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Werewolf Hunt

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A man is being hunted in the woods as a full moon rises.

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Werewolf Hunt

A man who looked to be about twenty-five years old ran as fast as he could through the forest, his lungs working hard with his heart to move his body. Why was he running so fast and so desperately? He was being hunted.

Something called Venator “The Hunter”, was after him. It walked like a man but he and his brethren doubted that. He moved with supernatural quickness, a deadly and merciless killer.

He notice the sun was setting and a chill ran up his spine, it was said that Venator was stronger at night.

He entered a clearing and fear crept into him as he was now lost of the protected cover of the trees and was now vulnerable in the man made park ground.

The last traces of sunlight disappeared beneath the horizon. Sighing he knew that if he were to stand a chance at living, he would have to stay and fight. He began to soak up the energy of the rising moon.

A dark aura surrounded him and he began to transform: his muscles grew, claws grew from the tips of his fingers, hair sprouted all over his body and he grew large teeth and a long muzzle. He burst out of his shirt and shoes and gave a long howl.

“Is that supposed to intimidate me.”

The newly born beast turned to “The Hunter”, and couldn’t believe what he saw. What had been chasing him had been neither man nor monster, it was just a boy.

The beast was now angry, he’d been tricked, it was not Venator, it was just a boy of about seventeen who had tried to win fame with an easy kill. The beast grinned showing off his rows of sharp white teeth.

Venator smirked, “don’t feel like talking eh, I can live with that.” He reached behind him and unslung an eight gauge semi-auto shotgun, a flick of his left arm revealed a .44 Desert Eagle with ten inch barrel.

As he stepped into the light more details of his appearance made themselves known to the Beast: he wore a red trench coat and a black shirt with matching pants. He put a red baseball cap on his head with his left hand, never letting go of the pistol, the hat covering his dark brown hair. His piercing amber eyes shone with intensity in the moonlight. He aimed his Eagle at the beast and fired.

The werewolf didn’t even flinch, even when the shot entered his body. He bent down readying his own attack when an intense pain from the bullet wound in his chest began.

Venator grinned, “phosphorous rounds. I know how much your kind hates fire.”

The Beast growled in anger and charged.

Venator smirked, “finally some action.”

The Beast charged in an erratic zig zag pattern to avoid any more bullets, but none were fired. He closed the distance in seconds and pounced.

Venator bent backwards and to the left, the Beast’s claws missing him by mere centimeters. He raised his right arm and fired his shotgun.

The beast landed on all fours then suddenly his right hand was blown off by the shotgun slug. Immediately he ran for cove behind a brick oven.

Venator leapt on top of the oven and pointed his shotgun down at the Beast’s head.

The Beast grabbed onto the shotguns barrel with his teeth and wrenched it from The Hunter’s hand with ease, hurling it away.

Venator flipped back off the oven as the Beast jumped up at him.

The Beast stood on top of the oven his right hand regenerated and the bullet finally out of his body. Flexing his right hand he growled at his opponent.

Venator only grinned, “don’t think you’ll win so easily.” he rolled backwards as the Beast tried to smash his skull with a double hammer fist.

Venator brought out his Eagle and opened fire.

The Beast dodged to the left but Venator had anticipated this and fired accordingly. The first shot hit the tale, the next in the shoulder, the third shot blew of the Beast’s right ear.

The Beast dove behind a large elm as he willed his body to push the burning phosphorous rounds out of his body faster.

He gazed at a pile of large stones and a plan formed in his mind. He heard his opponent coming, he couldn’t wait for the bullets to come out, he had to act now.

Venator approached the Beast’s hiding spot cautiously. Suddenly, by pure reflex he avoided a large rock hitting him in the head. The Beast burst from his hiding spot carrying two large rocks.
As soon as Venator dodged one rock he had to dodge the other.

The Beast lunged at him.

Venator rolled forward to avoid the Beast’s claws. They both turned and the Beast attacked, swiping his claws at him.

The Beast hesitated slightly to make a more accurate strike, but the hesitation allowed Venator to dive between his legs.

The Beast growled in frustration as he turned to chase after his opponent. But instead of running, Venator was looking at his watch.

He turned, “sorry but it’s almost time for supper so I’m going to have to finish you quickly.”

The Beast snarled and charged.

Venator only grinned as his amber eyes turned red.

The Beast jumped at him but Venator grabbed his wrists and hurled him into a tree.

The Beast groaned as he tried to figure out how a human had overpowered him. He glared at his opponent but then he disappeared into thin air.

Alarmed the Beast began to look around and sniff the air.


The Beast turned and was punched hard, sending him flying several meters. He winced in pain as he tried to get up, one of his ribs was broken.

Venator stood in front of him, his eyes once again amber, “It’s finished”, he said. He flicked his right arm and a chrome .60 cal revolver landed in his hand from his sleeve with the name “Pearl” engraved into the barrel in fancy writing.

The beast launched himself at his opponent in one last attempt.

Calmly but quickly Venator raised his revolver and fired two silver bullets into the Beast’s head, bringing him down at last.

Pleased Venator slipped the revolver back and recovered his fallen shotgun, “the one time the gun jams”, he muttered.

“I was wondering what was taking you so long.”

Venator turned to a girl who looked to be about fifteen, standing beside the brick oven. Her short blonde hair beautifully reflecting the moonlight, her red eyes sparkling with amusement.

Venator rolled his eyes, “sorry but humans can’t kill werewolves as easily as your kind Mother, and secondly I know you didn’t come here for my sake, you wanted to feed your vampiric hunger for battle.”

She grinned widely, revealing her fangs, “maybe I should just drink your blood instead.”

Venator smirked, “whatever mom.”

She returned to her normal expression, “you got a letter from England today”, she said handing him the unopened envelope, “Looks like your going on a trip.”

Venator nodded, “looks that way. To work with your uncle I imagine.”

She smirked, “if you’re lucky you might also meat his beautiful blonde pupil.”

He rolled his eyes, “I don’t date the un-dead.” He looked at the letter, “regardless, the unholy creatures of Europe will soon fear Venator, The Hunter.”

She rolled her eyes. “A hunter who still needs his dinner so come on.”

The two of them walked out of the clearing, leaving the dead copse of the werewolf behind.
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