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Chapter 36.

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You’re one crazy mother fucker, you know that?

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“You’re one crazy mother fucker, you know that?” She asked as she reached him through the crowd.

“You had to know I’d find you” He said quietly.

She stared at him with those hard grey eyes and then smiled softly, perfectly and grasped his hand,

“Dance with me” She commanded.

Later they slowly climbed the hill that lead to the villa.

“Why here?” Frank asked.

Escher smiled and wrapped her arms around herself.

“A book,” She replied, “My dad bought me ‘My family and other animals’ when was a kid and it was set on this island, I’ve wanted to visit ever since I was a girl. Look around Frank, isn’t it the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen?”

And he tried, he tried to look around, but all her could see was her.

He lightly touched her hair, noting the shiver that ran through her body.

“Blonde” He stated.

“Yes, a side effect of the constant sun” She replied, “and washing my hair in lemon juice”

“Lemon juice?”

“Grutzelba’s secret beauty remedy”


“She and her husband Con own the villa, they are very good to Ludivine and I”

Frank had met Ludivine at the Carnivale, and Ludivine subsequently met a Spyro who was taking her out on the town. Frank couldn't help but be overwhelmed by how much of her and her life he had missed out on in the past few months.

Frank’s eyes widened as the villa came into view. It was huge, looking every bit the Mediterranean castle.

“I know it looks impressive now,” Escher said quietly, wrapping her arms around herself, “but it’s perpetually three minutes from crumbling into the ocean”

Frank nodded in silence.

“It’s been subdivided” Escher explained as she led him to a flight of concrete stairs that led up to the huge balcony.

When they got to the balcony, Escher unlocked a pair of French doors, opening them into a large, light, airy apartment.

“This is home” She said.

It was very different to her penthouse, but Frank could see why she loved it. You walked into the kitchen and living area from the balcony which was sectioned off from the balcony’s of the other apartments by a small gate. To the right, past the living area was a small flight of stairs.

“My bedroom and a bathroom are upstairs” Escher explaned to him, “ Ludivine’s bedroom is off to the left”

Frank was distracted by photographs on the refrigerator showing a happy Escher immersed in an azure ocean, holding onto the side of a small boat and laughing. He smiled.

“That’s Grutz and Con’s boat, Lu and I take it out almost every morning”

She opened the small refrigerator and started pulling out what looked like lumps of cloth. She crossed to a large wine rack and pulled a bottle off it, expertly twisting the cork out with a corkscrew.

“Can you please pass me the decanter on the bench?” She asked and Frank handed her the crystal jug. She slowly upended the bottle of deeply purple red wine into it.

“Grutz and Con make their own wine” She explained as she set the jug down on the small table on the balcony.

She strode back into the kitchen and started unwrapping the cloth she had pulled from the fridge, arranging the cheeses on a wooden board and adding some dates and chunks of bread. She handed the board to Frank.

“Let’s go out onto the balcony”

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