"Off we go!" They chanted as they ran to where Ray led them. They all saw Gerard!
"Geeeeee!" Frank squealed.
"My Frankie!! I should never have let you go. And by the way.. You look sexy." Gerard grinned at the sight of a half naked Frank.
"Fuck Franks 'sexiness'. We have to go!!!!" Mikey yelled.
But they were too late. Master Bobula was already there.
"Stop lowly peasants!" He spat.
"On guard!" Gerard screamed as he randomly drew a sword from his belt.
Frank helped by tossing dirt into Bobula's eyes.
When they had Bobula on the ground, they all ran until they saw what looked like a door.
"There!!! THAT'S THE BUS! GOOO!!" Ray shouted.
They all barreled through the door to find bob asleep on the couch.
"What the fuck!?" Mikey screamed.
"Guys! What the fuck! Be quite!" Bob yawned. "I was having a dream where I was the master of a parallel universe, and Gerard led you all into it and I ate Bert, then you guys defeated me. But NOOOO! I can't FINISH my dream because you loud dick heads have to go and wake me the fuck up!" Bob screamed.

All Ray, Mikey, and Gerard could do was laugh. They had no idea what had just happened. none what so ever. All they knew, was that they all needed to go see a therapist.
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