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Don't You Dare Leave

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Little one shot again...

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"Manuel, where the hell have you been all day?" I yelled as I saw his body finally approach the bus. I was beyond angry, He /knew/ by me using his middle name... I've been his girlfriend for the last four years and He finally takes me on tour with him and the man hasn't said a word to me for the last week.
"Ryan, calm down,” He cooed, fueling my anger. He should know by now not to try to calm me when I was like this; I was best left alone until I came running back to him, like normal. But then again, this time was different. I was angry because /He/ was ignoring me. I glared at him as I took a bite of my celery covered in chocolate Damn weird cravings I muttered in my brain.
"Don't try to /calm me/, /Manuel/,” I hissed, "You've ignored me for the last week. You've never been around. I've been stuck on a tour bus with four guys who currently won't say a thing to me about your whereabouts."
"Don't worry about it Ryan, I'm here now,” He tried to reach for me to comfort me, but I jumped back. I smelt perfume, and it wasn't mine. My lip curled up into a sneer.
"You've been cheating on me! Haven't you? And it's with that size nothing merch girl. Did you tire of me after so long? Trade in your plus-sized love for a smaller surgically enhanced one?" I taunted. His eyes blazed for a second, then returned to their calm state. And then He laughed, in my face; I wanted to slap him.
"What the hell is so funny?" I growled.
"You are so angry that you're making up excuses for my absence and reasons to hate me,” He chuckled again.
"Well, if you aren't cheating on me, then what's going on? Why have you been ignoring me? You know that I hate that; I'm too insecure for my own good,” I whimpered, slightly calmer.
"I didn't want to do it like this, but you've given me no choice,” He sighed and walked away. Yup, He just turned, and /left/.
"Don't you dare walk away from me!!" I lashed out; the others were on the bus now, I could here them coming towards me.
Minutes later, He returned with a folded paper and a sigh. He slowly unfolded the paper, under the glare of my eyes and the sideways glances of his band mates.
He took a deep breath and began to read: "Dear Ryan Konstantine Everett, I want to let you know how much I love you. We've been together for four very special years; and this is your first of hopefully many tours with us. I've plotted the many ways I could say this; I've even tried looking to the guys for help. I wanted to sing you a song, and then say it; but Frankie told me I sucked at singing,” He briefly paused to glare at Frankie, which caused me to chuckle, "I was going to get us a hotel room, and fill it with rose petals and pop a bottle of champagne, but Mikey and Bob said that was too cliché. So that left Gerard, and I'm not exactly sure why I'm following his advice, but I figured if it got him married, it should have been worth a try. Now understand, this was never meant to hurt you as much as it did. Gerard told me I had to disappear for a week, he said 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. The guys all knew where I was, but they all followed Gee's instructions not to tell you. And now I'm sitting here at the desk, wondering if this was such a good idea to follow his advice; in fact I can imagine you're glaring at me, and I've realized that this has been possibly one of my biggest mistakes I've made,” He took another deep breath and tore up the letter. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked to the guys.
"It's now or never." Frankie whispered.
My love of four years now sat on one knee in front of me. "And now, I've realized I should have done this a long time ago... Ryan Konstantine Everett, will you marry me?" He asked.
The guys then all turned to me, looking expectantly at my gaping mouth. Tears trickled down my face as I stared at him, a smile slowly forming on my face.
"Of course I'll marry you,” I replied, barely audible. A smile crossed his face as He slipped the ring onto my finger. He raised from his spot on the floor and laughed, "It's a good thing you said that cause my knees were starting to hurt."
"Shut up and kiss me,” I smiled; and He did.

"I'm going to be Mrs. Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz" I gushed, laughing at his full name. "I love you baby,” I turned to Gerard with a glare, "Instead of killing you, as I damn well should, I'm going to make you go fetch me something to eat. I'd like three grilled cheese sandwiches with pickles and ketchup on them,” I smiled kindly at the lead singer.
"Yes ma'am,” He replied to me, with a bow.
"Ray man, if I were you, I'd get her mood swings and weird cravings checked out." Gee stated simply to Ray before disappearing into the tour bus' 'kitchen'.
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