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Run, Baby, Run.

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Frank and Gerard have to run away from this. They have to. (Kind of a song fic off of Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings)

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Me and Gerard were lying on the couch. He held me tight, for I was on the edge, ready to fall once he let go. I knew we should have been sneakier, but whatever. We loved each other, thats all that mattered. He held me close to his chest, with his legs intwined with mine. I felt his body heat and his hands lightly tickling my stomach. I never wanted this moment to end. But, like any other good thing does, it had to. My dad's car pulled into the lot and he slammed through the door before we had a chance to undo ourselves.

He saw us. Oh shit. He saw us.

"What the fuck are you two doing?!"
"Dad! Nothing, it's not what it looks like. Dad no!"
My father reached down and grabbed Gerard by his long, ebony hair.
"Don't ever touch my son again, you fag. I don't want you around here anymore!"
"Dad! NO! I LOVE HIM!"

Oh shit. What the fuck did I just do?

"You what?!" My father spat. "You can NOT love a MAN. You are a man. And if you love him, you are not a man, and you are not my son!
I began crying. My dad threw Gerard out into the rain by his hair and shirt, I ran out. I held Gerard on the lawn.

"Shh," Gerard soothed me. "It's okay. We don't need your dad. We have each other. It's okay." He kissed my forehead. My dad saw that too. But this time, I didn't care. He was coming to get me. I 'wasn't his son'

"Gerard, we have to run."
"Run where?"
"Anywhere. Anywhere but here." I began to sob.
"Alright. Do you need your things?"
"Yeah. I can sneak through the window. Like all those other times that you did." I half heartedly smiled.
I climbed the tree beside my window, grabbed the ledge, and since the window was open, thank God, I pulled myself through it. I gathered my clothes, my CDs, and my phone. Then I left the way I had come in.

"C'mon Gerard!" I yelled.
"Alright! Are you sure about this?"
"Yes." I clarified.

We began running. Just running. Running to no where. No where at all. We stopped at the park, cause neither of us could run anymore.
"We didn't really have to run, ya know." I panted.
"It's okay though, it's faster." Gerard smiled at me. That glorious, perfect smile. That wasn't perfect to anyone but me.

I heard a car. It came into view. It was my dads.

What was he doing? Why was he here?

"Faggots!" He screamed.

What was the point of this.

"C'mon, Frank. Lets go." We started to run.

My dad just followed us in his car.

He blocked the alley we had to pass and got out. Then he tackled me.

"What do you think you're doing?" He screamed in my face. "Running away to be with a fag-boy. I always knew you were a pansy. Just like that damn guitar of yours"

He hit me. The first time in my life. He hit me again. And again. And again. My ribs ached and so did my head.

"Frank!" Gerard jumped to me, attemting to push my dad off. He failed. My dad punched Gerard.
"Gee!" I screamed.
"Pet names too?! FAGGOTS!"
My dad got off of me and got back in his car. We took off running again. It was a little harder, cause of the bruises.
"Run, baby, run." He told me. He caressed my hand in his and we ran. We just kept running. Nothing mattered. Nothing but the fact that it would forever be me and Gerard.

Forever and ever.
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