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Hot Fun

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Some nice hot fun with Gerard Way. In second person. Enjoy! ****Edits from last time but it's the same story***

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Hot fun by AttacingHearts.
Some nice hot fun with Gerard Way. In second person. Enjoy!
This is fiction. Made up. Not real. I don’t own My Chemical Romance and never will.


Your boyfriend, of 3 years, smiled in front of you. He seemed to know you were turned on, just by a simple smirk and word. Gerard continued to stare you down, his eyes moving upward and downward, smirking again and again. He gave the impression that he enjoyed the feeling he was giving you, without even a simple touch.

He took a step closer, his hand reaching around to grab the small of your back and pull you closer. The bedroom you were both standing in was empty besides the two of you, as intimate positions were about to occur. His face was so very close to yours, and he soon opened his mouth to speak.

“You’re wet,” he spoke, as he sent shivers down your spine. “I can tell. You’re soaked, baby.” His lips pressing against yours made you both moan into each other’s mouths. You were both now pressed against each other, physical contact at its peak, aside from the clothes as a barrier.

Hands began roaming around everywhere, much to both of your obvious pleasure. Gerard turned around; the two of you connected, and slowly pushed you down to get you lying down on the bed.

His attempt worked, as you were lying underneath him, happy as the pleasure took over you. The moaning never stopped as Gerard’s arms reached to gab your shirt. He pulled it over your head revealing your bra, making his large member harder.

“Mmm.” A soft moan, escaped his beautiful mouth.

You soon pulled his face down back to yours, kissing each other fiercely again. You ran a hand up his covered stomach, not liking the clothes that covered him. Grabbing the hem, you pulled in up fast and soon tossed it to the floor. You ran your hands up and down his fabulous bare torso, loving the feeling of his bare skin.

He then began kissing at your neck, leaving marks overthrew in that are he could. Sucking and licking, he continued as you ran a hand down to his belt buckle, fumbling and taking his belt off. You pulled the zipper down, and grabbed his tight jeans, pulling them off quickly with help from him. It was now on the floor, joining the pile of clothes.

You noticed how hard he was, and smirked like he did a few minutes ago. “You’re so hard, Gee…” you whispered in his ear.

“All ‘cause of you, sugar.” He replied looking into your eyes. His hands ran down to the straps of your bra, softly caressing your nipples as his hands lowered. You moaned, liking what he was doing with his hands.

“Fuck, baby…That feels so good.” You moaned.

“I know…But I can make it feel even better.” He whispered, his words clearly meaning he wanted to see your bare chest. You smiled as he reached fro the clasp as you arched your back, to help him get what he wanted. The bra was now off, tossed to the floor.

“Ohh…” He moaned, liking what he was seeing. “Touch yourself, baby.” He demanded.

You reached down slowly, feeling your stiff nipples. Rubbing them back and forth softly, you looked at Gerard, his head back and moaning loud. You knew what you had to do, you began rubbing harder and harder, Gerard’s eyes wide.

“Damn, don’t devour yourself, baby.” He said, removing your hands and burying his face in your chest. Taking one pert nipple into your mouth, he moaned loudly. “Gerard, fuck.” You let out. Gerard kept completing his job, as you forced his head deeper into your chest. A few more minutes of sucking, he forced his face up.

“I wanna be on top.” You state. He smiled; slipping over so you’re body was on his. You sat up, straddling his waist.

“That’s a good view, sugar.” He smiled.

“Mmm.” You said looking down at your breasts. You lowered your body, and grabbed the waistband of his boxers. “So fucking big…” you whispered, stroking him softly.

“Suck it sugar,” He said, pulling on you hair softly, trying not to hurt you.

You did as you were told, taking him into your mouth, giving him totally pleasure. Deeper he went in you, and more moans came for him. “Fuck…Fuck…” He repeated, turning you on with his incoherent ramblings. "Suck...suck nice and good."

"Oh...Oh shit. I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum!" He yelled, grabbing your hair and releasing into your mouth. "Damn.." He whispered, as you moved up to face him. You smiled, knowing he enjoyed it.

"Can we fuck now?" You asked, seductively.

"But I wanna taste you." He said, close to your ears. "I wanna lick the pretty pussy." He said sliding your underwear down. He pushed his fingers into you roughly, but you wanted him in you now.

"No…Fuck me." You said, teeth clenched. Gerard smirked, he loved what he was doing to your body.

"But you've been a bad girl." He said. "All those bad words you've been using." He told you, breathing heavily. "But you're lucky." He smiled.

"Why?" Came your voice.

"I like bad girls." He said, making you so wet.

You grabbed a condom from the draw beside you, ripped it open with your mouth, placing it on Gerard. All clothes off, ready for some action. Gerard grabbed your hips, flipping over so he was on top. He slammed into you, both of you moaning loudly. Both of you in so much pleasure, not worrying how much noise you were making.

"Oh, God." He screamed. You wanted to ride him so bad, but your legs were busy wrapped around his waist. Not to mention how much control he was in, he was dominate.

"Gerard!" You yelled, this man gave you so much pleasure.

"Oh God, baby. Scream for me," He growled. You didn't respond, your eyes were closed in the happiness. "I said scream! My name, scream it fucking loud for me!" He yelled sitting up, the two of you still connected.

"GERARD!" You yelled obeying him. He smirked.

"That's right, sugar. Gerard's making you cum." He stated, cockily. But he was right, he was making you cum.

"You feel SO good in me!" You yelled grabbing his hair, so eye contact was made.

"I know...Your pussy feels so fucking incredible." He said, his breathing getting shorter. "I’m close...." he gasped.

"Uh, ME TOO!". You yelled, your back arching. Slams were quicker, breathes were shorter, as you both came at the same time.

"Fuck!" He yelled, losing his grip and releasing into you, as you screamed his name. You both lye down next to each other in arms.

"Fun with Gerard Way, I always loved it." You whispered.

"Hot fun baby," He laughed.

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