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Starry Night

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by the way...the title has nothing really to do with the movie/story... None of this is mine.. Just Anya. Otherwise I don't own MCR... Bert or Brendon... Although I will admit. That'd be nice. *sm...

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"Bert, /please/, let's just go home." I whined, looking out the side window as the rain pounded on the windshield.
"No, we promised that we'd go visit Brendon, and I'm not going to lie to him. Plus aren't you excited to show him your ring?" he replied. Not even seconds after he said that there was a loud popping noise and the car bumbled to a stop. "Damnit! I knew I should have gotten a new spare." he swore after he slammed his fist onto the dash.
I looked down at our cell phones that were in the cupholders. No signal. "There was a house back farther on the road. Let's just walk back there and see if we can use their phone, ours have no signal."
"Of course." he growled.
"Baby, come on. Let's just go head over there and see if we can use their phone." I pleaded.
"Fine, let's go. But be careful, it's slippery." he replied and I opened the door. He was right, it was slippery and 5 inch heels were no help. Damn parties.

Damnit Janet...

"Bert, I'm scared." I whimpered as we stared at the door; the knocker was in the shape of an ajar wolf's mouth.
"Don't be silly Anya. They can't be that bad." he soothed and rubbed my back. He reached his arm out to knock, but was stopped by the door opening. There stood two men, one with a curly brown afro and the other one blonde with a close shave.
"Welcome. We've been expecting you." the man with the afro said with a smirk.
"You're just in time for the Master's celebration." the blonde said with a chuckle.
"Great. Can we use your phone, it will take but a few minutes and then we'll be on our way." Bert said, but was obviously ignored, we were shoved farther into the room.

"Wow this place is rich." I said with a snort, as I looked at the decorations filling the house. There was a clock in the shape of a coffin set in the corner, while the other corner of the room held a giant painting of a gorgeous man.
"Baby who's that?" I asked, pointing my hand over to the painting.
"That's the master. He'll be glad that you noticed his artwork." The blonde replied and we were yet again shoved into another room.

"Right this way guests. It's time to prepare for his arrival." the man with the afro said, once we entered a large gallery. There were about ten other people or so; all dressed up in black suits with red ties.

Let's do the Time Warp again...

"Bert, I'm still frightened."
"Anya, it's just a party." he said with a chuckle.
"/I don't like this place/. Just ask for their phone." I whined yet again. But before he could, I fainted once I saw the newcomer enter the room.
"Anya!" Bert yelled as he caught me.
"I see you've met my assistants." the man asked once I awoke.
"Hello, sorry to bother you on such an important occasion, but you see, our car has a flat, and we just want to get home."
"To leave so soon? Darlings, you just got here." he replied with a laugh. His outfit was practically not there. A corset and garters. Not something I want to see on a man. But why do I have these weird thoughts playing in my head?
"Can we use your phone?" Bert asked offering his hand.
"But I don't even know your names." the man replied, his head at an angle and a smile spread across his face.
"Bert." he offered his hand, but lowered it after the glare he received.
"A-A-Anya." I stuttered as I offered my hand.
"Enchante." he replied and kissed my hand.
"But really, we have somewhere to go. If we can just get to a phone, that would be perfect." I said, too afraid to look this man in his eyes.
"Master Way, your brother has arrived. He's upstairs in the labo-I mean the den." the blonde man offered.
"Thank you /Bob/. " he sneered.
"When you are finished here, these two will bring you to me." Master Way stated.
"To a phone?" I asked quickly walking up towards him.
"Sure." he said with a laugh, that only meant he was lying.

Sweet Transvestite...

"Did they really have to steal our clothes?" Bert whined. He stood there in his Scooby-Doo boxers I had given to him as a birthday present.
"I don't know. Maybe it's a traditional thing? They seem to be from a different culture." I replied, trying to cover up my bra and boy-shorts.
"This way." the man with an afro stated.

