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Bent and Broken

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After his death in the Cell Games, Goku refuses to be wished back. Gohan flees to space to escape the guilt. These are his adventures. Rating for profanity.

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Bent and Broken by Jolly Rancher

Chapter 1- Goku's Refusal

The Z-Team stood on Kami's Lookout. They were eagerly waiting for Dende to summon the eternal dragon so that they could revive everyone that Cell had killed. Gohan was ecstatic. He had just reached a new level of Super Saiyan, and destroyed Cell with ease. Unfortunately, his father had sacrificed his life before he defeated Cell. He couldn't wait for his dad to get back! All he wanted to do now was to go back home and live life peacefully. The threat of the androids was finally over, and they could stop the gruesome training that they had undertaken for almost three years. They could finally live without the threat of the universe being destroyed. Things can finally go back to the way they were before Radditz came. Man, we haven't had more than a few months of peace since then. I can finally become a scholar. We can be a family again. Mom will be so happy.

Gohan was interrupted from his thoughts when Dende finally summoned the Dragon. "ETERNAL DRAGON! I CALL YOU FORTH BY YOUR NAME! ARISE, SHENRON!"

Gohan's skin prickled as he felt the air around him begin to crackle with the magic that was being spewed by the seven DragonBalls. As always, his breath was taken away as the awe-inspiring sight of the majestic dragon rising from the DragonBalls filled his sight. "You have awakened me from my slumber. I will grant you two wishes. Pick carefully, and make haste."


The dragon's eyes glowed red. "Your first wish has been granted. You have one more wish."

The Z-Team cheered as the hole in Trunks regenerated, and he came back to life. Vegeta smiled slightly, but then wiped it off his face as if it was never there. No one except Piccolo saw it. He gave a little smirk, but otherwise ignored Vegeta's show of emotion. Trunks looked around in amazement. He had been talking to King Yemma when his halo suddenly disappeared and then he found himself on the Lookout. He grinned at the others and stood up. "Hey gu-"

He abruptly closed his sentence as he saw the glowing DragonBalls. He followed the scaly tail and tilted his head up. He caught his first sight of the eternal dragon and gaped like a fish out of water. Shenron was fucking huge!

Shenron glared at all of them and boomed, "Speak your second wish!"


The dragon's eyes glowed red, but then flickered out. "The one known as Goku has already been brought back to life. I cannot do it a second time. Sorry."

"Damn, now what're we going to do?" Said Krillin.

Yamcha snapped his fingers as he got a brain blast. "I know! Porunga can revive someone as many times as he wants! We can go back to Namek and use those DragonBalls to revive Goku!"

"Yeah! Good idea! Bulma has a spaceship ready for us to use too!" Said Krillin.

"Hey guys! Don't I get to say anything?"

Everybody looked around. "Goku?"

"Yeah! King Kai is letting me talk to you guys. Listen, don't go to Namek and wish me back. I think that it's better if I just stay in Otherworld."

"What? No! Daddy! You can't stay in Otherworld. Not when you have a choice!" Gohan cried out.

"Sorry, Gohan. I just believe that it's better for me to stay up here." Said Goku.

"That's bull! What possible reason do you have to stay in the afterlife? You have a family back here on Earth. Don't you realize what Mom is going to do when she finds out? She'll be devastated!" said Gohan.

"I know Gohan, I know. Listen, think about all the times that Earth has been in trouble. Everyone of the villains came for me! If I stay here, then they'll stop coming. The Earth will be a peaceful place again. Anyway, King Kai told me about a Martial Arts tournament in the Otherworld, and I really want to join!"

Gohan listened with tears of pain and anger streaming out of his eyes. "That's it, isn't it? All the noble shit before was just an excuse. You just want to stay for the fucking tournament!"

"Gohan! Watch your language! And I really do believe that it's better for me to stay in the Otherworld. I'm sorry Gohan. Tell your mother I love her. Goodbye..."

"If you really loved her, then you would come back!" said Gohan, "For fuck's sake, you love fighting more than you love your own family! You've always put fighting first!"

Gohan started to say some more, but was interrupted by Piccolo putting a hand on his shoulder. Gohan looked up at his mentor in confusion.

"It's too late Gohan. He's cut off the connection. I'm sorry." Piccolo said.

"NO! How dare he! He had no right! He had no damn ri-ri-right..." Gohan broke off, trembling. He dropped to his knees and started sobbing uncontrollably.

