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Chapter 2: Explanations and Confrontations

by Vegito786

Dumbledore and the rest of the wizarding world are in for quite the surprise from this new Harry Potter.

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Both Harry and Dumbledore landed on their feet in front of the maze and everyone gaped at Harry’s new look, Harry didn’t pay much attention to this and sought out Alastor Moody, early in this dimension’s Harry had seen Barty Crouch and Moody meet each other, Moody appeared to be scared while Barty looked thoughtful, then Harry had seen Barty Crouch at the Forbidden Forest and had heard the older man say something about his son being here.

This dimension’s Harry didn’t know what he was talking about, but this Harry had been alive for more than 600 years and had seen it all, he easily put the puzzle together and knew that Moody was really Crouch’s son, he had obviously used Polyjuice potion to look like Moody.

Harry saw Moody standing with the other professors and looking at him with a deep frown, Harry began walking over to him and everybody frowned, Hermione and Ron ran over to him and he gave a small smile to Hermione but ignored Ron completely, Hermione blushed and Ron frowned but Harry kept walking until he had reached Moody who gave him a stiff smile “well done Potter.”

Harry didn’t smile back but quickly pointed his wand at Moody and wordlessly stunned him, all this happened within a second, everyone gasped and Dumbledore ran over to them “Harry what have you done?”

Harry didn’t even look at him when answering “that’s not Moody professor Dumbledore, that’s Mr. Crouch’s son.”

Snape glared angrily at Harry “don’t be stupid Pot…”

He gasped when Harry looked directly into his eyes, Harry’s eyes dared him to go on and Snape couldn’t bare to look into Harry’s eyes, eyes that held such power behind them, “go on you Death Eater scum, I dare you to go on and insult me or my dead parents.”

Everyone’s eyes widened as they heard Harry calling Snape a Death Eater, Dumbledore stepped forward “Harry what do you know about the Death Eaters? And why are you calling professor Snape one?”

Harry smirked “I know quite a bit about the cowardly Death Eaters headmaster, and I know Snape’s a Death Eater as he has the Dark Mark.”

Snape tried to glare hatefully at Harry but was too scared too, Dumbledore looked directly into Harry’s eyes and Harry felt him trying to read his mind, quicker than the eye could blink Harry pulled his wand out and had it pointed at Dumbledore’s heart, “try and read my mind again and I shall end your life Dumbledore, leader of the so called light or not.”

Everyone gasped and couldn’t believe what Harry was saying, Snape quickly pulled his wand out but Harry was quicker as he pulled one of his gun’s out and had it pointed directly between Snape’s eyes, “normally a Dessert Eagle is a .50 calibre gun, but I have made my custom built to be .75 calibre, just one shot at point blank range can blow your fucking head off Snape and believe me I won’t hesitate to end your miserable life right here.”

Snape almost pissed himself and stepped back while everyone else paled, Dumbledore looked at Harry with sadness “what has happened to you Harry?”

Harry smirked “I’m not this dimension’s Harry Potter headmaster, my mind, soul and mane weapons have been sent here by Fate and Destiny, they had changed this Harry’s body a little to when I was this age.”

No body could believe what they were hearing but Harry didn’t care what they believed so he put his weapons away and turned his back to them before walking away, Snape pointed his wand at Harry’s back and shot a stunner at him, Harry quickly turned around and caught the stunner making everyone gasp in shock and him smirk before throwing it back at Snape, Harry had charged the stunner up before throwing it though and it slammed into Snape’s chest and blasted him right threw one of the mazes hedges.

Harry turned around and began walking “let that be a lesson, none of you are powerful enough to even hurt me so don’t even try to.”

Once back in the castle Harry flicked his finger and a sickly green spell like light left his scar and with another flick it evaporated, Harry grinned and could feel the body beginning to heal internally as well as he had removed the Horcrux.

Harry was just about to walk up the steps when Hermione stopped him, “stop Harry.”

Harry turned around and smiled “hello there Hermione.”

Hermione tried but failed to hide her blush and Harry chuckled before becoming serious “what is it you wanted?”

Hermione sighed, “Were you telling the truth? You know about this whole different dimension thing?”

Harry nodded his head “yes I was, I know its difficult Hermione, but I’m still the same Harry, even though I might look different, I have all of Harry’s memories in me.”

Hermione nodded her head before frowning “how come you were so cold to professor Dumbledore Harry?”

Harry sighed “I know everyone sees Dumbledore as the leader of the light Hermione, but that doesn’t give him the right to just go threw people’s mind without asking permission, where I come from, all my men and the woman in my army are very powerful Hermione, they have powers that even Dumbledore couldn’t stand against, if anyone of them came here they would be able to end any Dark Lord’s terror and the people would call them the leaders of the light, does that give them a right to go threw people’s minds?”

Hermione shook her head and smiled at Harry “your right Harry, just because everyone looks up to him, that doesn’t always make him right.”

Harry nodded his head with a smile, Hermione then smiled sheepishly “um how old are you exactly Harry?”

Harry smiled “six hundred and seventy three Hermione.”

Hermione’s yes widened and she fell against the wall “but that’s impossible, unless you’re using something to stay alive forever or are another species.”

Harry chuckled “I’m one hundred percent human Hermione, but I am immortal.”

Hermione gave a slow nod of her head before looking at him “what about your wife?”