"Ah, it's good to see you. But such underclothing. Here take these, they might help you feel more, /comfortable/." Master Way stated, handing us two aprons; he too wore one, but his was a lovely crimson and ours, gray
"Now we're here, can we use your damn phone?" Bert growled.
"Bert, baby, calm down." I soothed, placing my hand on his shoulder.
"I'd much rather you stay and see my... /creation/." Master Way hinted. Then he turned to the others with a snap. "Bob, Ray, Mikey get the power center ready. The unveiling will begin." to which they all nodded and headed off into separate areas of the giant laboratory.
"Unveiling? A piece of art? Oh how I love art." I gushed.
"Yes... Art. That's what this is." Master Way replied.
"Master Way, what is your name?" Bert asked, his tone showing jealousy
"I am Gee. You may call me Gerard, Bert." Gee replied, and turned back to his audience from before. "Tonight, my unconventional conventionists... you are about to witness a new breakthrough in biochemical research... and paradise is to be mine! It was strange the way it happened... suddenly you get a break... whole pieces seem to fit into place, not a sign of being.. what a fool! The answer was there all the time, it took a small accident to make it happen..."
Ray and Bob lifted a sheet of material from a tank to show a body wrapped up floating in it's depths.

The Sword of Damocles.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. I introduce you to Frankie, my creature creation." Gee said with an evil chuckle.
"/Marph/!" was what came from Frankie, and then he rose from the tank.
"Mmmm. My creation!" Gerard said with a pleased moan.
Frankie stood in his place as he observed his body. He wasn't exactly perfect, but he did look good. His black hair laid calmly over his right eye, and his lip held a shiny silver piercing.
"He's dreamy." one of the women from the audience called out.
"Credit to your geniusness, master." Ray said.
"Another of your triumphs, sir." Bob added.
"He's alright. He could be taller." Mikey, whom I assumed was his brother added.
"Alright? /Alright/? Alright? He's perfect in any and every way! Isn't he Anya?" Gerard called out.
"I'm not a fan of men shorter than me." I innocently added, producing a smirk from my lover fiance.
"Ugh. Well he's not for you. He's mine!" Gerard growled and went over to Frankie and pet his head. "You're perfect. Don't listen to them."
Frankie only stood there and nodded. He was trying to take it all in.
"Rooms. Mikey, take these two to their rooms. The blue and red." Gerard said with a wave as he walked with Frankie towards another room.

I Can Make A Man Out Of You

"Bert, baby? Is that you?" I cried out hearing the door open.
"Of course darling, it's only me." he replied with a laugh and began to kiss my neck.
"Mmm. Baby, wait. I want to wait." I stuttered.
"Ah, but it will be alright." he smirked into my neck and then returned back to my lips.
"You're not Bert!" I cried out.
"Haha. You caught me. But you want it I know it." Gerard said with a laugh.
"But Bert will find out. This is wrong. I'm engaged!" I pleaded but soon after my resolution faded.
"I won't tell I promise." Gerard laughed.
"Unh... fine." I moaned.

Hot Patootie

"Anya! I missed you. Are you alright?" Bert cried out.
"Of course I'm alright. I just felt a little playful and I wanted you." she replied.
"But I thought we were gonna wait." Bert's laugh betrayed his nervousness.
"Well I thought that was too old-fashioned." she giggled, and crawled into the bed next to him, running a lazy hand up his body.
"Mmm... Ok. Only if you want to." Bert sighed.
"Good." her voice deepened.
"/You're not Anya/!" was the last intelligible thing heard from the room.

I Can Make A Man Out Of You ... Part 2

At first I was afraid, I was petrified... I sung over and over in my head. Gerard had left the room, and I was left to wonder the house. Why do I call it a house? It's obviously a mansion or a castle. The decoration reminds me of a vampiric tale.
I found my way back into the laboratory and saw a television giving off a glow, so I went to see what was going on. There on the tv screen sat my fiance and Gerard. In a bedroom. On a bed. Together. Gerard wrapped in sheets and Bert smoking a cigarette.
Bastard! I swore. And turned away from the sight. But I couldn't determine what I felt more betrayed by? Bert with another person or Gerard leaving for more...

