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Chapter 1

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A new war is at hand with Michael and Selene's daughter as the prize.

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Disclamier: I do not, have not and will not own any part of the Underworld rights.

No one knew who she was. Not even her parents. Stolen away when she was only six days old, she never even knew what her family looked like. That she had her father's eyes and her mother's face. That her hair that everyone thought was dyed actually resulted from her very unique gene structure; no one else naturally had dark brown locks that interweaved with a golden blonde. That beneath the skin that reminded people of virgin snow, she held the power to tear anything to pieces.

The vampires stole her, the Death Dealers hunt her, and her parents search for her, praying to be the first to find her.

Chapter One: Signs

A swift wind shot through the sewer tunnels, rushing over the leather clad figures that trudged through the murky waters. Nearly eighteen hours of searching and nothing had turned up. Not shoes, a footprint, a hair, not even a sign of life besides the rats. As a soft beep sounded, the team knew it was going to be another one of those nights for their Lady. She would signal them to gather, dismiss them, and then continue to search as another squad came in to assist. Three years of the same routine. The Lady's complete dedication never failed to keep them enthralled.

The signal came over their headsets and they slowly grouped up. They stood silently in semi-circle, eyes continuously scanning the sewer walls for anything, anything to bring this long, painful search to an end. All faces went forward as their Lady, a woman they all respected and feared, came up to the circle. Hair damp from diving into closed up areas, she looked like a water nymph of the murky deep. The droplets of water tumbled down the latex bodysuit she wore out of habit. The deep brown of her eyes flashed warmly for a moment, and then dimmed to their depressed state.

It was a shame; she had such beautiful eyes.

"Return to the safe house and rest. Thank you for all your help tonight." She turned to her left, looking into a visage that was visibly older, but much younger than her immortal reflection. "How long 'til the next squad arrives?"

"Ten minutes," he responded quickly, noting the underlying pain in her voice. For all her crimes, for a vengeance completely misplaced, she didn't deserve this suffering. No parent should, no matter their crimes. She nodded briefly and turned back to the dark tunnels, officially dismissing them. The team walked back to the nearest sewer exit, their truck not far from the access point.

"Does she always go alone, Sam," a voice asked. The elder gentleman turned and saw the freshest member, a young Lycan named Thomas, waiting for a simple answer.

"She does." He walked to the exit and held the door to the service exit for Thomas to pass through before him. "She always does."

Back down in the tunnel, their Lady brave continued her search. What the flashlight didn't illuminate was searched by six hundred year old vampire eyes. The soft lap of water against her thighs was the only noise she could pick up, much to her disappointment. She strained to hear any other sound; a cough, a footstep, even a breath would do. But as it was for three years, nothing of the sort reached her. And as time passed, her heart just became heavier.

Selene honestly didn't know how much more she could take.

Her daughter, the tiny babe she bore, was alone in the world.

Reaching a junction, she stood for a moment deciding whether to wait for the next squad here or to let them find her. She leaned against the nearby wall, closing her eyes tightly, allowing the moisture to slide down her cheeks in small drops. It became common for tears to fall from her eyes almost every night. When this search was over for the day, she would return to her mate's arms, curl against him and cry herself to sleep again. She thanked God for Michael everyday, that she fell in love with a man so wonderful, kind and loving. That he never denied her comfort or a shoulder to cry on. That he held back his emotions and fears so that she could vent and rage her own.

A beep in her headset told her the next squad was close. She shifted against the wall, wiping the trail of tears away. Beams of light reflected off the junction wall and she turned toward them, signaling them it was her. A sigh escaped her lips as she stood up, determined to carry on despite the ever bleeding ache in her heart. As the team came up, she looked down the tunnel to her right. The pale moonlight filtered through the grate above and reflected against the water's surface. It was in that light that something caught her eye.

Moving swiftly, Selene trudged down the tunnel to the object. She stopped dead in her tracks, her blood draining fast then pounding back through her veins. Throwing her gun down, she ran as best she could through the water. A large circular grate opened up into a ventilation duct in the wall, sucking the cool air into the pumping station to cool the machines. She climbed up the wall, circles of light from flashlights mounted atop the teams' guns giving her a better view. She reached up, her fingers just barely brushing the object. Straining, she closed her eyes against a threatening torrent of tears.

"Please, please," she begged softly.

A shaky sob escaped her lips as she wrapped her fingers around a tiny hand. Tears falling freely, she turned her head to the team.

"Get Michael," she commanded, her voice cracking as she continued, "We've found her."
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