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Ghost of You

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It's based off the GoY music video.. And it's been a while since I first typed this and posted it on another site... I think I did this about a month after the video came out.... :|

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"Mr. Way, you need to calm down, you'll tear the stitches!" I said trying to restrain his arms. "Someone get a doctor in here!" I then yelled out to the hallway.

"Where is /he/? Where's Mikey? Where's my brother?" the boy yelled, for that was all he was. Barely 20 and already, he's in the war.

"Gerard, your brother is in the other room. He's fine. He might take a while to heal, but he will get better." I replied.

"I thought he died. He fell… His eyes, they were so lifeless. I watched him fall…" Gerard continued to ramble on.

"But he's alive. That's all that matters now." I reassured rubbing his hand, being careful not to hit any bruises or cuts.

"What about Frankie? And Bob? And Ray? Are they alright?" he asked.

"Gerard, please, you need to rest. They are all fine. They were here for a day, just to make sure nothing happened, minor cuts and bruises. They were sent back to New Jersey. Now please Gerard, go to sleep and relax. You won't get better if you keep fretting." I said, patting his head, and turning towards the door. When I shut the door, Gerard's eyes were closed, whether sleeping or thinking, I'm not certain.

"Molly!" I heard behind me. I turned and saw Sally's red hair running towards me. "Do you still need a doctor?"

"No. Everything is under control. Ger… I mean Mr. Way, he just was curious about his friends and brother." I said correcting my mistake. We nurses weren't supposed to get connected to our patients. Too bad I knew him from before…

"They were all so very lucky, especially his brother. He shouldn't be alive today. His wound was too severe and the blood loss was too great." Sally replied. I nodded my head in agreement. The air raid sirens blared outside again, for the third time this morning. I quickly ran outside, rushing past patients and nurses/doctors alike. When I reached the muggy air outside, I saw the short dogfight. It was really over before it began. The German plane fell, quickly. As a nurse, my feelings were mixed. I hated seeing people killed or injured, yet at the same time I valued the freedom and the liberty to live that the Germans were crushing for their captives. My name was called out and I was pulled inside.

"Molly Turner, the /air raids/, you need to stay inside. It is too dangerous out there." I chuckled inside my head, it was dangerous either inside or out. "Oh, and Mr. Way, he's been asking for you." Jacqueline, the head nurse, told me. I nodded again and I went off to Gerard's room.

"Yes Gerard?" I asked, quietly as I entered his room.

"I've meet you before?" he asked.

"Uh, yes you have. We met at a USO back in Jersey. You and your friends were playing some music. Afterwards, we danced, but soon the Generals came and you had to go. I was taken here too, except I came a week later." I stuttered out. It hurt me to think of it. I quickly decided to change the subject, "Now of your brother, he's improved greatly. Would you like to visit him?"

"I can? You won't get in trouble?" he asked.

"Yes you can visit him. I'll help you, and no one will notice since more patients just arrived." I said helping him out of his bed and into a wheelchair. It was difficult since he was bigger than me, but we managed. His shot to the shoulder had drained him, so walking was difficult. I bent down and fixed his feet, and made sure he was comfortable. I pushed him into the room down the hall to his brother's room. When we got there Gerard gasped then started to sob. I quietly wheeled him closer to the bed, and then started to leave.

"Wait! Don't leave. Please tell me what's happened. I… I… I don't understand. He… he was dead. Shot, I had to watch him die. The medic… he couldn't save him." Gerard continued to sob, and I rubbed his back.

"He's getting better every night. Your brother is very blessed." I smiled, "Look he's waking!"

"Gerard?" Mikey asked.

"Mikey, I'm here." Gerard said trying to pull him self up to stand. "I thought you were dead. You were shot."

"I saw an angel," then he looked to me "you."

"Her? Mikey, she's a nurse. You must have seen her after you woke up." Gerard interrupted.

"No, I remember, we were on the beach. You and the guys ran up ahead and I had to reload. I looked up, and then started to run over to the next barricade. I was shot. I remember seeing her deflecting the bullet, unfortunately it still hit me, but not in the heart like it would have. I saw you, I know I did." At this point I was in tears and started to walk out of the room.

"Molly, please tell him. Tell him you're not an angel." Gerard was hurt, why I wasn't sure.

"I'm sorry, he's right." I said then left the room.


"See Mikey, she said I was right." Gerard said to his brother, caring not triumphantly.

Mikey thought for a few seconds. "Wait. She never said who was right."

"Do you really think she could be an angel? I always thought angels weren't real." Gerard replied.

"Go get here. If she's an angel, she can't lie. We'll just ask her." Mikey suggested.

- Original POV -

I was standing in the hallway, waiting for Gerard to call me. About 5 minutes later, I heard Gerard calling me.

"Hold on." I said, quickly entering the room. "What's the matter?"

"Mikey wants to ask you a question." Gerard said.

"Not a problem." I replied turning towards Mikey.

"Are you an angel? It's a simple yes or no question." Mikey asked.

"Wow, you don't play around do you? I cannot lie to you, for I am an angel, a guardian of you, your family and friends. When you all were born, I was there, the midwife. I gave you your shots, though it pained me to see you hurt. I protected you from your fears and bullies. I was always there, and ever will be." I said giving my speech.

"Can we see your wings then, your true form?" Gerard asked. He was a skeptic; I've seen it in my mind many times before.

I walked over to the door and closed it. I removed my uniform, leaving me in a plain white dress. I closed my eyes and said a few words in an angelic tongue. Soon my wings sprouted from my back and my aura became visible.

"Your wings, they're black." Was all Mikey could say.

"Your aura is red? But I thought angels had white wings?" Gerard asked.

"Sweethearts, you two ask too many questions." I smiled, and then continued to answer their questions. "Guardian angels get to pick the color of their wings. My friend, Eva, she has hot pink wings." I smiled again.

"So, nursing? What an interesting profession." Gerard smiled.

"Thank you" I replied after I folded my wings back in and replaced my uniform. "But now you must never speak of it to anyone. And Gerard you must return to your room now. You both need your rest."

"Thank you Miss Molly. You've been an angel." Mikey grinned.

Three days later, Gerard and Mikey were on a flight back to New Jersey. The doctors were amazed by Mikey's quickly recovery. Especially since he came to them, down to the last thread of life, and had left them fully healed. On his last day, everyone told Mikey that he must have an angel watching over him.

If only they knew…
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