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A short story I wrote a long time ago to test a different writing style.

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The darkness pervaded and grew as the moon began to rise. A lone figure raced the darkness, a bundle in her arms. She was severely cut and bruised, as her face shown. She kept running, the galloping of horses now a tumult of noise behind her. An arrow sang through the air, just clipping a piece of golden hair from her head. Ahead of her, she could see the bare trees, and she accelerated towards the forest. The galloping grew faint, and she turned a sharp left, hiding and puffing, her lungs screaming at the woman for air. She hid behind the tree closest to her, and she sat there, catching what would be her breath. But fear struck her in the face, the galloping of the men on horses close by. She heard the three figures converse,

"You see her anywhere?"
"No, I think she entered the forest."
"No matter, her wounds were fatal and her child will die from being exposed to the wild."

The galloping faded again, and the woman heaved a sigh. She looked to the sleeping baby in her arms. But one thing she couldn’t understand was why they wanted her dead. She turned to the forest, blackness encasing her as she walked through. She increased her gait, in hopes the men decided to come back and follow her. Alas, she tripped, just at the mouth of Kokiri forest, where two young looking boys stood, holding wooden lances to her in defense. Through her tearstreaked sobs, she gave a plea of despair,

"Please, let me stay. Three men wish to kill me for reasons I do not understand. I’d rather die by my wounds than murdered by men."

The children lifted their lances, girls walking over and covering her in a blanket, she limped, following one girl across the forest village, through a path, and met a giant tree. It was aged and very beautiful. The Kokiri children kneeled before the aging tree, the woman doing so as well to show her deepest respect; despite her religion as a Hylian. A wind picked up, blowing the strains of hair from the young woman’s face.

"Who is this that kneels before me but shows no sign of Kokirish blood?" The Deku Tree asked," and why is she here?"
"She is gravely wounded Great Father," A girl responded, her voice speaking for the woman," let her speak for herself Great Father." The girl kneeled again, the Deku Tree sighing and spoke," Speak now, fair maiden, tell me thy reason for being in a safe haven that is forbidden to outsiders." The woman couldn’t think, her mind set on the wound in her side. She thought of her son, then looked to the Deku Tree.
"Great Deku Tree of the Forest," She spoke," I am dying, a wound to my side is one other’s working, and I am too weak to go on. My son is young, he needs a safe home, for I lost mine to a fire of war. Now I flee from three men of the Western Deserts, wanting to kill me for reasons that I understand not. Please," She lifted her bundle into the air with what strength she had left," Take my child, adopt him as a Kokiri and tell him nothing of me." Alas, she fell, dropping her baby into the arms of a girl. The woman lay on the ground, giving her last breath," Take good care of my sweet baby Link." The girl turned to the Tree, who was in deep thought.
"I sense great destiny in this child, Fado," The Deku Tree sighed," I suspect his power is far greater. Perhaps the desert men knew of the prophecy?"
"It is possible," Fado answered," but I sense much more, perhaps."
Link lifted his head to Deku Tree Sprout, answering," I was but a baby, but I seem to remember it. Perhaps I was destined to leave this forest after all, but never knew how." The Deku Sprout added," Now that you of know your destiny, Link, you must destroy the monsters of six other Temples and awaken Sages. Now leave this place, for Saria is watching over the Forest Temple." Link lifted from his knees, and walked on, Navi trailing him. Link had a Destiny, and his memories led to that.
Author’s Note: I wrote this story a long time ago. It's old. It's one of those stories that I wrote to try out a different writing style. I wrote this before I became comfortable with the style I now use today. That's why this is a very important story to me.
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