"Bah! Quit your crying, boy. You are a Saiyan warrior, and Saiyans don't cry." With that said, Vegeta blasted off towards Capsule Corporation. With a sorrow-filled glance at Gohan, Trunks followed his father.

"Hey! You still have one last wish! Hurry up!" said Shenron impatiently.

With a last glance at Gohan, the Z-Team turned to the dragon. "Err, can anyone think of another wish?" said Krillin.

"Well, I have one. Why don't we all wish that we were all filthy rich?" said Yamcha.

The Z-Team just stared at Yamcha. "...or not." Said Yamcha.

"Can I make a suggestion? Why not wish for the bombs within the androids to be removed? Android 17 and 18 could have a normal life together then."

"I cannot complete that wish at this time."

Behind a pillar, Android 18 gasped in surprise. Piccolo's ears twitched.

Tien replied, "Why would you make a wish like that, Krillin?"

"Hey, #18 isn't so bad! She's changed."

Yamcha smirked. "Or is it because she has such a fine ass?"

Eighteen couldn't take it anymore. She shot out from behind the pillar and slammed full force into Yamcha. "PERVERT!"

Yamcha groaned and sat up. "Urgh, what the hell was that?" He caught sight of Eighteen and cringed away from here. "Aaah! Get her away from me! Don't let her get me!"

He ran and hid behind Piccolo. Piccolo shook his head in disgust, but nevertheless moved in a defensive stance in front of Yamcha.

The android glared at Yamcha then turned away. "For your information, Seventeen is my brother, not my boyfriend. Don't assume things about me baldie."

Krillin blushed and said, "Oh, um, sorry Eighteen."

Eighteen snorted and went to the edge of the Lookout. She smiled slightly and said, "Though, it was sweet of you to ask. Thank you." With that, she blasted off Kami's Lookout to look for her brother. Krillin grinned like a madman.

Yamcha sighed in relief. "Whoo, she's finally gone. Good riddance."

Fortunately for Yamcha, Krillin was off in his own little fantasy world and didn't seem to hear him. He was ripped out of his fantasy about him and Eighteen in a field of flowers by Gohan's anguished scream.

That bastard. He had no right to leave us. What will mom say? She'll be so depressed. With those thoughts racing through his head, Gohan ascended to Super Saiyan Level 2. The others gaped, they hadn't seen Gohan in his ascended form from close up, and he was truly awe-inspiring. Blue lightning crackled around Gohan, and his hair grew longer and spikier.

Gohan topped off his power and started to go even further. "No! Stop it Gohan!" Piccolo screamed.

He stopped, but only due to the fact that he fell unconscious from the overload of power. Piccolo picked him up and took him to one of the many bedrooms within the Lookout. Over his shoulder he said, "Wish for whatever you want, but hurry up."

Nobody spoke for several moments. Even the dragon didn't speak. Dende broke the silence by saying, "If no one has a wish, I could just send the dragon away."

The other warriors nodded their consent. Dende told Shenron that he could leave now, they would think of a wish to use later. The dragon grumbled a bit, but left. The group of warriors took their leave of Dende and blasted off to their respective homes.

Dende walked inside the main building of the Lookout and found Piccolo's ki and Gohan's relatively low one. He walked inside the room and saw Piccolo tucking Gohan in. Dende chose to ignore this out-of-character moment for Piccolo, and instead asked, "How is he?"

"I don't know. Since you healed him he's fine physically. Emotionally...that's another story." Piccolo said as he straightened. "Gohan has been through so much in his short life. More than most could take. I'm afraid that his emotional wounds go even deeper that Cell's did."

He continued. "Goku doesn't realize how much he hurt him. He drove him to the edge and beyond. Even someone as strong as Gohan has his limits. Gohan will never be the same."

Dende nodded as he looked at Gohan sadly.

"Come, let's leave him to sleep." Said Piccolo.

They both left the room, giving Gohan one last sorrow-filled glance.

Gohan was back in his home. He was doing some Pre-Calculus when he heard his mother start screaming at his dad about eating dinner before it was ready. He grinned, he loved his family, dysfunctional as it was. A half-hour later his father came barging into his room

"Hey, Gohan! What're you doing?" Goku said.

"I'm doing some math, Dad. I'm just starting to learn about li-"

"Cool! Now stop working and come for dinner! You mom said that I can't eat until you come too!" interrupted Goku.