Harry smirked “I don’t have one, never have done, my soul mate hasn’t shown herself yet but when she does, she’ll be immortal as well when our soul’s meet.”

Hermione nodded her head and couldn’t stop the jolt of jealousy that poured threw her, Hermione the frowned “if your immortal, how old do you look?”

Harry smiled “twenty five, that’s when our bodies stop aging.”

Hermione nodded her head “well interviews over.”

Harry chuckled and led her up to the Gryffindor common room, unknown to Hermione Harry had captured Rita Skeeta and banished her out of the grounds before she could really here any of what he and Hermione were talking about.

On the way to the common room they ran into Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davies, the resident Slytherin Ice queens and the most beautiful girls in all the school, no one had a chance with them, not even the arrogant Draco Malfoy, not that he or the other people didn’t try.

Daphne had long platinum blonde hair that reached to her lower back, she had sea blue eyes and an emotionless face, she stood two inches shorter than Harry and had the perfect figure.

Tracey had shoulder length brown hair and chocolate brown eyes and an equally emotionless face; she was she stood three inches shorter than Harry and had the same perfect figure as Daphne.

Daphne and Tracey gave Harry a long gaze while checking him out, Harry didn’t pay attention to this as his eyes were on Malfoy who was walking over to them with his two body guards and his usual sneer on his face “well Potty, looks like our resident golden boy has changed his looks and lost the geeky glasses.”

Harry’s left eyebrow raised and he gave the other boy a withering look “what do you want Malfoy?”

Malfoy chuckled “what do you think Potter, I want to know what kind of game your playing, you can’t seriously expect us to believe your bullshit story.”

Harry smirked “I don’t care what you believe Malfoy, after all, you are nothing but a pure blooded little shit who go crying to daddy at every little thing, and speaking of your father, tell him his health benefits are about to go down, along with his half blooded master.”

Malfoy glared heatedly at Harry while pulling his wand out making Harry openly laugh at him “please, like you can harm me, put that thing away before you get hurt ferret.”

Full of fury Malfoy shot the nastiest curse he could muster up and it happened to be the Cruciatus curse which headed straight for Harry who let the curse strike him before it rebounded back and hit Malfoy making him scream in absolute pain, chuckling Harry knelt down next to Malfoy “I told you to put it away before you got hurt ferret boy, enjoy Azkaban, cause that’s where your going once I tell the Aura’s what you did, and I have three people as proof as well.”

Harry looked up and winked at all three girls making them blush before he stood up and walked over to Daphne and Tracey, taking their hands in his he kissed their knuckles “it was a pleasure meeting you ladies but me and Hermione must take our leave.”

With that he gave them one last charming smile and began walking ahead with Hermione hot on his heels.

Once in the common room Harry took a seat next to the fire while Hermione sat next to him and frowned “you never told me you were quite the charmer.”

Harry chuckled “like one’s supposed to compliment himself.”

Hermione smiled and nodded “I suppose not.”

Just then the portrait swung open and in climbed Ron who grinned and walked over to them, Hermione returned his smile while Harry just looked blankly at him making Ron frown “what is it Harry?”

Harry stood up “what do you think Ron? You might have fooled this dimensions Harry but not me, so you can drop the act.”

Ron frowned while his face paled “wh…what do you mean mate?”

Having no patience for Ron Harry took a step forward and grabbed Ron by the front of his robes and lifted him in the air “go ahead, look into my eyes and tell me you and your family didn’t just befriend me just because of my fame.”

Ron had nearly pissed himself, Harry just snorted and threw Ron away from him and Ron quickly got up and ran out of the common room, Hermione’s eyes had widened and she looked at Harry “what the hell Harry, that’s Ron.”

Harry nodded his head “I know its Ron Hermione, the same Ron that’s always been my ‘friend’ because of my fame, the same Ron that’s always been your ‘friend’ because of your smarts.”

Hermione shook her head furiously “come off it Harry, Ron would never use us.”

Harry sighed and sat down, “I’ve lived a very long life Hermione, in all my time I’ve been friends with all sorts of people, smart, brave, funny, kind, loyal and deceptive, I’ve known them all, Ron and his family have lived in the magical world all their lives, their the kind of people who would only befriend you if you were important yet kind, I’ve looked threw Harry’s memories and seen what kind of relationship Ron has with you two, from the very moment Ron and his family knew I was the famous Harry Potter, they’ve been hanging out with me, I saw the greed in Ron’s eyes Hermione and I see it in his families eyes, their desperate for money and fame, I bet once the twins had told them I was Harry Potter their mother had told them to get close to me, and as for you Hermione, if Ron was really your friend, would he only come to you when he needed your help in homework, and would he constantly argue with you?”

Hermione shook her head, deep down Hermione had always known Ron was only using her for her cleverness, but since she had never had a friend before she still went threw with it, Harry on the other hand was always there for her, even when she thought she didn’t need him, sighing Hermione looked into Harry’s and nodded her head “your right Harry, I had always known, but my desperation to have a friend clouded over my logic of the truth.”

Harry gave her a warm smile and pulled her closer to him “you’ll always have me Hermione, never forget that.”

Grinning Hermione nodded her head and rested it on Harry’s broad shoulder as he held her close, the two of them enjoying each others company and the silence.
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