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Where's Your Heart?

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Some go on a trip, and the others find new love.

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The next morning I woke up, by myself in my room. I looked around, and gently called Mikey’s name. No reply. I quickly showered and dressed and headed downstairs, where I found all the guys and Claire. She was still tied up, and watching the guys eat breakfast. “Morning guys.” I said wearily, kissing Gerard on the cheek and sitting next to him. I exchanged a glance with Mikey, and then picked up a pancake and nibbled on it. “Can we give her some food? We have enough…” She looked hopeful, and Ray nodded and went to pick up the plate, but Gerard slammed his hand on the table and snarled “No.” I pouted and looked at him. “She’s not worth feeding. She won’t even last long in enough for digestion to kick in.” Bob and Frank laughed loudly, and I could just sigh sympathetically. “So, what’s on for today?” Gerard said cheerfully. Frank said “Me, Bob and Mikey are heading south. We’ll be gone for two days.” My mouth dropped. “What?” I said. I needed Mikey. I needed to wake up to him, I needed his protection. He avoided my sad stare. “Ok. Ray?” Ray was looking towards the girl. “What? Oh I dunno. I might just hang here.” Gerard nodded. “Me too. I’m taking some time off to spend with my favourite girl.” He looked at me fondly, not noticing the tears in my eyes.
So Mikey left. Left me alone. He said a stupid goodbye and then he was gone. I know it was only two days, but here, with these people, two days seemed like an eternity without Mikey. I sat up in my room, trying to block out the sounds of Claire’s screaming. A minute later, the screams stopped, and I heard footsteps on the stairs. I prepared myself for Ray, armed with my baseball bat I moved to the door, but it was Gerard. I dropped the bat and forced a smile, which he returned sadly. “Sit. Please.” He said softly, pointing to my bed. I sat down and he sat next to me. “I don’t blame you for hating me, you know. I don’t know who I was trying to fool, trying to make you fall in love with me, setting up house with you here.” He choked out. I looked at him, into his hazel eyes. “Gerard…” I whispered, putting my hand on his. “No. Nobody likes me. Nobody wants me. My parents are dead, my friends couldn’t care less, my brother’s just gonna betray me. I can’t make friends, I never could. Do you know what it feels like, to have nobody want you?” He snarled at me. I shook my head, and tried to place my words carefully. “Well, I could love you, if you gave me a chance. I do want you, it just won’t happen overnight. You have to understand that.” He looked up at me, tears in his eyes. “I… No… You…” He stuttered. I leaned in and ended his pathetic attempt at self defence by kissing him gently and slowly. He responded, putting his hand around my waist and gently sliding his tongue past my lips into my eager mouth. I reached up and found his hair, and we just kissed like that, until I turned and pushed him down, and kissed him deeper, while pulling off his shirt. I sat up, straddling him. I blinked and looked down at his tiny frame, and glasses, light brown hair and those eyes, so much like his brother’s.
I blinked and it was Gerard again, touching my thighs, kissing my neck, pulling my panties down. I was turned over and looked up into my lover’s eyes. No matter who it was, those eyes. They followed me. I blinked and he was thrusting into me and this time it wasn’t painful, but our bodies created a delicious friction that brought me over the edge into a soaring climax. I arched my hips up, meeting him and murmuring his name.. Whatever that was. He came a few seconds later, his sounds much louder, covering my barely audible “Mikey… Gerard...” Indecision. When he had done he moved to sit next to me, resting his head on my shoulder. I saw him in a new light now. “Gerard…” I said softly, stroking his hair. We spent the next few hours just talking. I was talking to this, thing, this guy, and he had feelings. He got sad, he got jealous. He had dreams, he had fears and hopes. So we just talked. I never thought I’d have this much in common with a serial killer.
The next day and a half without Mikey flew by, most of my time was spent up in Gerard’s room with Gerard. Talking. But something else interesting was happening in this house. Every time I’d venture downstairs, with every intention of avoiding Ray, I gathered he’d be messing around with Claire. But once, I went down there and they were curled up on the couch, sleeping. I ignored this and went on with my business. I went down to get a drink, and she was laying across him, and he was playing with her hair. And his eyes, they weren’t angry or sharp, they were soft and happy. That is until he saw me and snarled at me to get back upstairs, which I did.
And then the next thing I knew, Mikey was back. Him and the other guys seemed to be… Closer. They were surprised to find Claire still alive. “We have some sleeping presents in the van, but this is a homecoming gift enough, I think!” Bob said, laughing. Frankie walked around the pool table to the dartboard. “Stand her up against the wall.” He said. I looked pleadingly at Gerard, who shrugged and sat down. I shot a glance at Ray, who had tears in his eyes and was apologising to her with his eyes. I had to do something. Frankie shot a dart at her, and it hit her in the arm. “Oh Frank, 2 points, at the most.” Bob said. I could tell Gerard wanted in, but was still trying to stay on my good side. I appreciated it. ‘Uh… I’ll kill her.” I volunteered, stepping forward. All 12 shocked eyes went to me, then 10 to Gerard, and 2 to Ray. Gerard nodded, eyes wide. “I wanna do it without all them watching.” I said dramatically, picking up a knife that had been laying innocently on the couch. Claire’s eyes widened and she looked petrified. “Whatever. Someone stay to make sure she does it properly, we’ll go get the newbies.” Gerard nodded, and sat down. Bob and Frankie left, and then Gerard stood up and said “Adrienne, what are you doing.” I looked over at Ray, who was still crying. “Ray, get her out of here. Take her, and go, now. Don’t go with her, but send her in the direction of safety, or drop her in the village, just make it quick.” Ray raised his eyebrows, and then said, relieved. “Thank you.” He took her by the hand and walked to an unknown exit. I didn’t care. I turned to face Gerard. “Please, Gee. He loves her. Don’t kill her.” I slipped my hand under his shirt up his arm and pulled him close to me, my own eyes filling with tears. I stood on my toes and kissed his cheek and lips. “Please, baby…” I whispered. I looked out of the corner of my eyes at Mikey, who was clenching his fists and looked furious. I felt Gerard nod and then he said “Never again though, understand?”” I took his hand in my own and we walked out the door. “Come on Mikey.” I said, and he followed. A few seconds later, we heard three gunshots and two screams. “Oi!” Frankie yelled from somewhere outside. I heard more yelling. “Stay here.” Gerard said to me, and ran out. As soon as he was gone, Mikey turned to me and hugged me. “I missed you.” He whispered. I nodded. “I wonder what happened…” I said. “Adrienne? What’s wrong?” I shook my head “Nothing.” He just squinted through his glasses at me. Ray ran in, crying. “Frankie shot her, Adrienne. He thought I was chasing her, and she was trying to get away. She’s still alive, they’re gonna kill her though…” I shrugged. “I’m sorry.. I thought it’d work.” I whispered. Gerard came in. “Come on, lets go.” He said. I turned to Ray. “Ray, stay here. Or go upstairs. Don’t go in there. Please.” He nodded and collapsed on the couch. I walked in to the lounge room, hand in hand with Gerard, dreading what would happen next…

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