"Sure thing, Dad. Just let me finish this problem and I'll be down." Said Gohan.

"Oh, come on Gohan, finish it up later! I'm hungry!" whined Goku.

Gohan sighed and closed the book. His dad never listened when he talked about work. He followed his father to the table and sat down to eat. Chi-Chi sat down and filled her plate before the two ravenous Saiyans could finish the food without letting her have any. She nodded to her men, and the table was suddenly a hurricane, with food flying everywhere. Goku, as always, finished before everyone else. He gave a great burp and grinned at Gohan, who grinned back and let loose an even bigger burp.

"Wow, Gohan! That burp was amazing! It was even louder than mine was! Nice one." Said Goku with a grin.

Gohan smiled and said, "Thanks, Dad! I've be-"

"Oh, that's rich, you don't take notice of Gohan's studies but you sure notice his belching skills. How many times have I told you two not to burp? It's rude, not to mention vulgar and disgusting!" said Chi-Chi.

Goku tried to placate his wife before she really got started on one of her tirades. "Calm down, Chi! I do pay attention to Gohan's studies! He studying, err..." He looked to Gohan for support and saw Gohan mouth limits to him. "He's studying limits right now!"

Chi-Chi stopped her tirade in surprise. Her eyes suddenly filled with love and said, "Oh, that's my Goku! Always paying attention to his sons future!"

Gohan and Goku grinned at each other. No bleeding ears tonight!


A ki blast suddenly incinerated Chi-Chi and blew the wall behind her into little pieces. A harsh, sinister laugh cut through the air as Gohan and Goku stared at the empty space that had been occupied by Chi-Chi just seconds before. They saw Cell land before them. Goku, with a cry of rage, ascended to Super Saiyan and attacked Cell. Cell gave another laugh before sidestepping Goku, and inserting his fist into Goku's abdomen. He then let loose a ki blast inside of Goku, making Goku implode. Gohan gave a shout and ascended to Super Saiyan, then ascended to Super Saiyan. He attacked Cell, but all he hit was air as Cell nimbly dodged Gohan's attacks. When Gohan got tired, Cell took his chance and gleefully tore off all of Gohan's limbs. He gave another laugh and said, "Now should I kill you now? Or should I keep you alive and make you watch the planets destruction? I think I'll keep you alive."

Cell picked him up and made him watch as he killed the rest of the Z-Fighters. Gohan couldn't close his eyes, he couldn't stop Cell from killing everything he cared for. He couldn't stop him.

He heard the voices of his parents. "It's all your fault, Gohan. It's all your fault."

"No! Mommy! Daddy! I tried to stop him! He's just too strong!"

The voices didn't stop. The other Z-Fighters joined in, blaming him for their deaths.

"NO!" Gohan shouted as he woke up from his slumber. He was drenched in cold sweat and he was shivering uncontrollably. He sat up, and put his head to his knees. Why me? Why does this have to happen to me? Why couldn't he come back? Am I really that bad? I hate this. I don't want this life. I want a normal life. Can't I have just this one thing? With these thoughts running through his head, he curled up into a fetal position and fell into a fitful sleep.

Gohan awoke later that morning feeling like shit, even though he had slept for thirteen hours. He got up and saw his reflection in a mirror next to his bed. He glared at himself. It's all your fault! You killed your father. It's your fault. He shattered the mirror with a light punch. He looked at the broken shards for a moment, looking at his distorted face in the shattered shards. He then walked out of the room and out onto the main portion of Kami's Lookout. He was just about to blast off when somebody behind him spoke.

"Were you going to go without saying goodbye?" said Dende.

Gohan gave a half-hearted smile at his Namekian friend and said, "Sorry Dende. I just wanted to go home. I wasn't really thinking of anything else."

Dende smiled. "I understand, Gohan. Take care of yourself. If you ever want to talk..."

Gohan smiled, a true one this time, and said, "I know Dende. I know. Goodbye. Tell Piccolo bye for me too." He floated off the edge of the lookout and released his ki, falling to the Earth in a free-fall. He dropped for a mile, then gathered his ki and shot it underneath him, then blasted off towards his home.

A\N: I know, Gohan didn't fly off into space yet. We'll get to that in the next chapter, or in the third. I don't think that Gohan will just get the idea to fly off into space right away, I want him to feel the pain of loss first.

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