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I Know what you did last summer

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A teenage girl is found murdered in her home. The team has to find out who killed her before it's to late.

Category: CSI: Miami - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Horror - Warnings: [V] [R] - Published: 2008-05-15 - Updated: 2008-05-15 - 297 words

Horatio looked at the scene in front of him sadly, there was a teenage girl dead on the floor. Her left arm was outstretched and looked broken judging by the way that it was laid out, her blond hair was soaked with blood and she had cut marks on her throat. Alexx walked up to him and put her hand on his arm.
"The girl is just a baby Horatio." she said sadly "Whoever did this to her slashed her throat as if she were a piece of paper."
"We know one thing though we have the evidence that supports the killing that was done last week." Horatio said sadly
"How can you tell that this is the same guy?" Alexx asked with a frown
Horatio knelt down and sighed "The first thing that I see is the way that her throat was slashed, it looks like its a crime of passion not of hate. The second thing that I noticed was the way that her body is laid on the floor, it's as if he wanted us to see how he did it, and the third thing that I noticed was that she is Asian. This killer only attacks the Asian people."
"So what you are suggesting is that this is a hate crime and that the killer only attacks teenage girls that are of the culture?" Alexx looked at him "That would make sense, you see the arm suggests that he broke it before she was killed and the way that she was killed suggests that he killed her because he hates the people."
Horatio nodded as he looked at a Hummer that was starting to park outside the house and frowned. "Yes that would make sense to me and the rest of the team."
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