"Meep!" came from the room that Frankie and Gerard had entered earlier; assuming it was a puppy or an injured animal, I decided to investigate.
"Oh Frankie!" I screeched, startled, which in turn scared him. His face was covered in dirt and scratches. "What happened? Did they do this to you?"
"Yes." he replied and nodded.
"Oh, you poor thing!" I cried out and used my apron to wipe off his cuts. I don't know if it was the betrayal I felt overpowering my emotions, but I really just wanted Frankie. Here and now.

Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me

"Anya, what are you doing?" Bert screeched out, looking between me and Frankie. "Frankie!" Gerard cried out. "Bert!" I screeched.
/And that occured all at once, succeding in/, yet again, /scaring Frankie/.
"You betrayed me!" Bert yelled out.
"You slept with Gerard!" I screamed back.
"Eh, you were both alright, but Anya, darling. You were the best." Gerard said with a smirk and I blushed.
"You slept with him too?" Bert cried out.
"Master Way. We have a visitor." Ray entered the room and nonchalantly exited.
"Great." Gerard exclaimed as he went to the tv screen to see who it was. "Why the bloody hell is he doing here?" his happiness soon dimineshed.
Soon after I recieved a jab in my stomach, causing me to screech out from pain and being startled. "What the hell?"
"A man will come running when a woman screams." Gerard replied with a hand wave.


"What happened?!" a voice called running up the stairs.
"Brendon!?" Bert called out.
"McCracken? Anya? What are you two doing here? I just heard a woman scream." he replied, looking nervously between the group.
"You should know why they are here... You sent them to spy on me. To know how to create life!" Gerard burst.
"What? Why would he send us here?" Bert exclaimed.
"Then why else is he here?" Gerard yelled.
"Because I got a call that they'd be visiting me, but they never showed up, so I thought I'd trace their steps to see what had happened to them. I found their car along the side of the room, and so I came to the closet house. I had no knowledge that you lived here." Brendon replied with a groan.
"Well you can't take my secret from me! I'll never tell!" Gerard yelled and whisked Frankie away from the confused bunch.

Wise Up

"This is my farewell. We are going home." Gerard called out, Ray, Bob and Mikey stood around him in his chair.
"What do you mean /going home/?" I asked.
"We are from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania." Ray replied with a devious smirk.
"So I was right?" Brendon let out a shocked laugh.
"No don't go!" I cried out, grasping hold of both Gerard and Frankie.
"Sugar, we have to go." Gerard whispered into my ear, causing shivers to run rampant through my skin.
"Yes, you earthlings must stay here. Leave the house. It will be returning with us too." Ray said, shoving me into Brendon and Bert's arms.
Gerard stood up and shoved Ray back, which sent them into a small fight, but Gerard pulled back suddenly after he saw the gun in Ray's hand.
"Is that a...?" Brendon stuttered.
"Yes. It's an anti-matter gun. It will kill on impact." Bob said with a giggle, "Our favorite toy."
"Ray, Bob. Listen, guys, let's just go home. No need to kill these Earthlings." Gerard stuttered.
"Oh, don't worry we weren't going to kill the Earthlings. But rather, you." Ray said with a maniacal laugh, raising the gun up to aim at Gerard. Mikey let out a screech, causing Ray to turn to him and shoot him. "See what you did. You got your brother killed." Ray laughed and aimed again.
"Fine. Kill me." Gerard said, his eyes glazed over from the tears and he opened his arms.
Bob rolled his eyes and waved his hand, motioning for Ray to fire away.
Gerard's body crumbled to the floor next to Mikey's and I tried to run to him, but I was held back.
"Let me go!" I cried, my body wracked with sobs.
"No. They'll kill you too!" Bert cried.
Frankie's body soon joined the heap, because he tried to steal his Master from Ray and Bob.
"Leave now and you won't die." Ray growled and pointed to the door. I fainted not to long after, but apparently we heeded his words, because when I woke up, we were outside, and the house was floating away.
"Frankie! Gerard!" I cried out, with my arm raised to the sky.

/I've done a lot; God knows I've tried
To find the truth. I've even lied.
But all I know is down inside I'm bleeding...
And super heroes come to the feast
To taste the flesh not yet deceased.
And all I know is still the beast is
Ahh, ahh...
And crawling on the planet's face
Some insects, called the human race...
Lost in time, and lost in space,
And meaning.
From what movie?
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