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Travelin' Soldier

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Based off the song of the same title.... Hope you like it.

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She sat around lazily, the caféé wasn't busy today, and no one except the routine old couple, the mother and her two kids, Chef and the bus boy were there. Today was turning out to be the longest 8-hour shift she had worked in a long time.
The front door opened, producing both a squeak from the hinges and a chime from the wind chimes that sat above the door. Gotta spray that door's hinges again, the waitress thought as she bustled around.
"Hello ma'am," the newcomer stated. The waitress paused what she was doing and walked over to the podium.
"How many seats?" she asked, not even looking up yet.
"Just one ma'am," was the gruff reply.
"Right this way." She sighed and headed off to a booth by the kitchens. "Here ya go. And I'll be back in a few to take your order." She smiled, then finally looked up. /Army greens/, she had smiled, which quickly faded, thinking of what he was going to do soon.
"Thank you ma'am," he grinned and opened the menu.

Not even two minutes later the waitress returned to the booth, and she took a seat at the opposite end of the table as the soldier. "So what can I get ya toots?" she grinned.
"Um. I don't know. What's good here?" the soldier replied, shyly.
"You're not from around these parts are yah?" she added, increasing the size of her grin.
"No ma'am. I'm from the town down the road. Never been here before," he grinned.
"That's alright. I'd recommend the pot roast, if you're looking for something filling." She smiled. "It's just like Mama makes it."
"I guess I'll take that then." He smiled, and passed her his menu.
"That'll be out in a few hun… Oh what'd ya like to drink?"
"A glass of milk with dinner, and could I possibly get a Coca-Cola now?" he smiled.
"Of course, darlin'."

"So how was it?" the waitress asked.
"Just like mama made it… I'm gonna miss this," he sighed.
"When ya leavin'?" the waitress asked.
"Tomorrow at 700 sharp."
"Did ya wanna talk about it? I get out of here in about 5 minutes."
"Yah, that'd be nice," the soldier smiled.

The two walked out to the pier, and sat down; her feet barely hitting the water, his completely submerged.
"My name is Tony," the soldier smiled at the waitress.
"Peggy Sue," she returned his smile.
"Most definitely from a small town." Tony laughed.
"Yes'sir," she said with a slur. The two sat on that pier for almost three hours, just sharing information about themselves. Tony had been drafted the day after his last surviving relative, his father, passed away, so everything was a difficult change.
"I bet you have a boyfriend Peggy Sue, but I don't care. I have no one to write to, and I was hopin' you wouldn't mind."
"Wow, you're straight to the point." Peggy Sue laughed, her face blushing a bit.
"I mean, if you don’t want me to, then I can deal." Tony replied quickly.
"Hush. I'd love to receive letters from you. I want to know all about your travels," she laughed, placing a delicate hand upon his leg.
"Alright, I really appreciate the help ma'am." Tony grinned.
"Now, don't worry yourself sugar." Peggy Sue smiled and placed a kiss upon his lips. That which had started as a minor peck, developed into a more passionate and desperate kiss.
"I'm so sorry," Tony apologized, and readjusted his hat.
"Don't be. It was mutual." Peggy Sue smiled, and patted his back. "I should be goin' home. Don't forget to write to me Tony. I'll wait for you." Peggy Sue smiled one last time, until she finally left him.

The first letter was full of hope; Tony was stationed somewhere in /California/. He told her wonderful things of the beaches; saying that when he returned home, they'd go there together. He also had told her that the weather was horrible, the heat was unbearable in the barracks, but he loved the nighttime breezes. The company was going to Vietnam in a few weeks, and he wasn't too sure about that though. Peggy Sue would read the letter over and over, by now the ink had almost faded, a mere three years since she received them.

The second was from California again; the company had a few more weeks of training before they 'hit the big leagues', he said, quoting his sergeant. Then the tour of duty would really begin. Tony told her that when he was nervous or frightened, he'd tell her about the evening they spent on the pier. His post script told her that it would be a while before he could write to her again; but he wouldn't forget her, and as she read that line, tears filled her eyes, and her heart craved him.

A month later, the third letter arrived. Tony said they had arrived in /Vietnam/; he complained about the heat and the humidity. He wasn't allowed to give out much information, but he was able to tell her that he wasn't in the close combat. Yet. His final words of the letter were, "Peggy Sue, I want to let you know, if I don't make it back home, that I think I've fallen in love with you. Love, Tony"
Peggy Sue collapsed on her bed, only to shaken awake by her mother announcing that the family was leaving for the football game in a few minutes. She nodded her head, and changed into her uniform; she was a piccolo player in the marching band, although she hated it.

Coach Stanley stood in front of the makeshift podium, a microphone, saying the Lord's Prayer, and the crowd added their 'Amen'. After the national anthem was sung, he began to speak again, "Folks would you bow your heads, for a list of local Vietnam dead…" he started. And although only one name was said, it was enough to have the piccolo player break down into tears.

"Just remember, Peggy Sue, I'll be with you forever; in your heart, if not by your side. I love you."

Peggy Sue could have sworn he was by her side, whispering those words in her ear, but when she turned, no one was there.
"Tony, I swear, I'll never gonna hold the hand of another guy. I love you, and only you."
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