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I might be...

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You never know just who you're talking to over the internet, especially when a couple of hackers are conversing while trading a file. Not really slashy, but the idea just struck me as funny and ki...

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AnansisChild: entered chat room 623 3:40 a.m.
johndoefortytwo: entered chat room 623 3:45 a.m.
johndoefortytwo: hello?
johndoefortytwo: helloooooo?
AnansisChild: I'm sorry. The window didn't flash and I was checking for spyware.
AnansisChild: I zipped that program to send you. Make sure to delete this log once we're done.
AnansisChild is trying to send
/AnansisChild is sending
johndoefortytwo: yuck. good idea. almost anything you download fills your computer with that stuff. and ditto.
AnansisChild: I'm not too worried about it. Paper trails present far more of a concern to me than digital ones. Technology can be manipulated and provide a sense of insurance that hard copies can't.
johndoefortytwo: unless your damned hard drive burns up on you.
AnansisChild: Well there is certainly that.
johndoefortytwo: damn, i still smell like leather. at least it's not like the last time the guy visited. i smelled like cardboard for the next few hours.
AnansisChild: Leather's not a bad smell. My recent visitor either smells like detergent or sugar half the time.
johndoefortytwo: those aren't bad either. so what did you think about that senator thing earlier this year?
AnansisChild: Don't get me started on that. In my opinion the man got what he deserved and it was rather gratifying to see him hauled away and his successor placed in office.
johndoefortytwo: did you see the whole tape with all the shit he said? i could give you a link.
AnansisChild: I've seen it. It was poorly edited though.
johndoefortytwo: an amateur edited it.
AnansisChild: How would you know that?
johndoefortytwo: you can tell
AnansisChild: It is pretty obvious. If I got a video like that I'd want to edit it to increase the emotional impact. The more shocking it is the more likely people are going to want to take a stand.
johndoefortytwo: his trial is taking forever. they can't put together a jury 'cause everybody knows about it. i got some new editting software though and that's not a bad idea.
AnansisChild: I've been toying around with the idea of doing something similar to that, though I'm sure that anyone I'd be able to incriminate would be able to narrow the suspects down to me.
johndoefortytwo: brb door
AnansisChild: Allright, I'll still be here.
AnansisChild: Well, sort of. Let me put my away message up.
johndoefortytwo: every time! every time he shows up after everybody leaves. he's like the tooth fairy.
johndoefortytwo: k. i'm reading an article.
AnansisChild: Sorry for that. My previous guest lost his cufflinks in my room and I had to scour the floor for them. Fortunately with the proper lighting I can use my glasses as a magnifying device.
johndoefortytwo: lol
AnansisChild: What are you reading, anyway? Anything interesting?
johndoefortytwo: an article on crop circles.
AnansisChild: I heard that the people that claimed they made them were paid off by the government.
johndoefortytwo: ...seriously? D:
AnansisChild: I might be.
johndoefortytwo: you're totally shitting me. D:
AnansisChild: I might be.
johndoefortytwo: it's totally earth graffiti you know. they're writing their names in earth's cornfields. like "pludark wuz here".
AnansisChild: They probably have districts of space. Like the Bloods and the Crypts.
johndoefortytwo: earth is like the only good graffiti wall left, of course they'd wanna write all over it.
AnansisChild: Perhaps the farmers should take a preemptive strike and write "Fresh Paint" in the middle of all their fields.
johndoefortytwo: erg. phone. brb again.
johndoefortytwo: is away
johndoefortytwo: is back
johndoefortytwo: omg, this one guy i know is totally one of those people who thinks he's a vampire and he keeps calling about my friend.
johndoefortytwo: i think he's worse than a chick
AnansisChild: Women are troublesome.
johndoefortytwo: so are men. especially when you can't get them to stay in one place any given amount of time.
AnansisChild: Oh yes, I understand that. Unfortunately all too well at the moment. I try not to me jealous. I don't even know that I have any real cause or if I have enough of a relationship foundation to be.
johndoefortytwo has recieved
johndoefortytwo: i kinda wanna show off this guy to my friends, but he really doesn't want them to see him i don't think. i mean, one saw him, but she's the only one.
AnansisChild: He's probably just insecure. A lot of people are like that.
johndoefortytwo: dude, he has an eleven inch cock. nothin' to be insecure about D:
AnansisChild: WOW. Impressive. How do you take it!?
johndoefortytwo: i kinda haven't yet
AnansisChild: Oh come on, you must have some interest in it.
johndoefortytwo: dude, it's e-l-e-v-e-n inches. that's like a sixth of my height.
johndoefortytwo: besides it's not all that important anyway
AnansisChild: So let me get this straight. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the concept. You've got in your possession a rather well-endowed man who wears leather that you're not all that sure about engaging in sexual congress with? But you are sure that sasquatch is roaming the woods of Quebec.
johndoefortytwo: you should talk mr. i think vampires would be the most likely supernatural being to exist
AnansisChild: Well more likely than werewolves most certainly. Though the afforementioned visitor I just had does have the capability to make zombie powder.
johndoefortytwo: omg seriously? he didn't like use any on you did he?
AnansisChild: Yes. And now I'm typing on the computer but it's rather hard to push keys with my fingers rotting off.
johndoefortytwo: is that all that's rotting off?
AnansisChild: I certainly hope so. Give me a moment to check.
AnansisChild: Yes, it's all still there.
johndoefortytwo: okay, now you're just fuckin' with my head
AnansisChild: I might be.
johndoefortytwo: ahhhhh! D: stop saying that. you're one of them aren't you?
AnansisChild: I might be.
johndoefortytwo: that's it. you're just a freak. i'm gunna log off and go eat something.
AnansisChild: You'll be back later. You know you will.
johndoefortytwo: i might be.


*The "Senator" mentioned in the conversation was from the first storyline between me and Sandpuppeteer involving the men in white trying to implicate the step-father of her character Crawford Sands. He was taped speaking of several illicit activities and Ahab stole his brother's copy of the tap, edited it himself, and brought it to Nuts to put up on the internet and release to the public.
*Dimitri is involved with CIA agent Micheal Paris Westhaven, who is typically in charge of keeping Ahab contained. Westhaven is also a biotoxin expert and an advanced martial artist.
*Dimitri typically uses his hacking skills to get money or to play tricks, and Nuts uses his to find things out and evade tracing on the almighty interbutt. This really isn't set in any specific chronological story time period, just me having a brainfart moment.
*There isn't a site up yet for Savage Soul or Trouble Bound/, but you can read more of G33kz at, find out more about Same Color at, and read some pages of /Savage Soul: Great White Whale at
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