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Mother's Last Thoughts

by HoneySenpai 0 reviews

Shippou's mother's last thoughts of him before she passes on.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Shippo - Published: 2008-05-13 - Updated: 2008-05-13 - 105 words - Complete

I look at my kit in the arms of a girl named Kagome.
She watches him and protects him as I use to be able to.
My mate holds me in his arms as we watch are little Shippou.
We watch him as he sleeps with the girl that he has come to love as a mother.
We will watch at night when he sleeps.
Then in light we give our blessings to the girl our little kit is with.
Tonight will be the last I fear to look upon my little dear.
For tomorrow at the break of dawn our spirits will past on.
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